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Utah/BYU feud heats up over transfer

Posted on: June 2, 2011 11:26 am
Edited on: June 2, 2011 11:58 am
Larry KrystkowiakPosted by Eric Angevine

The Church of Latter Day Saints comes in for a lot of ribbing these days. There's the BYU honor code scrap from this past winter, and a hit Broadway musical from the creators of South Park. Those of us who aren't members of the church don't understand the strictures believers willingly adhere to, so they seem like fair game to make light of.

One of those strictures is the requirement that young church members travel to perform a religious mission. It's the reason players for Utah, BYU, Utah State, Weber State, etc. are often older than their peers - they leave and come back to continue their playing careers.

Apparently, there's an unwritten rule that players on Mormon missions cannot be recruited by other programs. Utah - on its way to the Pac-12 - is accusing Brigham Young - on its way to the WCC - of violating that rule. 6-foot-7 forward Josh Sharp is a Utah signee who has been away for two years. He's enrolled in summer classes at BYU while still on his sojurn, though BYU has not officially signed him, and can't comment on his status as a result.

Here's a statement from new Utah head coach Larry Krystkowiak (right), as cited in the Salt Lake City Tribune:

"We want Josh to be a part of our program and are disappointed that rival schools can take advantage of a loophole in the system should they choose," Krystkowiak said in the statement last week. "Josh attended classes here for a year, signed an NLI and financial aid agreement [but not simultaneously], and we want him to continue his education and playing career here. It is my understanding that there is an unwritten rule that players cannot be recruited by other schools while they are serving missions. To do so is not only inappropriate, but it creates an atmosphere of ill will."

The Tribune article is careful to note that there is no evidence clarifying whether Sharp contacted BYU of his own accord or was "recruited" by the school while he was away. However it happened, though, the in-state rivalry seems primed to bubble away in perpetuity, even as the two schools drift in opposite directions on the currents of conference realignment.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 1:15 am

Utah/BYU feud heats up over transfer

Let's be truthful, the kid is not Division 1 talent. It is not a real loss for the Utes. Boylen is the worst coach in the history of college basketball, he has destroyed a once proud Utah basketball program. This kid came to Utah, let Utah pay for one year of his credits, and then goes on a Mormon mission and mysteriously changes his mind and wants to go to BYU. You see, those who think Mormons are perfect ought to know that they cheat just as much as anybody. They have illegally recruited players who are serving on Mormon missions for years now. They got caught with a current QB named Riley Nelson from Utah State, but the NCAA slapped their hand and then created a new rule saying you can't recruit a kid while on his mission. This is a talentless Boylen recruit and Utah is happy to be getting rid of all his crappy players. In the long run, this is better for Utah as Coach K can go get players that want to play for Utah. If you were Sharp would you really pick to go play in a little league conference in the WCC, play in HS gyms that hold 2000 fans, and play for a school that has produced 4 NBA players in the past 40 years, and a school that threw all their sports not named football down the drain with a stupid move to be an Independent team. Bottom line and message to the Yner faithful, laugh it up and enjoy your 1 star recruit, your not a BCS team and your not in a BCS conference and you NEVER will be. Bye bye Sharp, we won't miss you, but you should pay the money back!

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Posted on: June 2, 2011 5:28 pm

Utah/BYU feud heats up over transfer

There are a lot of issues at play here.  The coach that recruited him th Utah was fired.  While serving a mission alot of guys transfer to BYU so you can go to school with many new friends. BYU basketball is in a better spot currently than Utah.  I think accusations of tampering are a new coach attempting to mark territory.

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Posted on: June 2, 2011 12:02 pm

Here is an article that actually interviewed his

parents.  I would give more credence to an article talking with his parents than with another article that does not. After reading the article that spoke with his parents, there is not an issue here.  BYU appeared to be on the up and up, but you read the article and decide. 

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