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Weekly Recap Week 17

Posted on: January 4, 2011 10:27 am



Week 17 of the NFL regular season arrived with not as many questions about the playoffs as perhaps the Commish would have liked. It was the first time in the NFL that every game was a divisional game for the final week of the season. The only game that was ‘win and you’re in’ for either team was the dreadful matchup between the Rams and the Seahawks. A few other games had minute questions such as where the team would be seeded. So as you would expect there were some real crappy games. Many starters for playoff bound teams either didn’t play or played very little. It didn’t take long for another coach to get the ax and the league said goodbye to one of the most exciting players it has ever seen; again. So let’s see what happened in week 17 and take a look at what the playoffs have in store for us.

Right off the bat, goodbye #4. There is no reason to linger. There will be plenty of time for that over the off season. Your legacy has changed a few times over the past number of seasons, but what I hope you are most remembered for is your unmatched love of the spotlight. Nobody can hold an entire city and fan base hostage quite like you can. Safe travels friend and please, please, please don’t come back. One more thing; for the love of God stop taking pictures of your penis.

What may have been the most disappointing display for a team that could’ve made the playoffs ever was the effort that the Jaguars put up against the Texans. All the Jags had to do was beat Houston and hope the Colts lose. I don’t think anyone told the Jaguars this because they played like they were already in the playoffs and just were going through the motions. And reports today say that Jack Del Rio’s job is safe. Sorry Jag fan, look forward to more of the same next year. Maybe they’ll put some more tarp over the seats they can’t sell in order to not be blacked out on local TV.

Is it shameful to say that probably the most entertaining game of the day was the St. Louis-Seattle game? The playoff scenario was very easy for both teams; beat the other team and you win the division. Well, the Seahawks prevailed and for the first time in history a team with a losing record will host a playoff game. The Apocalypse is upon us.

The feel good story of the week was definitely in San Francisco. Interim head coach Jim Tomsula had one chance to be the head honcho on the biggest stage his sport offers. The defensive line coach was promoted just a week ago after Mike Singletary was ousted. When Tomsula was asked who he was he answered, “I’m Jim Nobody from nowhere.” That just may be who he will be for the rest of his life, but at least he got to live his dream, if only for one game and his boys routed the Cardinals.

Eric Mangini was seen leaving the Cleveland Brown’s complex with a box full of his personal belongings. What happened to the Mangenius anyway? And will Chumley step down and coach the team himself?

Tampa Bay is the best team not to make the playoffs. I’m sure they’re shaking their heads about Seattle, who by the way will host the Saints this weekend, a team the Bucs just beat in the Superdome. Oh to play in the West.

Speaking of the West, the Raiders swept the AFC West and didn’t make the playoffs. Nearly impossible to do, but they did it. Tom Cable’s job is safe for the sheer fact that Al Davis is afraid of him.

My Super Bowl picks are still alive, but for how long. Baltimore should be able to handle the Chiefs this week, but the Patriots are lurking and might be the only team that stands between them and me cashing in a big ticket. And the Saints as mentioned have to go up against the juggernaut NFC West Champs.

The MVP is wrapped up and stop saying it should be Mike Vick. He missed like four-and-a-half games and the Eagles didn’t even lose all of those. No, Tom Terrific will get his second MVP trophy that he will put on the mantle next to his wife’s… whatever it is she gets for making twice as much as the highest paid player in the NFL.

Arian Foster won the rushing title. If you were reading in the preseason I told you to watch out for this guy.

DeMarcus Ware won his second sack leader award handed out to the player that has the most sacks in a season. Actually I don’t think he wins anything maybe just some more of Jerry’s money.

Rookie of the year without question will be my boy Little Sammy Bradford. Great season Sammy the skies’ the limit.

The Least Valuable Player goes to the Miami Dolphins’ quarterback Chad Henne. I won’t bore you with his mediocre stats; the fact is that this guy has no idea on how to lead a team. One win at home this year? He looked good against the Patriots this week though.

Alright, what is the best matchup for Wild Card Weekend? Green Bay at Philly for my money. The Pack defense is going to give Vick fits.

After that I got the Jets at Indy. Can’t wait to hear Rex try to fire his team up through the media; the sad part is it will probably be the last time we hear from him for a long time.

Baltimore at Kansas City. The Chiefs had the top ranked rushing game in the NFL. They however played six games against the AFC West. Baltimore will handle its business.

I’m not discussing the other game anymore it’s already taken up too much of my time.

Enjoy the first round of the tournament folks. Talk to ya next week.

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