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Photo Journey, Vol. 4: Breathtaking Newark

Posted on: March 28, 2011 5:01 pm
Posted by Matt Norlander

If the Newark edition of the 2011 Photo Journey seems like the most unfulfillable one out of the batch so far, then, well, you've sort of answered your question, haven't you? It is Newark, after all. There is a perma-smell to that place it seems the residents have all but resigned themselves to. We poke fun at Newark because Newark can poke fun at Newark.

The East Regional was the city's Final Four. The local media and event organizers treated it as such. All told, they did a really nice job, except for that whole water-leak-from-the-roof-in-the-med
ia-room-Sunday thing. Ah, just a pleasant reminder of where we all were. I got the most out of what I could. The tough thing: getting the final snapshots of a win, when everyone's rushing to get interviews, and security/other personnel seem to block all possible shots of the happy players. I must've deleted 40 such obstructed pictures.

Enjoy the slideshow, and prepare yourself for what I'm going to bring to you in Houston. Much more photos and videos in an effort to give this thing the finale treatment it deserves.

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