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Weekly Recap Week 4

Posted on: October 6, 2010 11:10 am

With most teams at the quarter pole of the NFL season we can now begin to evaluate where teams stand. There are some teams that are doing surprisingly well, while others are doing surprisingly awful. It was the first bye week so we had teams taking advantage of much needed rest, albeit early I’m sure the week off was welcomed. There was a block party Monday night in Miami and it wasn’t Calle Ocho. The Giants had a slew of sacks Sunday while the Champs spent much of their game on the ropes. The Ravens earned their second huge road win of the year, the Bills still stink, there is only one undefeated team left and what is going on in San Francisco?

Let’s discuss week four and see where everybody stands a quarter of the way through the season.

First off, the 49ers are toast. I picked them to win the NFC West (like everyone) and that’s on me. All the teams in this lousy division are 2-2 while the 49ers are 0-4. A couple things here: The Alex Smith experiment is over. San Fran needs to cut its losses and realize they are the most recent victim to yet another first round bust. Secondly they need to let go of Mike Singletary and start to rebuild yet again. There is no way they are going to win this division as terrible as it is, so I now predict that St. Louis will win the NFC West. Yep, I said it.

Staying with the NFC Worst division, how can Seattle look so good at home and so badly on the road? Since the Seahawks have to play eight games on the road that will mean at least eight losses and no playoffs, keep at it Pete.

Denver got a huge win in Tennessee this weekend and it was all on the arm of Kyle Orton. Want a good Bargument to have with your Buddies? “Who made out better in the Orton/Cutler trade?” For me there is no clear cut answer since Chicago’s offensive line is so poor. Cutler cried to get out of Denver; I don’t think he ever imagined that the grass would be brown on the other side.

Back to Kyle Orton for a minute; this guy has thrown for 817 passing yards in the last two weeks. He certainly doesn’t mind playing for Josh McDaniels. Let’s see if he remains the leading passer throughout the season.

The Champion Saints are having a tough time of it so far this season. I know they only have one loss, but wins are not coming nearly as easy this season. Hell, Jimmy “The Pickle” Clausen almost led the Panthers to victory in New Orleans. For all the criticism that Reggie Bush gets about what kind of back he is, or isn’t for that matter, I think it’s been proven so far with him sidelined that he is pretty important to the Saints.

The inaugural VickNabb Bowl went down this week with much fanfare. It didn’t last long as Mike Vick was the victim of the much feared Malachi Crunch. He injured cartilage in his chest in the second quarter and never returned. Mike, there’s a reason normal quarterbacks don’t run like you did on that play, now you know why. McNabb came out the hero going back to the place that kicked him to the curb. Philadelphia fans have shown a lack of class many times in many different sports, but the ovation they gave McNabb before the game was nothing but class.

What’s going on with Chicago? 10 sacks, three quarterbacks and one concussion. Who’s to blame? Is it Mike Martz for being too risky? Is it Jay Cutler for trading in interceptions for sacks or is it the sieve of an offensive line? Maybe it is all of these things. So long Lovie.

There is one undefeated team left in the league. And it’s who everybody had going all the way this year. You got it; the Chiefs are a perfect 3-0. I hope they can stay focused because their media coverage is about to blow up. Learn something from the Colts Chiefs; don’t sit your starters next week.

The league’s leading rusher doesn’t even need to play the whole game to prove his dominance. Arian Foster ran for 131 yards and a touchdown, he also caught three balls for 56 yards and a touchdown. Foster sat out the first 23 minutes of the game for unspecified disciplinary reasons.

 The Giants just recorded another sack on the Bears

The Ravens beat the Steelers at the Ketchup this week making it the second of two huge wins on the road, the Jets was the other win. Flacco showed a lot of poise coming back for the victory and I am sticking with them as my Super Bowl winner. Champions need to win on the road and this team has proven in just four weeks that they can.

I would like to thank the Dolphins for showing up for their home game Monday night against their arch rivals. Well I guess they showed up in the first half, but never came out of the tunnel after half time, the Patriots certainly did. Miami fired their special team’s coach the day after this game; why do you ask? Because of one man; Patrick Chung. Chung was able to break through the Dolphins’ inept line to block a punt and a field goal, the blocked field goal was returned for a touchdown. Not a bad day’s work, I hope his conscience isn’t bothering him having a grown man fired and all.

New England is the first team to ever accomplish the following in a single game, try to keep up: Score a rushing TD-score a receiving TD-run a kickoff back for a TD-block a field goal and run it back for a TD-run an interception back for a TD. That’s the way Hoodie draws them up.

Lastly, it was nice to finally see some people in the stands in Jacksonville, and they were rewarded with an awesome finish. A 59 yard field goal with no time on the clock to beat the AFC Champion Colts. That has got to be thrilling and not just for that little kicker running around with his helmet after he split the uprights. Let’s hope the fans continue to show up and not just when the Colts are in town.

That’s all I got this week folks, talk to ya next week.

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