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December Bracket

Posted on: December 7, 2011 4:59 pm
Edited on: December 7, 2011 6:37 pm
There is a new bracket up and, as you might expect, there have been some changes from the preseason bracket I did back in October.

North Carolina, the overall No. 1 back then, is now a 2-seed.  I have a feeling the Heels will be back on the top line in short order, and may eventually become the overall No. 1 again.

The Big Ten has nine of its 12 teams in this bracket.  Realistically, that's a couple more than the league can expect in March.  That's a function of not having begun conference play yet.  The league is the top-rated by a pretty wide margin at this point.

I put this together using a combination of RPI, poll rankings and just my own subjectiveness.  RPI data can be pretty comical still at this time of year.  Texas A&M, which is in the top 25, has an RPI of 163.  If the Aggies are still in the 160s in March, they won't be worrying about playing in the postseason.

St. Mary's is the top team in the RPI currently.  They are in this bracket, but they have only played four games that count, so the Gaels are still hard to judge.

So, there are some teams in here that we probably won't see again (TCU, Seton Hall, Minnesota, which lost its best player to injury).  I would caution Virginia Tech fans against false hope though.  You are likely to have your noses pressed against the glass door again.

Indiana and North Carolina are in the same pod.  One of them is undefeated.

Hey, Alabama fans!  I think we'll be on the same page this year.  Barring injury, your team should spend the season comfortably in the top half of the field.


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Posted on: December 12, 2011 3:30 pm

December Bracket

Putting Vandy as an 11 seed is laughable.  Jeez.

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 11:38 pm

December Bracket

If a number 1 seed is either/or between UNC and Duke the ACC games will decide and media types wont have a say.  I don't care because the difference between 1 and 2 seeds isn't going to keep either from winning the tourney if they're the best team.  


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Posted on: December 9, 2011 7:08 pm

December Bracket

The Cuse is coming boys. It would be foolish to predict any kind of championships, but our D is FOR SURE going to knock some top contenders out of the Dance. I'm looking forward to the rest of this season and any solid run in March will be icing on the cake. With this sick Zone, experience, and bench, we're ready to make some noise!

Go Bog O!

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 5:38 am

December Bracket

Does anyone notice that UNC has lost two games already this year, i know it is early, but they have only played one good team this year in kentucky and lost and you lose to a below-par team in UNLV and lost by ten.  Dukes loss to OSU was awful.  OSU came out with more intensity and wanted it more.  If you actually watched the game though, some of the shots OSU was making would have beaten any team in the country. What was good with this loss if anything though was you saw some promise from a couple of people that we needed to see it from,  mason plumlee had 16 and 8, rivers played well even when we were down. and we had freshman michael Gbinije who actually played some good minutes as well.  I would have rather won and not seen that at all but OSU is a good team and out played us. but for bigcheese who says duke hasnt had a really tough schedule already is odd, and i dont know where you get your info from that but MSU (ranked 28th), Tenn who isnt ranked but is a tough team who has a lot of potential, Michigan (ranked 20th), Kansas (ranked 13th), and the OSU (ranked 2nd).  UNC has only played MSU and Kentucky (which they lost).  So how do they get a pre-1 spot in the tourney over Duke???? Thats what I dont get.  I have much respect for UNC and love the rivalry that DUKE/UNC has, and if your a true fan for one of those two teams you should have mutual respect for the other.  I guess thats why i hate when i see unintelligent posts on here. 

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Posted on: December 8, 2011 6:12 pm

