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A little hope anyone?

Posted on: December 16, 2010 9:53 pm
It wasn't long after the Lion's game against Green Bay a few weeks ago, after my anger subsided, that I wished I'd never said I hope for a good draft pick next year.  Sunday Night Football reminded me that Detroit hadn't won won a conference game in quite a while and they had another or was approaching another record that included the word "lost" in it.  So I ended up hoping that Buffalo won their remaining games so the Lions could do the same and win the tie breaker for that number one pick. Another thing I remembered was the money that #1 requires, and the past failures #1 has produced.  So I thought up another wish.  A little more careful with my wishes I decided that I'd rather see Detroit's front office make a move that blows the league and it's fans away. It would mean more to see them trade down, and in the process get a proven lineman or defensive back and make a pick that sticks around and earns his money as opposed to getting his money and never deserving it.  To me that would prove the Lions are changing and with that kick-start my optimism heading into next year.  What can i say, it's all I got.
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