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Posted on: July 20, 2011 5:05 pm

please please please please please don't waste any of your precious new (still unofficial as of 7-20-11) cap dollars on the "EXPERT" analysis that is saying the Rams need to go out and spend top dollar on a WR1.

I am way too tired of the experts saying that we need to bring in a legit #1. News flash NFL fans, there are only about 15 of these guys in the entire leauge, and only 1 in our division(L.Fitz), so it is not like the Rams are the only team missing out here.

VJax and Sidney Rice are the only two available WRs that I won't be mad at the Rams FO for pursuing.  I don't want to go to The Dome and see old washed up former superstars or fresh out of jail thugs lining up in our WR1 spot. For the following players, please don't even fein interest in joining us:

Terrell 'I talk to much' Owens
Randy 'I only try 10% of the plays' Moss
Ocho 'I don't even know my own name-o' Stinko
Braylon 'Is it my contract year yet?' Edwards
or even Plaxico 'I'm a wanna-be thug' Burress
or Santonio 'I'm a wanna-be, wanna-be thug' Holmes

These guys are not going to be what gets the Rams to the next level. I'd rather see some $$$ invested in our medical/training staff to keep the WRs that we do have on our team healthy.

Again, I strongly think that Rice or VJax would really be great for our squad, but realistically, I just don't see the Rams pulling the trigger to get the dollars that those two will want. Both are big (I think 6'3" and 6'4"), young (in mid-20s), and athletic enough to win balls that are thrown to them. VJax has some SICK redzone skills, and I can't even think of a Rams WR with that type of skill set since they've been STL.

Since we spent our mid round draft picks on getting some targets for Sam the Ram, I really hope Spags starts doing his thing and bringing in those hard hitting, pass rushing, SMART defensive players that seem to excel in his system. Watch out for Long this year, you could really see it starting to click for him last season, and he should continue his climb into NFL/national relevance.

I would love for the Rams to go out and sign 2, yes TWO safeties, and both with starting potential. I really like Huff from OAK for free safety and I think the NYG have a safety that isn't under contract that we may be able to snipe. Panther's LB Johnson would be a nice fit to pair with Laurinitas as well.

Needless to say, defense should be a priority with this free agency frenzy that is about to ensue once the lockout ends. Take this unit from good to great, all young QBs that are successful typically have a common denominator - great defensive unit. (see Flacco, Rivers, Roethlisberger, etc)

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Posted on: July 30, 2011 8:17 am


Well done Rams, I would like to think that my comments resonated with the front office staff, but they DID NOT waste a bunch of money on a WR this year, whoo hooo!!!!! Resigned our guys and picked up mike sims walker from jags, not a bad guy, just hasnt been consistent ever in his career. But, he also has never had a golden boy like bradford throwing him the rock. clayton, sims walker, avery, DX, kendricks, amendola, robinson.....we should be able to find 4 serviceable starters out of that crew. if avery can stay healthy him and sims walker can stretch out defenses, the only thing lacking from last year.

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