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You Stay Classy Cleveland!

Posted on: November 20, 2010 1:46 pm
Apparently another drunken Brown's fan has decided to take it upon himself to give the fans of the lowly Brownies yet another black eye by assaulting an 8 year old Jets fan after their game in Cleveland last weekend.  This family are Jets fans who unfortunately live in the Cleveland area, and according to the kids father the "good people" of Cleveland gave them a very hard time for wearing Jets jerseys at their stadium.  As if this family had some sort of alterier motive to disrespect the Browns by wearing the jersey of the visiting team to the game in Cleveland.  No, try that they were only there to support their favorite team.  Just like these Browns fans were there to do for some reason.  According to the kids father as him and his family were walking through the parking lot they had food thrown at them, foul language yelled at them, and were treated horribly by alot of the fans partying in the lots.  As if this wasn't bad enough, a grown man took it upon himself to tackle this poor Jets fans 8 year old son to the ground.  When I read this story on the site here earlier in the week it REALLY had me fuming, and reminded me just how classless the fans in Cleveland have become.  Why tackle the kid instead of the father who was also wearing a Jets jersey?  My guess is that even in his drunken state this Browns fan decided to pick on the smallest person in the group.  The problem with this line of thinking is that the smallest person just happened to be 8 years old! Why not just tackle the Mom instead tough guy?  The father handled this situation in the correct and only manner that he could, and that was to just pick up his son and walk away.  Instead of taking the beatdown that most definitely would've come from this goons friends if the father had replied with any kind violence.  If this goons friends had any class themselves they should've beaten the hell out ot their dumb ass buddy for getting them into a situation like this in the first place, and for authoring yet another horror story about the fans in Cleveland.  This just brings back to my memory a game I attended at the infamous old Cleveland Stadium aka "The Mistake By The Lake".  Where I watched fans in the Dog Pound take the D batteries out of their hand held radios and throw them at players from the Steelers when they were within throwing distance of that endzone.  Classless behavior like this happens all the time at those games and nothing is ever done about it.  Which is a shame because even in Cleveland there has to be some good fans there who would never think of doing things like this.  Well being that it is Cleveland that we are talking about I could be wrong about that.  Ownership needs to do something about this before someone gets hurt very bad, or worse killed.        
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Posted on: November 20, 2010 5:36 pm

You Stay Classy Cleveland!

Not very classy yourself. You take a shot at someone just because you hate them. Are you going to apologize when the truth comes out?This is blown way out of proportion. The woman did not exactly tell the truth of what happened. In fact, her facts are not even close to what happened. It's unfortunate that one person can make up a story, and the whole country jumps on it without anyone even trying to find the truth. You sir, are the classless one. Dirtbag!!

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