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Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?

Posted on: February 21, 2011 1:39 pm

Posted by MATT JONES

The Coaches' Poll is a joke. I know it, you know it and the American people know it. The actual coaches who allegedly participate (you and I both know that in reality it is the Sports Information Director or some assistant to the coach who completes the poll each week) never do as good a job of analyzing the teams as those in the media. Thus you inevitably end up with some odd assortment of teams, usually based upon a pick by number "which team didn't lose this week" system that requires little thought and no analysis.

But even with my usual low expectations for the poll of coaches, this week was still shockingly bad. I will freely admit that picking a No. 1 team in America this week was difficult. With the top four teams all losing last week, figuring out which to place on top of the heap could lead to a varying set of opinions. But one thing is certain. You couldn't really decide which team was the best in America by simply going down the list and finding the highest team that didn't take a loss. No group of minds would be so simplistic as to use that strategy to pick a top team, would they?

Yes they would. For reasons only known to the underlings in the athletic departments who made the list, the coaches picked Duke to be the No. 1 team in America. Ignoring every bit of logic or reason that exists, the coaches went with the one indefensible pick for the top spot.  You can make a reasonable case for the other five contenders:

Ohio State: Two losses, both to teams who are perfect at home on the season. The Buckeyes were in both games and both teams to which they lost will be a top four seed in March. Ohio State is also the most complete all around team in America and probably the best suited to face the variety of attacks they will face in March.

Kansas: The Jayhawks are No. 1 in the RPI (although that is becoming less and less important as our statistical knowledge increases), are 7-2 versus the top 50 overall and one of the two losses is to a fellow Top 5 team. The Kansas State loss was bad, but for a team that has otherwise dominated opponents, they can't be forgotten on the heels of one effort.

Pittsburgh: The forgotten team in the group. Pittsburgh has beaten 7 teams in the Top 25.  No one else is close. The Panthers play in the best conference and have a win over fellow contender Texas. Dropping Pitt to sixth means that you as a voter simply saw they were in 4th last week and thought, "well I must punish them by dropping them two spots," without recognizing that the loss occurred on the home floor of a team with five Top 20 home defeats.

Texas: The team playing the best basketball in America. The Longhorns have the most talent, have only lost once in conference and are crushing teams in every manner possible. Plus, they have the best win of the season, a road victory at Kansas. Yes there are four losses on the resume, but if we are picking the best team, Texas is it.,

San Diego State: I don't like the case for the Aztecs, but one at least exists. They only have one loss, it is to fellow Top 8 team BYU and they have beaten Gonzaga, Wichita State, St. Mary's and UNLV, all of which will be NCAA contenders. If total losses are most important to you, then San Diego State wins. Plus, at least this year, the Mountain West is pretty close to the ACC overall.

The only team I can't understand putting in the top spot is Duke. The Blue Devils were embarrassed at St. John's (contrast that with how Pittsburgh played the Johnnies this week) and have only ONE game (nevermind win) against the Top 25 in college basketball. The ACC is painfully weak and all of Duke's best victories are over likely bubble teams. With the same number of losses as Ohio State and Kansas, a much weaker resume than Pittsburgh and Texas and less overall wins in a similar conference than San Diego State, how can you pick the Blue Devils?

Oh, I know. Because they were the highest team that didn't lose last week. Nice job once again coaches. 


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Posted on: February 22, 2011 12:27 pm

When in doubt, ask a computer

It's tough to pick a number one team this week, true. So what to do? Why not ask the computers? Guess who ranks #1? Duke. I completely understand picking OSU number one this week; I would have. But Duke is not an absurd choice, and you know it.

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 12:24 pm

Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?

BYU is 8-1 against Today's RPI top 50.  I don't think anyone else's resume is that good.  They are the best team and they are being completely overlooked right now.

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 12:11 pm

Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?


I have to agree with Jones on this one (I think I'm going to be sick).  If Duke is the best team in America right now, what standard are we using?  I mean seriously, what makes them the best team?  Because it looks like the only thing that counts right now is the fact that they didnt lose this week.  Considering who they played, that isnt exactly a hard feat to pull off.  It seems like we have turned the rankings into a war of attrition.  That isnt right.

On the bright side, If the 15 teams in front of them lose this week, which is totally possible this season, my Cardinals have a claim to #1 apparently.  I mean they did lose to Cincy  on the road last week but that is nothing that Duke, PItt, Kansas, Texas etc havent done in the last 3 weeks.  and at least they came right back to beat a ranked team.  Laughing

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 11:50 am

Reply to ACC is NOT weak

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA mfaoya you are ridiculous!
you're citing that because Duke and Carolina won the last 2 titles that the ACC as a whole is not weak this year?
DUDE, what does last year have to do with anything?!? See the the 09-10 Tarheels for example(NIT lol). AND, what do 2 teams have to do with an entire conference??
This year..(FOCUS ON THIS YEAR DUDE)..This  year Duke is the only good team in the ACC. UNC and maybe Florida St are above average but everyone else would be below .500 in big east, big 10, or big 12. FACT.

Kansas should still be number 1
2 Ohio St
3 Pitt
4 Duke
5 Texas
8 Notre Dame
9 Arizona
10 Purdue

Sorry dude but ACC IS DOWN! 3 bid conference..4 at the most if VT makes some sort of run..doubt it though
Big XII should get 6 -KU, TEX, Tex A&M, Missouri, K-State, Nebraska..maybe even Baylor if they make a run possibly 7 teams
Big East should get 9 or 10 - Pitt, Cuse, UCONN, ND, GTown, Lville, Nova, Cinci, probably St. John's and WV maybe Marquette
Big Ten 5-6 teams, maybe 7 - OSU, Purdue, Wisconsin, Illiois, Michigan, maybe Minnesota and Mich St.

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 11:49 am

Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?

Just curious, when was the last time a team lost a game and it was followed up by giving them a #1 ranking???

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 11:42 am

Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?

Pitt should be No.1. No doubt about it. 

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 11:02 am

Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?

Guess where Matt Jones graduated from idiot.  Duke.   Moron.

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 10:45 am

Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?

Duke beat Kansas St. 82-68. Kansas St. beat Kansas 84-68. AP Poll also has Duke #1. Don't just blame the coaches for this.

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 10:32 am

Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?

Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?

Hahaha.  I don't imagine skullface will come on here after that ridiculous comment about St. John's.  At least be educated to post on here buddy.

And last I checked, MSU and KSU are both fringe teams to make the tournament right now.  Doesn't matter what they WERE ranked.  They were both overrated from the beginning.

-Oh, im not going anywhere for a while. I made a mistake and was thinking of that win over temple coming wednesday. Btw, your jayhawks are done and a joke. Another early exit this year

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Posted on: February 22, 2011 10:08 am

Duke No. 1 in Coaches' Poll...Why?


um, ok dude.  you misspelled "punctuation" .

plus, what research did you offer precisely? your opinion?  newsflash dude, that is not research.

you and Matt Jones are just a couple of bitter UK fans.  Laettner hit the shot dude.  get over it!

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