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Posted on: September 1, 2010 5:00 pm
2010 Off to a nice start!
It was good to get this draft out of the way, and I was shocked at how it went. QBs were flying off the board in round 1.
I had the 1st pick since I totally sucked it up last season. Don't think that I will be placing at the bottom this season though.
LEAGUE REQUIRES 2 QBs, 2 Ks, and 2 DEF on roster at all times

Took Chris Johnson with the first pick of course, couldn't imagine taking AP, Rice or MJD, even though they should all tear it up this year. AP went 2nd, Rodgers went THIRD overall - insane considering the RBs still available, and it started a bizarre run on the position. Even with all of the QBs going round 1, i still think Mendenhall, pick 10, was the biggest reach of the round, he is rd2 talent at best, especially with the shaky o-Line in a division with tough DEF to play. Steal of the round - MJD, pick 9 (I cant say this enough - INSANE!)

2nd round was RB time for these guys, with 6 going before it got back to me, and GORE went last out of the RBs in that round, just doesnt make sense that Gore was the 11th RB taken, and the rest of the league is lucky he didnt get all the way back to me, cause Johnson/Gore wouldve dominated the league. I went WR-W, taking the 2nd and 3rd guys at that position in the draft. I ended up getting Miles Austin and Randy Moss, just didnt think Fitz will get it done with bad QBs, but we'll see. Moss should be a TD machine this year with Brady 100% and Austin will continue to be Romo's go to guy and that should be explosive again this year. Biggest reach of round 2 is a tie - Arian Foster and Ryan Grant have no business being drafted ahead of Frank Gore, not in any league. Steal of the round - Frank Gore, pick 7 in rd 2

After I took Moss, the WRs still didnt pick up as much as I thought in Rd 3, the other owners kept passing up RBs that I had high on my board, even though they were drafting that position. Biggest Reach: Marion Barber & Pierre Thomas went in this round, outside of that, the other 8 picks were all solid Rd 2 - Rd 4 type talent, no real reaches here. Steal - Reggie Wayne, pick 9 in rd 3

At the end of Rd 4, the other owners each had at least 1 WR on their teams, but I was still just 1 of 3 that had taken 2 WRs, so I decided to grab another Top tier WR and the best RB available. At first, I thought I was in trouble at RB since I heard names like Beanie Wells and Matt Forte recently called, but DeAngelo Williams was STILL available. A complete no brainer pick to finish the round, but there was 1 big reach for a player that I was tageting in round 7-8, Jermichael Finley was the first pick in this round, and we dont use a TE specific position, TE and WR is the same, with 3 starting each week. There were plently of WRs still available, so it shocked me to hear his name called at the beginning. Steal - DeAngelo Williams, pick 10 in rd 4

I started up round 5, tough decision with Boldin, Jennings, and maybe even put Crabtree andWelker in this group that I was debating on. In the end, went with the team that I thought would be passing the most out of them, and took Jennings, to make my starting 5 positions being C Johnson, DeAngelo Will, Miles Austin, Moss and Jennings - should turn out pretty good for me, I hope. This left me with my QB still to take, with all good ones that I was targeting gone by the 3rd round, I felt safe waiting still on that position. Besides, with Jennings, that makes me 1 of only 2 teams that has 3 big time WRs that are the unquestioned go to guys in their team's passing attack. ( the other team has Calvin Johnson, Anquan Boldin, Dewayne Bowe, I think mine are better, and this owner had not drafted Bowe at this point ) I was thrilled that after I took Jennings, 8 out of the next 9 picks were WRs/TEs, stripping the pool of most of the remaining 'sure things' at the position. I did see 3 picks here in round 5 that were big stretches in my book : all WRs - Dez Bryant, Robert Meachum, and Vincent Jackson. VJax will be a steal if he plays, but still has a 3 game suspension. Steal - Wes Welker pick5 rd 5 - was the 17th WR taken in the draft, I rated him top 15 in every type of scoring format for fantasy. supposedly the injury is not going to hamper him at all this year but we'll see.

