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Weekly Recap Week 10

Posted on: November 16, 2010 5:51 pm

What a weird weekend in the NFL. You had one game in which three quarterbacks went down, and another where the lights went down. There was a game that used every bit of overtime and sadly enough we found the return of the NFL Network’s coverage of Thursday night games. Seriously, as good as that game was the coverage was pitiful. On the flip side NBC continues to deliver even if it is handed a lopsided affair. Finally after that Monday night massacre of the Redskins, fans are exhausted. So let’s discuss week ten.

The Dolphins seemingly didn’t need a quarterback in their disposal of the Titans. After Chad Pennington went down early in the first, recently benched Chad Henne entered the game and led Miami to their highest point total of the season. After the final play of the first half Titan’s quarterback Kerry Collins conveniently hobbled off the field with an apparent calf injury. Henne lasted until he went down in the third quarter with a knee injury. So the Fish resorted to the wildcat for the remainder of the third quarter. Once the fourth quarter began the ever popular Tyler Thigpen took over the quarterbacking duties. Despite playing against a team with no quarterback the Titans could not overcome their three turnovers. Pennington is out for the year and Henne’s season is up in the air, so the Dolphins did what any team would; they signed Patrick Ramsey.

The Thursday night game may have been the best game of the week, but there is no question that it was the worst covered. There are an abundance of things the NFL needs to improve on not least of which is replacing the entire broadcast team. The play-by-play guy is terrible and Theismann and Millen don’t have any chemistry. The audio was awful unless you enjoy the suck fest that the two color guys put on for Matt Ryan. The coverage is markedly improved since the days of Bryant Gumbel, but the NFL needs to fix this, it’s embarrassing.

Did you happen to see Rex Ryan’s press conference leading up to the Ryan Bowl? Dressing up as his now fatter twin Rob, Rex was hilarious. You’ve got to love this guy. The NFL needs head coaches like this; it’s a nice change from the stuffy domineering head master we are used to. By the way the Jets won their second overtime game on the road in consecutive weeks.  Rob Ryan is now 0-3 in the NFL against his brother.

Let’s go Buffalo! In their ninth game of the season the Bills finally found that elusive victory. The Lions have now lost and ever expanding record of 25 straight road games. Next week they are on the road again; this time in Dallas.

As for the Cowboys, I’m going to skip the all too easy “Lights Out” word play. The Cowboys came out swinging like a boxer fighting for pride and dignity. Make no mistake these Cowboys’ players played for themselves. As for the lights going out maybe the Giants should have saved some of the $1.6 billion dollars they spent on their new stadium to pay the power bill. I guess the lights in New Jersey don’t ring as bright as in New York.

What’s up with Todd Haley? After his Chiefs were pummeled by the Broncos Haley refused to shake Coach Josh’s hand; he instead opted for a finger wagging at his opposition. As if his team wasn’t embarrassed enough.

The collapse in Minnesota continued this week and the 41-year-old #4 again looks every year of it. How long is Mr. Noodle going to last as head coach? And aren’t his press conferences the best; standing up there doing his best Dark Knight impression?

Those who attended the Jacksonville game were again treated to a thrilling finish. In what seemed to be yet another game heading for overtime the Jaguars put their paws together in prayer and were rewarded with a 50-yard Hail Mary for a touchdown. In what’s become a routine non sell out and subsequent black out; did anyone in Jacksonville see it?

You knew Hoodie’s team was not about to lose back-to-back games, especially after being manhandled by the Browns.  So Tom Terrific was back to looking terrific and Big Ben looked too big to get out of his own way. The NFL Network should look to NBC to see how they broadcast a prime time game.

What was supposed to be VickNabb Bowl II never happened. Instead Mike Vick continued his community service by putting on a clinic for the kids in the Washington area. Vick had one of the greatest games by a quarterback in the history of the league. Involved in six touchdowns Vick is starting to show that he can pass in the pocket; who knew? Prior to the game McNabb was rewarded with a contract extension for five years and $78 million. Not a bad way to receive an apology. He celebrated by throwing three interceptions.

A post script to this game: DeSean Jackson should really choose his words more carefully. In describing the mood of the Eagles after a pre game altercation with the Redskins he said, “We were like pit bulls, ready to get out of the cage.” Too soon Jackson.

Consistency seems to be the one thing eluding the top tier teams this year, so you still can’t say without reservation who’s the best team in the NFL. Bad weather is on its way and that will reveal a lot more about the so called elite.

We have some marquee match ups to look forward to in week 11. The Pack travels to Minnesota looking for the sweep while the Colts and Patriots duke it out for dominance in the AFC. A couple of key divisional battles include the Giants at Eagles and the Broncos at Chargers. This is the point in the season where things start to get very interesting.

That’s it for this week kids talk to ya next week.

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