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Trolling the Trolls 101

Posted on: January 12, 2011 2:23 am
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This is a 2 course curriculum.  In the 100 level class we briefly learn about the typical troll based on psychological profiles anyone can find with an internet search (an easy A).

In the 200 level class we look at ways to Troll the Troll.  It is a different approach from what you will find elsewhere on the internet, but it is effective and a whole lot of fun.

I actually appreciate an imaginative troll
with pride in their craft and the skill to build and an imaginative character of unique style, maybe even a catch phrase.  Unfortunately, they aren’t here.  We are stuck with the witless trying to substitute quantity for quality.
Rather than getting annoyed or just ignoring, if you are up to it, make them your side entertainment.  The following details some common troll characteristics.

A simple task
carried out every few months might remove them for good – request the site to implement an ignore button.  You can contact the site thru this link which is at the bottom of the site page:
User Feedback

is that trolls are just looking for any attention.  The truth is that they are looking for specific responses.  If the response doesn’t meet their requirements they do not gain from the effort.

  The sense of control or influence can come from attention, they consider the ability to annoy others or cause disruption an accomplishment, and even a delusional belief they are achieving a greater objective such as garnering hatred for another team.

that trolls lack empathy because they are not dealing with others face to face – if they could get away with their actions in the real world, they would.  The impersonal environment of the open forum enables their action, but it is not the reason for the actions.

their objective entails effecting fans following their hobby on a personal level.  They justify their actions to themselves in 2 ways:
The delusional belief they are achieving a higher objective - the end justifies the means.  I knew 1 troll who thought he was doing a benefit by pretending to be a fan of his least favorite school, drawing negative attention to a fan base.
Others deserve it for taking their hobby or the internet too seriously - perhaps true but not an excuse.

  This open forum is the only affirmation they can access.  Do you know an obnoxious guy who tries to make up for his self doubt with loud, constant boasting and false bravado?  Ever meet a nut case so annoying that people would cross the street rather than risk getting caught in a conversation?  That arsehole so socially inept others have gone from pitying to avoiding?  When they found open forums on the internet, they became trolls.

have a low sense of self worth to consider their personal gain enough to override any sense of empathy.  They are delusional to believe their justifications.

Like all of those in the examples above, Trolls will deny their low self esteem to the end with a false bravado front.  They will claim it is just for fun, but they know they need it for affirmation they cannot get in a life spent otherwise ignored or disdained.

are false profiles and selected apathy
Nothing in their profile or comments can be believed – most list their least favorite team – they know the reaction they will draw, so they direct that response to another team thru their profile and comments.
They don’t care what arguments you form in response to their comment.  They are not here for a discussion.
Don’t attack their profile or comments – this is what they want.  Any counter should be directed at them personally.

could be effective - remove the attention, remove the control, remove his reason for trolling.  Unfortunately someone always responds, so other tactics that allow for engaging the troll are needed.  Some trolls don’t leave openings to engage making this the best option.

you do against a troll within the site guidelines is out of bounds.  If someone else questions your actions, simply respond “There is nothing anyone could post against this troll that would make them feel bad.”  The accusation is probably coming from a different account by the same member.

  Like anything else I look up, I was curious.  Research lead to thoughts about actions other than ignoring the troll.  The idea of an option lead to a need to test... and this site certainly has no shortage of trolls to try a new approach.

In the next course Trolling for Trolls 201 we look at the specifics of how to turn the tables on the troll.

Trolling the Trolls 201

Google… it has been a popular topic for research papers in psychology and guides for forum hosts.  The only unique aspect is that I take an active approach rather than ignoring.

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Trolling the Trolls 101

I prefer to just ignore them
This is the best route for most people to follow.  Trolling a Troll involves beating them with their own tactics while substantially limiting your own actions.
Keep us posted on the release of Trolling the Trolls-201
It is linked to above, but it is buried at the end of the blog.  Here's the link again:

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Trolling the Trolls 101


Nice!  I prefer to just ignore them it's worked so far but you must have a lot of will-power to ignore the IGNORANT!  Keep us posted on the release of Trolling the Trolls-201!

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Trolling the Trolls 101

Provelt good stuff I'm ready for higher education .
Thanks - let me know how the 201 course works out for you.

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Trolling the Trolls 101

Death to all Trolls on all forums!

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