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Mid-conference report card on UNM players

Posted on: February 9, 2012 9:42 pm
I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to Lobo ball.  I'm even going to go to the UNLV game.  I live 2,000 miles from the Pit, but I just gotta get to the stadium and see if that alarm goes off.  I always look forward to seeing those hideous sequence cheerleader uniforms that make the chicano girls look like small red tarpon.  I know what New Mexico has.  It's a motley crew.  No 5-star players.  Maybe two or three 4-stars, but a different kind of team.  No big men inside- (with Alex Kirk out), but plenty of ability.  I want to see them take it to the Runnin' Rebels.  You never know...this could be the year.  GO LOBOS!!!    

Drew Gordon is probably the team's most important player because of his rebounding ability and his defensive presence.  UCLA didn't want him anymore- but he's doing quite well at UNM.  At L.A. he was most famous for a terrible open floor miss on a dunk.  It was a You Tube sensation.  As  Lobo, luckily he doesn't miss many dunks.  It's so nice to see a rebounder who grabs the ball with both hands and holds on to it.  I wonder why he doesn't use his athleticism on the offensive end more.  He's got tremendous hops but stays flatfooted on offense-I think he confuses offense and defense.

Kendall Williams is the most talented Lobo.  Although he tends to turn the ball over almost as much as Gordon, he can drive, pass, and shoot with the best of them.  He's got a thousand circus shots in his bag of tricks.  Somehow the other players actually listen to him.

Hugh Greenwood is probably the best new talent in several years- a kid from Down Under who played on their junior national team and is showing he has a knack for getting the ball where it needs to go.  Still recovering from an ankle injury, he's still favoring that leg.  He is the player with the most potential.  If he can coninue to deliver the ball on time on the mark and hit open shots, this team could win in March.

Tony Snell may be my favorite player.  He is selfless, and is the best shooter.  He can dribble and for some reason in the last game against Boise State, he all of a sudden started taking the ball to the hole when they came out on him.  It was shocking.  I've waited for that moment, and he was doing it- and nobody could stop him because he's long, quick, and moves well with the ball.  Duh.

Phillip McDonald seems to be finally coming back around.  I know he was hurt, but he was also a streaky performer who tended to want to drive the ball and shoot off-balanced shots instead of working for an open look from the outside- which he has been doing for the last couple of weeks.  Welcome back Phillip.  It's about darned time.

A.J. Hardeman looks like a ball player.  He's tall, all muscle, long wingspan, who can jump and nearly every game has a great dunk.  He's a strong defender only in the sense that his flailing tends to change his opponents' shots.  He shoots great shots and hits them, but doesn't take enough.

Jamal Fenton has really been coming along.  He's very quick and can drive or shoot from the outside.  He's got good hands and isn't afraid of big men.    He is also showing great patience for a sophomore.  He's tough to guard because he's so low to the ground.

Cameron Bairstow could be a difference maker in that he always seems to have a hand on a loose ball and seems to figure out where he needs to be.  Another Aussie, his size is really needed if they are to compete with big teams.  He also could be the best shooter on the team from 15 feet.  

Demetrius Walker wasn't playing enough at Arizona St for his liking and wanted to move to a team that had a better chance at winning.  He's got a strange looking shot, but he is fearless.

Dunning- Not sure I see any significant talents given the hype quite yet.  He's got a good natural feel for the game, but no intensity.
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