As round 6 headed back my way, I saw almost all of the guys I wanted on my bench for WRs get taken : Dallas Clark, Mike SimsWalker, Dewayne Bowe, NYG Steve Smith, but those were all starters for those teams and wouldve been my 4th at the position, so I went with the best available for my bench, and took Vernon Davis, and am praying that he stays healthy and can repeat last yr's TD total. I really dont think SF has other passing options in the redzone besides him, so that should be good if gore can keep the chains moving. Reach of the round - Tim Hightower (zona has 0 run game) and possibly Jahvid Best, but if he gets the starters role, he could end up producing good value for a 6th rounder. Steal - nothing sticks out at me, possibly Bowe if he breaks out and has a #1 type year.

To kick off rd 7, I didnt see any good QB's out there that I felt needed to be picked yet, I was 1 of 2 teams that didnt have their starter yet so there wasnt much pressure. I went with LeSean McCoy to be my 3rd RB, giving me some great depth at RB, which also kicked off 4 other teams getting their 3rd RB, so I was ahead of the curve again. Brett the ageless wonder Farve also ended up going this round, to be the backup to Brady(taken in 1st rd) for that owner. Biggest Reach - Jason Snelling, ATL back up RB/FB, couldnt even believe that this guy was drafted, especially with what else was available out there. Another completely insane pick. Steal - Ronnie Brown pick 3 rd 7, just didnt want to pick this guy after so many season ending injuries, but could be amazing if he plays whole year.

Round 8 started off exactly how i did not want it to, the other team with no QB took Cutler, and I was scared that other guys may snatch up anything decent left in the QB pool, killing my team. Cutler was the only one to go, so I grabbed Matt Ryan to be my starting QB, and debated also taking a backup to start Rd 9, to give me 2 decent options at QB most weeks. Reaches - Braylon Edwards and Bernard Berrian both went this round, even though i did not think much of either of them this year. Super fast BB could be gigantic if Harvin and Rice never fully recover from injury. Steal - Percy Harvin pick 3 rd 8 - we get 1pt for every 20 return yds, Harvin could rack up some huge games if he can shake his headaches/injury concerns.

Couldn't convince myself to take 2 QBs in a row, so with 4 WRs and 3 RBs, I took my 4th and final RB of the draft with my 9th round pick. Went with my favorite breakout/sleeper pick this year - Justin Forsett, playing for the guy that is living a lie - Pete Carroll. He is hands down best RB option in SEA, who has an extremely weak schedule, and should get lots of reps and looks all season long. Leon Washington could steal some TDs, but I view him as more of a gimmick player/return man more than a goal line vulture like McGahee. And just like the last time I picked a RB, a nice group left the draft boards after me that included Jerome Harrison, Joseph Addai, and CJ Spiller. With the Jets DEF being taken in the middle of those guys as well, 1st DEF to get taken. Biggest Reach - by far this time Mark Sanchez, thats right, the dirty sanchez was taken in rd 9, to back up matt schuab, when they have the same bye week! Hilarious. Steal - CJ Spiller, went 2 spots AFTER fred jackson, at pick 8 rd 9, if he gets the ball enough, could get MJD-rookie year TD #s, even on the bills.

5 kickers and the 2nd DEF (dallas) went in round 10 before it got back to me. With back to back picks, I decided to go QB and get a DEF myself, just to be sure I didnt miss out on a top unit. I went with Chad Henne and left guys like Eli Manning & McNabb to be someone else's backups. Henne just got Marshall, and with Brian Hartline and Devone Bess, I think he might be a huge shocker this year. NWE is weak, inexperienced, and thin in the secondary, Jets are looking alot weaker without Revis, so he could excel in some division games this year. Biggest Reaches for round 10 - ALL 5 OWNERS THAT TOOK KICKERS THIS EARLY!! I had SF and DAL kickers as my main targets this year, and neither of them went yet so I defintely wasnt feeling any heat to jump the gun at that position. Steals - Alex SMith , Eli Manning, or Chad Henne, if any of them step up and get +4000yds, +24 TDs. (thats a reach for a steal!)

Took my DEF here in 11, the MIN Vikes should produce plenty of sacks and turnovers, hoping for a healthy dose of DEF TDs this year as well. 3 kickers and 4 more DEFs went this round, including Buehler for DAL. Again, reaches for kickers in a round that i thought alot more DEFs would go.Especially since denver's kicker went and I am not sure if their offense will move to ball enough to use him this year. Steal - Donovan McNabb pick 4, rd 11 - backing up Flacco, this is a hell of a pick, should never have a week where this owner can't rely on QB to come through for some big pts.

