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Weekly Recap Week 2

Posted on: September 21, 2010 4:37 pm



Some surprises are starting to unfold just two weeks into 2010 season. A couple of so called Super Bowl contenders have already dug a monstrous hole that statistically is almost impossible to get out of. Some teams are on their way up from the proverbial basement; while others haven’t lost a step from last season. We have an entire coaching staff on the hot seat and players throwing helmets into the stands. And we have the pleasure of watching quite possibly the greatest quarterback to ever play. I’ll have some Suicide pick thoughts and did anyone realize that seven underdogs won straight up this week? So why don’t we sort through week two and see what we learned and hand out a few awards.


I hope everyone appreciates watching Peyton Manning. It may be cliché, but this guy without a doubt is a coach on the field. The Colts trounced the Giants in Manning Bowl II by gaining huge chunks on the ground, this I am fully aware of, but to watch Peyton pick apart the Giants secondary is astounding. Cris Collinsworth described his performance the best way possible by comparing him to a surgeon. I don’t even think it’s arguable that there has ever been a more football intelligent player to strap on a helmet. I feel fortunate to be able to watch this guy. He also has a brother named Cooper.


Dallas fans have yet to come off the ledge from their week one loss. Now they have one foot off that ledge after they shot themselves repeatedly in the foot in Sunday’s game against the Bears. All the excuses for the pre season and week one was because of two starting offensive lineman were out. Well, they were back against the Bears and it was the same old same old; penalties, turnovers and the refusal to run the ball. That three headed monster in Big D’s back field isn’t looking so monstrous. Hey Dallas, why don’t you look at what the Colts did with far inferior talent?  Isn’t it great to see the expressions on Wade Phillips’ face? It looks like he’s saying, “Gee Whiz guys, Mr. Jones is gonna be really mad.”


It’s only week two, but to see Dallas and Minnesota at 0-2 is a bit of a surprise. On the flip side Tampa and Kansas City are a surprising 2-0. Let’s not get carried away. The Bucs and the Chiefs won’t win more than 10 games combined. San Fran is also 0-2, but they will still win their division. Dallas and Minnesota might have a bit more difficulty reaching the playoffs. They both are in divisions with some real competitors, unlike San Fran and the NFC West.


The Bills may never win a game again.


Break up the Texans. I’m going to hammer it every week that these guys will finally make the playoffs. If you can stop Foster on the ground he will hurt you in the air game. And who can stop Andre Johnson? There really is no question that he is in a class all by himself.

Let’s hand out some awards for week two.

Brandon Jacobs takes losing very well, so he gets the Sportsman of the Week Award. Dude gets mad at his coach and chucks his helmet in the crowd. He said he didn’t mean to throw it in the stands he was trying to hit the bench. The helmet landed 10 rows up. Now I don’t know if he was trying to hit someone, but how does it end 10 rows up? He then started jawing at Colts fans. No one was hurt; well except Brandon’s feelings were hurt. Nice job Jacobs, I hope the Giants don’t trade you and you continue to get five rushes a game.

This week’s Shut Up and Play Award has been modified. Tedy Bruschi on the four letter network this past week said that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez tends to tank it. Bruschi is supposed to be a professional broadcaster now, so if you have ill will toward your former rival don’t say it on the air; Shut Up. I’m not sure who gets more of the blame Bruschi or the four letter for airing what he spewed? Good for Sanchez for sticking it to Tedy’s former team. And Rex, you’re off the hook.

Jay Cutler gets the All Guts Award. This guy was getting absolutely pounded by Dallas’ defensive line. Cutler though, hung in there and ended up throwing for three touchdowns and surprise surprise, no picks. Nice job Jay.

The Game of the Week was definitely Houston at Washington. I’m not one to throw game stats in your face because I think that’s silly, I care about the final score that’s it, however, 947 yards combined, defense was just a rumor in this one. The Texans kicked and bit their way back from 20-7 halftime deficit to force overtime. McNabb looked like McNabb of old and if Joey Galloway had the speed he once had the Skins might have won that game. Did you see Matt Schaub just chuck that ball into the end zone for Johnson? Was there any doubt who was catching that ball? Man I am such a Texans apologist. Yo Dre!

Now, how about some Suicide solutions: Don’t pick the Cowboys or the Vikings. Also if you find a game that you think is a lock and that team is on the road, keep looking. Do not under any circumstances pick a team on the road, especially this early in the season. Look at the Chargers in week one for an example. How many people were kicked out with that pick? Not me because I don’t like picking road teams.

Now I will leave you with the Tweet of the week and is brought to you by my new favorite player in the league. It again comes from Darnell Docket. “I’m in the hotel HUNGRY as Precious!! OMG!! Room service won’t deliver and we got curfew so I can’t leave. this is terrible.” Darnell delivers again; more Precious humor.

So long folks enjoy some football and I’ll see ya next week.

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