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Posted on: September 1, 2010 10:52 pm
Made it finally after having to build my level up again to the blog level. This season is going to be jacked up ,there are some many things wrong with the NFL that could keep me typing for days. To start we got a screwed up goverment that is causing the nation to be in a depression and that makes it hard for all of us hard working americans to watch the real americas' pastime each season cause of these damn blackout policies. Another being that everyone is going crazy over a so called quarterback that goes by the name Tebow who i believe will never cut it as a starting quarterback similar to a guy in Arizona that is not happy. Then we have a cornerback that thinks he is GOD and needs to be paid after showing out in only one season after he siged a long term deal and now want show up to the facility like a man and play and prove you are the real deal. Come on Deon go talk this guys into what he is losing out on. So i really dont know how this blog thing works just would like to get my ideas and complaints out there. But What does everyone olse think?
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