December Bracket

You obviously don't know the difference between mediocre and sucking. I stand by Duke being mediocre last year. Wow, they made the Sweet 16 and were beaten by an athletic big man. They finished second in the ACC when picked unanimously to win it again, were preseason number 1 in the country, and almost lost in the Round of 32. Tennessee is not good, Michigan, isn't great, and Kansas is overrated. You should work on spelling and grammar, too, bud. Strength of Schedule in December doesn't mean anything, how about we have you answer this question: Outside of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, which is scheduled by ESPN, how many true road non-conference games has Duke played on an opponent's home floor in the last 10 years? I'll go ahead and give you a couple of hints, one of the 2 teams they played on the road, they played twice, and they lost 2 of the games, giving them a losing record. Playing at Madison Square Garden, or in East Rutherford has been great for Duke, but they don't have a home and home with Kentucky. When they tried to set one up with Arizona, Lute Olsen backed out when he found out Duke wanted to play its "road" game at Madison Square Garden. Carolina did a home and home with Arizona, and wiped the floor with them in Tuscon. They also had a home and home with UConn, winning in Chapel Hill over then #1 and soon to be national champion UConn, as well as beating UConn in Storrs on the way to their own national championship the next year. UNC wanted to play at Texas this year, but Texas wanted to travel, so Carolina starts its home and home with Texas at home this year. I know that's not the same as St John's in a home and Madison Square Garden, or Temple at home and in the Wells Fargo Center in Philly, or Washington at, surprise!, Madison Square Garden, but we'll see how the teams pan out come ACC time. Also, I should think Duke ranked #6 and at home should win against the 20th ranked team. But if you want to explain how Carolina dominated Duke for the regular season ACC title in Chapel Hill, be my guest. I mean Duke was ranked 4th at the time, UNC merely 13th, yet they won by 14. But we're talking about this year, so explain how losing to Ohio State by 22 was good for Duke, and how they should be anywhere near consideration for a 1 seed, even in such a premature hypothetical.

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Posted on: December 8, 2011 3:51 pm

December Bracket

And they have played noone this year tenn mich and kansas. how about you go look at the strenth of schedule ranks and look where your unc boys are and where duke is. Your just blinded by your hatred.

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Posted on: December 8, 2011 12:27 pm

December Bracket

UKblueblood.. Syracuse is not a fluke... interesting you immediately shoe in your wildcats and UNC while figuring SU shouldnt even be in the competition. UNC should be there.. UK ... Freshmen tend to have challenges through the year..  the SEC is more challenging and less of a cakewalk than usual.. I could see you guys have more than a few hiccups. SU has a tough slate as well.. but the defense has been arguably the best in the country. IN all honesty the only team that deserves pretty much a permanent stamp as a # 1 seed is Ohio State.

Im not saying the wildcats arent talented btw.. because that would be naive. However - Teague is not the same caliber of a steady PG as Knight was. Against bigger and stronger teams we will see how Davis fairs down low. You beat up on Kansas.. but they have some major limitations... regardless of how hard they play. And that was super early.

Should be fun to watch.. but its comical to think Xavier as the 4th # 1 seed? You should have watched how well they performed against Marquette in the first round last year with essentially the same team.

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Posted on: December 8, 2011 12:23 pm

December Bracket

Let Duke have its #1 seed, it doesn't get them far anyways. \

I actually wouldn't mind UNC being a #2 or 3 seed. Imagine if your team got UNC as ur region's #3 seed... 

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Posted on: December 8, 2011 11:07 am

December Bracket

UNC's schedule has been tougher than Duke's. Duke has played one road game. And they lost by 22. UNC played the opening of UNC-Asheville's gym. UNC-Asheville may not strike fear into anyone by name, but they went up against UConn and lost by just 10 at UConn, and went to the NCAA last year, and are picked to win their league this year. UNC also lost to UNLV in their hometown as UNLV shot lights out, even when good defense was applied. UNC then beat a top 10 Wisconsin team in a slow down game, then played at Kentucky and was beating the pants off them when Kentucky was trying to run with Carolina. In the second half, Calipair adjusted, and ran a slow down offense, running the shot clock under 10 on most posessions. It was effective, and Kentucky won at home by 1, with Carolina having a shot to win at the end. Nothing I've seen of Duke tells me they could win the ACC, nor that they would come close to deserving a 1 seed. They aren't that good. Sorry, but Michigan and Kansas are not that good this year. Michigan State isn't great, and Duke allowed them to claw back into it. If Duke were actually playing at Temple this year, instead of off campus, they'd lose. They couldn't win the ACC last year when they had Singler, Smith, plus everyone else, minus Rivers. How will they do it this year with a much more mediocre team? The Ohio State drubbing wasn't a fluke. It wasn't about home court advantage.

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Posted on: December 8, 2011 10:12 am

December Bracket

All I'll say is this: UNC has lost 2 games (UNLV and the 1-pt loss to Kentucky) while playing a so-so schedule so far.

Duke has lost 1 game (blowout to OSU) but has also beaten plenty of ranked opponents.

That's why Duke is a #1 and UNC a #2.

And, for what it's worth: I'm a MSU grad and have seen both teams play. I like UNC better in the long term, but this takes a snapshot at today's situation and, at the moment, Duke > UNC.

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