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New Mexico pounds TCU

Posted on: January 27, 2011 1:14 am
Great performance coming off a tough loss at UNLV.  It's nice to be home in Albuquerque.  While many will say that Phillip McDonald's performance was great- I'm concerned.  He has been rushing shots and not letting the game come to him.  I would have benched him for the first part of this game to get him to learn patience.  Perhaps I'm way off, but he has been the reason New Mexico has struggled in several games and I sure hope he doesn't think that he should take 9 2-point shots every game.  Nice work again by Drew Gordon, who is continuing to grow more comfortable.  I am seeing the makings of a true leader in him.  Dairese Gary dished a bunch of assists, but played a mediocre game overall.  
Anyway, the story tonight was Jimmer Fredette, right?  Huh, you ask?  What a performance at home against a San Diego State that was just out-coached and was unlucky.  Boy, don't we wish that we had the D.J. Gay that went 0-7 from the field tonight rather than the 30-point performance he had at the Pit?  Good news is that New Mexicoo has a bonafide chance to make a statement on Saturday and immediately lift themselves out of the doldrums of mediocrity.  Yep, you got it...beat BYU at the Pit.  I'm not sure what you can do with Jimmer Fredette except pray and steal his passes.  He's just a monster with sharp teeth as a shooter.  I do, however, think that the Lobos can match up with BYU very well otherwise and can put more perimeter pressure on them.  Hopefully the Lobos can shoot the 3's.  If the long ball is falling,  then it could happen.  Drew Gordon, Alex Kirk, and Hardeman can work the bigs of BYU, but they have to want it.  No half-hearted effort will do it against this BYU team.  They are just too good and too confident.  This win is the first step in the chance for New Mexico to qualify for the NCAA tournament.  This is the time that we will really see if New Mexico is going to be a good team this year or not.  It's up to the team.
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Posted on: January 27, 2011 2:17 am

New Mexico pounds TCU

 Uno; you, my friend are my eyes to Lobo basketball tonight as I decided to watch an actual competitive game in Provo. Please don't get all worked up for a win over a Frog team that had their best player miss the plane. The sad news out of the BYU-SDSU contest is that neither team will win 2 games in the Big Dance, but I do expect a 1st game victory for the duo. BYU's big guys are hapless and old and the Aztecs just aren't deep enough to make the Sweet 16. Please Mr. Uno, put to bed the childish notion that the Lobos are even remotely NCAA material. As a matter of fact, a true Lobo fan would root for an NIT appearance where UNM probably won't be humiliated.

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