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Ron Everhart the leader for the Penn State job?

Posted on: May 31, 2011 10:11 am
Edited on: May 31, 2011 10:48 am
Posted by Matt Norlander

If I've got to be honest about the Penn State job situation, then let me open with this: not too many people care about the gig.

I'm talking a bigger picture here. Whenever the new man is hired to take over the Nittany Lions' men's basketball program, it'll get the requisite amount of blog posts necessary, then Penn State will attempt to move forward, destined to stay the same, in all likelihood. It's true -- this list of potential replacements for Ed DeChellis isn't rabble-rousing, thrilling, exciting, you name it.

Larry Brown being the odd exception. The Hall of Fame coach, for reasons that are so Larry Brown-esque, I'm sure, actually chased the position. Penn State said, "No, thanks. We've already got one legendary, retirement home-ready coach in a major sport."

PSU avoided being the butt of many a joke by turning Brown away. It was the right call. Larry Brown isn't the solution for Penn State basketball's problems.

Funny thing is, the Nitts just went to the tournament this past season. The program isn't in the mire. Yet, someone could argue it is, the men who consider leaving their school for yours indicates just how powerful/coveted your program is. And Larry Brown lost his cache nearly a decade ago. He's a nomadic basketball coaching junkie.

Duquesne coach Ron Everhart (right) seems ready for the leap. The Associated Press is reporting Everhart's interviewing for the job today, in fact. The entirety of Penn State's list of candidates isn't known, but is Everhart the leader right now? Stands to reason he is and should be. What happens during today's interview will likely dictate whether Penn State chooses to move forward or not with other candidates.

If you don't know Everhart, that speaks more to the Penn State job search, to be honest. Penn State can't dare to dream like other BCS programs -- nor does it really care to. He has been a coach in the A10, at Duquesne, since 2006. Prior to that he resided in the America East conference, coaching Northeastern. Coincidentally, current Boston University coach Patrick Chambers is also considered a possible successor to DeChellis.

If the in-state Everhart gets the job, what should fans expect? Well, the 49-year-old coach has never guided a team to the tournament in his career, which spans 17 seasons (he also coached at McNeese State). He all-time record: 257-239. Is he hot as of late? He's coached to an 83-74 with the Dukes. Does that inspire you? Will it inspire the Penn State brass? Truth is, at this point, Penn State needs to pick the guy who can get the team to the doughy middle of the conference.

It will never be a basketball school, but Penn State has a window in the next few years to chase down some intra-conference dragons. Everhart doesn't ring a home run bell, but at this point he seems as good and as ready as any other legitimate option for the program.

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 9:49 am

Ron Everhart the leader for the Penn State job?

Seriously, who writes this stuff????  I'll admit, when the job arose, Chambers was the first person I thought of- but he coaches at BOSTON UNIVERSITY not Northeastern....

Anyways, the guy worked under Jay Wright- he's a Philly guy- and knows how to recruit locally (PA)

I think he'd be a good candidate but as a BU grad I hope he doesn't accept

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 7:36 am

Ron Everhart the leader for the Penn State job?

If Larry Brown is interested and PSU turned him back, it shows what for basement program this is. This is what we need ,  to have somebody like Larry Brown come in here, do what he does best, and build a strong team.

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Posted on: May 31, 2011 10:37 am

Ron Everhart the leader for the Penn State job?

"Coindidentally, current Northeastern coach Patrick Chambers is also considered a possible successor to DeChellis."  That is literally inaccurate information.

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