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BCS: What's left to be decided?

Posted on: December 1, 2011 2:31 pm
Technically, every BCS bid is still up for grabs as we enter the final weekend.  All six AQ conference championships will be determined, and of course, the four at-large spots.  Three teams could automatically qualify this weekend, two of them without even stepping on the field.

Starting at the top:

SEC -- LSU vs Georgia.  If LSU wins, we will get an LSU (AQ)-Alabama (automatic at-large) rematch in the BCS title game.  If Georgia wins, it will go to the Sugar Bowl unless voters move them WAY up to No. 1 or 2.  LSU and Alabama could still be 1-2, which would make them automatic at-larges and give the SEC three teams.  However, if either drops out of the top two, it will not be in a BCS game at all.

ACC -- Virginia Tech vs Clemson.  The Tigers won the first meeting 23-3 in Blacksburg, but it's the Hokies who are on a roll right now, while Clemson is just rolling over.

Big 12 -- Oklahoma at Oklahoma State.  Bedlam.  The Cowboys haven't beaten the Sooners since 2002.  A convincing win by OSU may not be convincing enough to convince voters to move them up past Alabama.  Not to mention Virginia Tech and Stanford, which are between the Cowboys and the Tide in the polls.

Pac-12 -- Oregon vs UCLA.  UCLA gets to go to bowl even if it loses to fall to 6-7.  That's a shame for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, which would likely get the Bruins, and for some deserving, eligible team that stays home.

Big Ten -- Wisconsin vs Michigan State.  Sparty won the first meeting on a Hail Mary pass.  Wisconsin lost twice on that play.  The Badgers are about 30 second from playing for a shot at LSU this weekend.

Big East -- Connecticut at Cincinnati.  If the Bearcats lose, 7-5 Louisville wins the league and the Big East sends an unranked team to the BCS for the second consecutive year.  Otherwise...

Big East -- West Virginia at South Florida.  This game is on Thursday, so Cincinnati will know if its win matters for them or not.  If West Virginia wins, the Mountaineers will go to the BCS.  If West Virginia loses, then the Bearcats are BCS-bound.


Alabama -- If in the top two, the Tide automatically qualifies.
Stanford -- The Cardinal are currently fourth.  If they hold that spot (or move up), they too, would automatically qualify for an at-large spot.
Houston -- The Cougars will be in also if they win the C-USA title.  A loss would open the door for...
TCU -- The Frogs need a Houston loss and to crawl up two spots to get to the top 16.

Other teams that could be in the at-large pool to be selected include (depending on other results) Kansas State, Michigan, Boise State and Baylor.

Arkansas and South Carolina figure to be in the top 14, but because of the two-team limit, won't be able to be chosen.


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BCS: What's left to be decided?


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BCS: What's left to be decided?

Great article Jerry,  The only not so remote problem with the predictions is if Oklahoma State wins convincingly against Oklahoma. 

There are other issues for me on this.  Bama will not have to play another down to get to the big game.  LSU still has to face Georgia.  What happens if Georgia wins?  LSU beat Bama.  Could it be possible that LSU is 2 and Ok. State leaps to 1?  How do you put Alabama ahead of LSU?  The only good thing about a rematch.  LSU WANTS Bama and with a win it eliminated the "luck" regarding the first win.

However, the human factor comes into play in addition to the computer factor.  The BCS equation is 1/3 coaches poll, 1/3 Harris Interactive
(115 chosen individuals) and six computers.  A big win by Oklahoma State could persuade the human side and two computers already have Oklahoma State #2.  

I think there are still things left to be decided, though it involves only three teams.

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BCS: What's left to be decided?

I agree. MSU was whoopin that @$$ all game, until the two touchdowns in the 4th

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BCS: What's left to be decided?

What's left to be decided?  1-  who will be the 2nd 'obligatory' Big 10/11/12 team in a BCS Bowl game?  (Palm has been campaigning for Meeeeeeeeeshigan for six weeks +/-.)     2- Why will the losers of the SEC and Big 10 Championship games be punished to lesser Bowl games? Let them play in the Suga Bowl.  Houston vs ACC winner in the Orange. (The Big East 'winner' does not deserve a BCS game.)

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BCS: What's left to be decided?


Wisconsin is 2 losses away from a national Championship Bid (not 30 seconds)

Here are some other similarly astute observations:
* UCLA is just 6 victories away from a National Championship bid.
* Boise State is one complete BCS conference schedule away from playing for the National Championship
* USC is one years worth of house payments away from a 2007 National Championship
* Joe Paterno is one retired assistant away from an unblemished career

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BCS: What's left to be decided?

Never mind. I answered my own question.  

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BCS: What's left to be decided?

Wisconsin and MSU were tied when the hail mary ocurred. Wisconsin is not 30 seconds from playing for a title shot.

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BCS: What's left to be decided?

I"m confused about something. Isn't there a 2 team limit in the BCS?   So, if LSU loses and Alabama and LSU are still 1-2, does that mean Georgia gets shut out of the Sugar Bowl?  Or does the NCG not count against the 2-team limit?  


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BCS: What's left to be decided?

Michigan might get the sugar bowl. That is so SWEET. GO Blue!

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