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The Unpredictable NFL

Posted on: October 13, 2010 5:13 pm

Although it is still early on in the season, it is currently almost impossible to tell who's really good. Teams that I would have never guessed to win more than three games this season are leading their divisions. There just really are no clear frontrunning teams this season(they all have at least one loss now). To prove my point I'm going to go ahead and list the division leaders of this season:
TEAM:          Washington     Chicago         Atlanta            Arizona         NY Jets         Baltimore        Houston       Kansas City
RECORD:           3-2                  4-1                     4-1                 3-2                4-1              4-1                  3-2                 3-1
Of these eight teams, three of them had losing records and only one of them had more than nine wins last year. On the flipside, if you look at last years division leaders, four of them have losing records this year. In addition, only one of last year's division leaders is the leader this year. It's not just the fact that this year several teams that did poorly last year suddenly stepped it up and are having better seasons this year, it's that even these current leaders can have some shocking games. For instance, the Arizona Cardinals, leader of the NFC West, got blown out by a pretty good-looking Atlanta team but also by a struggling Chargers team. San Diego, who was the favorite of most people to win the AFC West, currently has a losing record. They followed up that blowout win over the Cardinals win a loss the the Oakland Raiders, a team that has noticeably struggled for several seasons now. Ironically, the Raiders lost to Arizona, the team that San Diego destroyed. This is just one of several examples of bizarre patterns occuring in the NFL this year. One has to wonder why the NFL is so arbitrary this year. However, the upside to this is that you can pretty much count on that week after week, every game will most likely be suspenseful, entertaining, surprising, and mainly...unpredictable.

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 7:28 pm

The Unpredictable NFL

Ok well half correct.

No one ever will know who will win the 'ship right now.

You can't really guess until about Week 10 or so.

Good write anyhow!!!

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