When round 12 came back, another K was gone, and 4 more DEFs (got mine at the right time there) so I followed suit and landed former Bengal boot, new k for Ravens, Shayne Graham, which I thought would be gone but he was still there so I took him ahead of Nedney for SF. I give myself the biggest reach this round, just didnt feel right taking a K this early. Steal - Knowshon Moreno pick 2 rd12, extemely rediculous, considering he doesn't make it past rd 4 in any other draft this year. Hamstring issues can be deadly for RBs, and I'll say it again, I dont see a high powered offense coming from the mile high city this year. Could be a bust, but the risk is more than worth it as that team's 4th RB. I just couldn't rationalize taking him, since I wanted to carry only 4 RBs and 6 WRs.

Started up 13 getting some more depth at WR spot, wasn't impressed with what was leftover so I went with another TE that is hoping for a big year: Brent Celek. He's got a new QB for the season, a QB that he has great raport built up with over the past few years. He should get alot of looks up and down the field, but especially with small WRs and RB in philly, he will get the red zone targets needed to be a successful TE. Biggest Reach - Toby Gerhart - hasnt looked like anything special this preseason, not giving MIN coaches any reason to not give AP the rock all year long. Steal - Tie between Devin Aromoshodu pick 9 Rd 13 and Josh Cribbs pick 6 Rd 13 - again, we get pts for return yardage, I've heard Devin A might replace Hester as Bears #1 WR in a Martz powered offense, and Cribbs can get pts on returns, rushing attempts, passing attempts, and receptions, the ultimate threat in our league.

Round 14 saw three more kickers go, as well as some bottom rung WRs. I took advantage of a rather boring round to land SF kicker Nedney, who I wanted on my team. Legedu Naanee was a huge reach in this round, or in any draft. This guy was not going to be drafted by anyone in this league, so that owner wasted a pick here. Steal - Ricky Williams pick 2 rd 14, if Ronnie gets injured, Ricky with be as hot as a roach from a doobie on his boat - hot enough to burn your fingertips.

Took the Bolts as my 2nd DEF in round 15. They play alot of games against sub par teams, so I like to have a good backup DEF and got one here. 2nd last round, nothing can really be considered a reach unless it would've gone undrafted, which wasn't the case in a round of 4 DEF, 3 K, 2 RB, and 1 QB. Another Tie for the Steal of the round - Donald Brown and Brandon Jacobs (boy I wished I had a spot for a RB on my team when I saw these guys still available and where they went)

As my last pick of the draft, I went and got some more depth at WR, and a pick that could pay some monster dividends in our league's format. Nate Burleson from Detriot rock city. We get points from return yards, the lions have a new RB for defenses to worry about, and Stafford to Johnson connection needs a double team almost every single play, so I think that should really open up the field for a player like Burleson, who flashed brilliance on multiple occasions with the seahwks, but couldnt stay healthy for a full year. hopefully this is his year! Patrick Crayton was the only reach in the final round here. Miles Austin, Roy Williams, Jason Witten, and Dez Bryant will all be looked at before Crayton in their passing attack. Not a guy worth drafting in a 10 team league. I still have 3 RBs and 2 breakout potential WRs on my list that went undrafted, so the wiggle room is there for me in case of injury. jonathan stewart was drafted (of course) but other than that, I didnt have any of my handcuffs taken by other teams. Julius Jones, Leon Washington, Javon Ringer, who ever backs up McCoy in PHI are all still out there, so I can get their backups if I need to in the future. Steal - Owen Daniels, pick 1 rd 16 - could be in for a nice season, another injury concern however on a team that already has Vincent Jackson, TJ Whosyomomma, & Braylon Edwards, could be a tough year for that guy's WRs.

Final Line Up:

QB Matt Ryan - ATL
QB Chad Henne - MIA
RB Chris Johnson - TEN
RB DeAngelo Williams - CAR
RB LeSean McCoy - PHI
RB Justin Forsett - SEA
WR Miles Austin - DAL
WR Randy Moss - NWE
WR Greg Jennings - GB
WR Vernon Davis  - SF
WR Brent Celek - PHI
K Shayne Graham - BAL
K Joe Nedney - SF
DEF Minnesota
DEF San Diego

I think my team looks like an early preseason favorite here, I would love to hear suggestions/thoughts regarding this draft. I have one more to go this year, a PPR league that drafts over this weekend.
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