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Week 1 Recap

Posted on: September 14, 2010 5:15 pm



Week one finally brought meaningful games to our lives and we get our first chance to get a peek at what teams are really about. What stands out for me is the amount of injuries all over the NFL. Do players really not try at all during the pre season? Don’t crown a super bowl champ yet it’s just the first week, but some players and teams have been exposed. I’ll share some thoughts about this past week, hand out a few awards and take a look at some things to keep an eye on in week two.


Keeping with the injury topic; this off season Bob Sanders was voted Most Likely to Be Injured by his peers. Someone needs to tell Bob he’s just a little bit of a guy and not Ronnie Lott. Seven years in the league and he has never played 16 games and the last two seasons he’s played a grand total of eight games. Well a torn bicep has him out again indefinitely.


Must See TV Award goes to the Cowboys. We all new Dallas was going to implode; we just didn’t think it would happen in week one. There is something really wrong in Big D and you can’t blame it on T.O. Jason Garrett makes a whole lot of money to be making calls like the play he called on the final play of the first half. The Dallas Debacle demands attention, you can’t look away.


The Shut Up and Play Award goes to the Jets. Nobody paid more lip service this off season than the Jets. When you start talking trash about the Ravens you better be able to back it up. Six first downs are not going to win you many games. I know the game was close, but these guys are convinced they are the best team in the league. They may not even be the best team in that city. I loved Fat Rex Ryan’s jaw flappin’ last season, it’s a new season though and can someone cover Anquan Boldin?


The El Duce Award goes to my man Arian Foster. He showed the Colts that he is the MAN. I tipped you off to this guy in the pre season and he went bananas in his first start of the year. 231 yards and three touchdowns; this guy looked like a man playing pee wee ball.


Calvin Johnson fell victim to one of the stupidest rules in the NFL. Do players now have to hold the ball until they get home after scoring a touchdown? Sorry Circus Dave the Bears should be 0-1.


The Ripping the Monkey Off Their Back Award goes to Houston. 2-16 now all time against the Colts. I know it’s just one win, but if this team is finally going to make it over the hump they needed this win. Besides, I predicted they make the playoffs this year so I have to talk them up. Go Texans!


The That Guy Looks His Age Award goes to #4. In the NFL every game counts that is why they have OTA’s and mini camps and training camps and pre season, so you can get into shape. If I were a Vikings fan I would be pissed off that the first four weeks of the season are this Diva’s training camp. Retire!


Speaking of Divas, Randy Moss out divaed the dynamic diva duo from Cincinnati. He gets the Diva Award. The presser after a week one victory is not the time to start complaining about your next contract. This guy is just a little kid; he saw Tom Terrific get paid and now he wants his. Tread lightly Randy; this organization doesn’t particularly care for their players. If there is a bottom line team in the NFL nobody is more so than the Patriots.


Your weekly Twitter update is brought to you by Darnell Docket of the Arizona Cardinals. “OMG!!!!! My body feels like Precious Fell on Me!! Wtf I can’t even Move!! “My neck! my back!, my neck and my back” Thank you Darnell and keep them coming, I love Precious jokes.


The Pittsburgh Steelers did as I predicted played great defense and pounded the ball and Dixon was adequate. I hope he wins their next three games so we could have a quarterback controversy with Big Ben. Who doesn’t like a quarterback controversy? As much as I hope it is very unlikely.


Across the state in Philadelphia there very well may be a quarterback controversy. With Kolb going down with a concussion, Vick came in and actually gave the Eagles a better shot. Andy Reid says though, there is no controversy. OK, we’ll see.


So, what do we have in store for us in week two? The Chiefs at the Browns is sure to be must see TV. There is the Manning Bowl Sunday night, can’t wait to see how many times NBC shows Archie. The Bears at the Cowboys is sure to be a grab ass fest. Which team will find the more interesting way to lose? Two games that I really look forward to are the Ravens at the Bengals and the Steelers at the Titans; both should be very physical games and all the talk in the Ravens/Bengals game should be really fun. Finally, how much is Rex going say after they lose to the Patriots and fall to 0-2?

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