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Weekly Recap Week 8

Posted on: November 2, 2010 8:33 pm



Week eight snuck up on us and with it came the much anticipated London Bowl. Back in the US the rest of the league played minus the six teams with a bye. Of those twelve games there were some great ones, an absolute crapfest and one game in which only one team played. Sunday Night Football drew a bigger audience than the World Series and a couple of former superstars were knocked down a peg by their coaches. Let’s dive into week eight and see what the NFL delivered.

We might as well start at the epicenter of all the mania in the NFL; Donovan getting benched and Randy Moss getting waived.

First off the Moss debacle: You kind of get the feeling that Moss didn’t want to leave New England after all; or is it he just didn’t want to go play for the Vikings again. Moss informed head coach Mr. Noodle that he was going to stay in New England for a couple of days following Sunday’s game; that in and of itself is not that unusual. Recently traded players returning to the town they used to play for and spending extra time there is quite common. It must have been the last straw. The next day it was announced that Moss was going to be waived. If Hoodie has the ability to smile I’m sure he is smiling and thanking Mr. Noodle for the third round draft choice. On the other side Percy Harvin may be weeping in a corner somewhere.

Mike Shanahan benched Donovan McNabb in the fourth quarter in the Redskins’ loss to the Lions. Shanahan said that McNabb has some cardiovascular issues. This begs the question, “Was T.O. right in criticizing Donovan after the Eagles Super Bowl defeat in which McNabb puked in the huddle?” So let’s get this straight, Rex Grossman is a better option than McNabb? I think not. But wait, it gets even better; JaMarcus Russell is working out with the Skins this week. Could the biggest bust in modern football history cause a quarterback controversy in Washington? And how long until Daniel Snyder blows up?

A boy named Suh? Did everyone get a chance to see Ndamukong Suh’s fumble recovery for a touchdown? While Suh was trotting to the end zone seemingly all by himself he nearly pulled a Leon Lett while Santana Moss tried to do his best Don Beebe impersonation. The only difference was that Moss bounced off Suh like a child off of a bouncy toy. Suh may have a funny name, but the way he reacted to Moss tells me this man has a mean streak. Suh later apologized for his premature celebration.

In what may have been the best game of the week the Chiefs kicked a field goal as time expired in overtime to beat the Bills. It was the second time in two weeks that the hapless Bills have dropped a game in overtime on the road. At this point it’s tough to tell if the Chiefs are for real. They lead their division by two games, but the only win that stands out is their defeat of the Chargers. A lot of people have beaten the Chargers. Rushing for more than 200 yards in three consecutive games is quite a feat.

St. Louis is just one game back of Seattle for the NFC West lead. That crummy division is up for grabs and if Little Sammy Bradford continues playing like he has been, it just may be the Rams division for the taking. Bradford tied a record in week eight with 11 touch downs in his first eight starts. I’m so proud of you Sammy.

Yell defense all you want, but the Packers and Jets game sucked. The two teams combined for nine points and 41 incomplete passes. That is not good football. The Jets are back on notice until they start running the ball again. Mark Sanchez does not need to throw the ball 38 times with that running game and that defense.

The Raiders have come out of nowhere with an offensive machine. After a near record low passer rating three weeks ago, Jason Campbell had a rating of well over 100 for the second week in a row as the Raiders thumped the Seahawks. Tom Cable definitely has his team practicing tip drills. Oakland had two ridiculous catches off of tips in this game, one on offense and one for an interception.

The Niners can do one of two things to save their season: Play in London every week or play the Broncos every week.

Jerry Jones apologized to Cowboy fans following their blowout loss to the Jaguars at JerryWorld. The sorries came a little too late. He should have apologized years ago. Tony Romo should be the league MVP. What other team in the league relies on their quarterback so much? The Cowboys didn’t even give the common courtesy of showing up a week after their quarterback went down. Have you ever seen a team quit like the Cowboys have? If Jones was smart he’d fire up that dump truck full of cash and drive right over to either John Gruden or Bill Cowher’s house.

Every team in the NFC West has a negative point differential. The Rams are the closest to positive with -1.

Look at the Bucs at 5-2. Are they for real? We’re still not convinced, but four fourth quarter comebacks this season is pretty impressive. Tampa is also 3-0 on the road this season and they’re tied with the Falcons for the NFC South lead. We’ll know much more about these Bucs after they travel to Atlanta next week.

The Cardinals have had 9 turnovers in its last two games. If Kurt Warner was hurt rather than retired he might give Romo some competition for my MVP vote.

That’s it for this week folks talk to ya next week.

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Weekly Recap Week 8

Yeah it did alot cuase my favorite team lost to the dang Saints and they should've won. Big Ben is why they lost.

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