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How Week 3 Shaped up in the NFL

Posted on: September 30, 2010 9:31 am

Week three of the NFL season ended Monday night with a nail biter in Chicago. The much touted Packers played their sloppiest game this season and the Bears again took advantage of horrible mistakes. The Bears are not who we thought they were. Another home dog straight up winner in the NFL, this is a trend that all of you kids should be paying attention to.

There were some surprises this week, some shake ups, some redemption, some growing up and a nice come back story. Without further ado why don’t we discuss what was relevant in week three, maybe get a few things off my chest and hand out an award or two.

Dallas fans finally came off the ledge with their Cowboys winning in convincing fashion over the Texans. They played a lot more disciplined on both sides of the ball and the final result proved it. Let’s see how long it lasts?

Did anyone notice that Charlie Batch is still in the league? He threw three touchdowns at Tampa on Sunday and only needed 186 yards through the air. The way that the Steelers’ defense and running game are clicking Bubby Brister could lead this team.

The Game of the week was certainly Atlanta taking on the Super Bowl Champs in New Orleans. Drew Brees and company came out swinging and the Falcons matched them every step of the way. Matty Ice looked good for the Falcons, however the bruising running of Michael ‘the Burner’ Turner and Jason Snelling, proved to be too much for the Champs. These guys are loads. Give them the ball a combined 50 times and I don’t think there’s a defense in the league that can stop them.

The Not Living Up to Your Nickname Award goes to the Giants. The fact is here kids; the Giants aren’t very good. I know Eli got his ring, but come on, that was a fluke. Eli is more Cooper than he is Peyton. Now there’s another coaching staff in trouble in the NFC East. I’m looking at you Coughlin.

Dozens were on hand to watch the clinic that Michael Vick put on in Jacksonville. The announced attendance for the game was 63,256. Right, how many does the damn stadium hold; 180,000? Did you see all the empty seats?

Back to Vick, when did he find a touch passing the ball? I know it must’ve been prison. Another kind of touch pops into my mind when I think of prison. Vick accounted for four touchdowns in the game including three through the air. Might we have an early MVP candidate? Can’t wait to see McNabb return to Philly next week.

The All Growed Up Award goes to Little Sammy Bradford. Aren’t they so cute at this age? Just three games into his professional career and Sammy leads the hapless Rams to victory. Without Steven Jackson I might add for the conclusion of the game. Congratulations Sam, give ‘em hell.

The Crappy Kicker Award is a tie. Garrett Hartley and Sebastian Janikowski get to share this award. Hartley gets it because he missed a 29 yarder in overtime, at home, in a dome. Janikowski gets it because the Raiders lose again. Now he is usually one of the only bright spots on the Raiders, not Sunday. He missed three field goals including a 32 yarder. Enjoy the trophies boys.

San Diego fell on their face yet again. Man these guys are turning into the Cowboys of the AFC. 500 yards and five turnovers, not a bad gig; every time the Chargers go the length of the field that can’t score; they instead have to give the other team the ball. “Here ya go.” Stay classy San Diego.

Staying with that game; wasn’t it nice to see Leon Washington have a tremendous day. If you don’t know, he nearly had his leg ripped off last season. He had bone sticking out of his skin ala Joe Theismann. So what does he do Sunday? Only two kickoff returns for touchdowns; one 99 yards the other 101. Way to go Leon.

Of the three teams that desperately needed a win this week the 49ers were the only team not to step up. Something really stinks in San Francisco and it’s their football team. So the Offensive Coordinator is out and now things will get better. Right? You might say, “Wait a minute, they lost to the undefeated Chiefs.”  Exactly, they lost to the Chiefs.

I won’t take up too much more of your time I just want to get a couple of things off my chest. First, why the hell does Fox broadcasts have to exit and return to the game with that stupid little robot that dances; enough. Robots don’t play football. Yet.

Lastly, I heard Chris Berman speak for the first time this year during the Monday Night Football halftime show. I nearly had a seizure. I should have run when I had the chance. His fastest three minutes in sports was, to me, the longest three minutes I’ve had this football season.

That’s it folks I’ll talk to ya next week.

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