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Pre Season week 3

Posted on: September 7, 2010 3:24 pm





Three of the four agonizing pre season weeks are out of the way and this last week may actually be the worst. The coaches don’t even want to play this week, they already know what fat they’re going to trim to get to that magic 53 number. The only people who care about week 4 of pre season are those looking for a miracle to make the team and some bookmakers. So instead of looking forward to the final week of pre season let’s take a look ahead to the regular season. I’ll give you some things I’m looking forward to and some things I’m not, also I hope you didn’t have your fantasy draft yet, week three always has some pretty significant injuries.

Putting this column together something dawned on me; everything I am looking forward to is a negative. Take for instance me wanting nothing more than #4 to fail. I love when his last pass of the season is a pick. So it got me thinking “Should I not root against him in hopes that he will have an ok season and not throw a pick his last throw of the season and finally friggin retire?” This week though he threw two picks and had a fumble. I love it, retire.

Another thing I look forward to this season is the sociological experiment that is the Washington Redskins. With failure, they get everything they deserve. Time after time, season after season this organization makes horrible personnel decisions; the worst, probably, the Haynesworth signing. Have you ever seen a guy who cared less about playing after he got paid? I would love to see him get cut; the guy (in my opinion) shouldn’t even be in the league. Remember what this tool did to Andre Gurode? If you don’t a quick summary. Gurode had his helmet knocked off and was lying on the ground when the then Tennessee Titan, Haynesworth, stomped on his head with his cleats, twice. I feel just as strongly today as I did then; Dude should not be in the league.

How about some positives? Can’t wait to see the 9ers and the Broncos duke it out in London. Right? Who cares? If you’re a fan of those teams, you don’t want them to travel all that way. If you’re not a fan of either team you don’t care. I think Roger Goodell is about the only person here who cares about playing in England.

The Cowboys collapse is always fun.

Redskins at Eagles should be fun. The four letter network will go bananas hyping this one.

A lot of people can’t wait to see if the Jets can duplicate last season. When was the last time there was so much pub on the Jets? Was Drunky Joe still playing? (I wanna give you a kiss) Whatever Tony Dungy says I still think Rex Ryan is great for the NFL.

As I mentioned above I hope you waited until next weekend to have your fantasy draft. Week 3 in preseason is the only time before the regular season that guys play at 100% and you can just look at the injury reports to prove that.

Two notable injuries to check out happened to Donte’ Stallworth and Jason Campbell. Stallworth will miss about eight weeks. What makes this significant is you may recall; the receiver missed all of last season due to suspension for pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter. Actually he wasn’t suspended for pleading guilty; he was suspended for killing a guy.

Campbell left Saturday’s game with a stinger, however, in the series prior to the stinger he hurt his wrist, which is of much more concern to the Raiders. They are awaiting the results of an MRI.

In Big Ben news: the Commish will meet with him after the Steelers final pre season game this Thursday. I see the sentence being reduced. Why? I ask the same question. Do you think Ben is less of a pervert today than he was six months ago? Doubt it.

Something I am not looking forward to this season is Chris Berman. I can’t take his shtick or his voice anymore. I haven’t watched the Homerun Derby in years thanks to this guy. Back-back-back, STOP IT, I would rather watch my kid run around with scissors. The times have changed and this guy is doing the same crap he was doing 20 years ago. Oh I’m getting annoyed just writing about him. Thank goodness for the NFL network, I’d rather put up with Deion.

For your weekly Tweet update, Dez Bryant broke the news via a tweet that he will be playing this Thursday. Thank you Twitter, don’t know how else we would have gotten that news.

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