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Breaking your neck for a record?

Posted on: September 5, 2011 12:57 pm
We all have heard by now that Payton may not play in the opner against (Ahhhhh) that does not really  matter. IMO what matters is that Here is a very smart person (Payton) thinking about if he should kep jis strek alive or take a chance of getting hurt. Ok, that should be a [no Brainer]. [BUT] it is not clear to US the FANS if he will play.

Where are those who should be screaming at the top of there lungs...NO!!!! what are you teaching the younger players and the POP-WARNER leagues.
To be tough? 

Show the hard work Payton is going thru trying to get pyhsically back into playing shape. Is it money, is it pride. This is a moment where you teach and or show the younger players that it is about for the love of the game. Not for a record not for the money.

I'd raher see Peyton open up a camp. coach, or anoucing on TV. Peyton geting money is and will not be a problem. 

Payton, pray on this desicison Football seasom will becoming back for the next 10 years, what is the rush? 
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