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Calipari presents his solution for paying players

Posted on: June 22, 2011 2:12 pm
Edited on: June 22, 2011 2:31 pm
By Matt Norlander

Four super-conferences. Yes, this notion has been tossed around here and there in the past couple of years. I don't know if we'll reach that point in the next two decades, but if the NCAA is to ever pay "living expenses" for its student-athletes (also referred to as cost-of-attendance scholarships), John Calipari thinks having a separate state and government for college superpowers is the only feasible way to make it happen.

(Stop right there. senior writer Dennis Dodd has a different solution for this issue. Do give it a read.)

Sort of like turning the NCAA into a big game of Risk, I guess. Move the pieces into new territories and take over the world.

Calipari went on Kentucky Sports Radio this morning (hosted by friend of the blog, Matt Jones) and clarified and expounded upon some answers he gave to Dan Rieffer of WTVQ-Lexington yesterday.

The Kentucky coach said he agrees that the living expense/cost-of-attendance scholarship should be implemented into the college game. Certain universities are receiving so much money these days, it's his belief that players should be compensated for reasonable items. In the interview, he harkens back to a few decades ago when buying a player a soda wasn't deemed criminal.

But those days are gone, and since the hard-and-fast rules of the NCAA are so strict when it comes to money, Calipari's only solution to getting student-athletes funding beyond their scholarships is to have major programs break off from the NCAA and start a rogue set of nations. Basically, have the richest schools move to a fairer, more-balanced playing field. Call it the adult table of college athletics, if you'd like.

"My thing was, there's only one way you can do this," Calipari said. "This is the only way I can see it. You have four super-conferences. A West Coast conference with 16 or 18 teams; a northern conference, you know, where the Big Ten area, of 16 or 18 teams;a southern conference, like the SEC teams, 16 or 18 teams; and an eastern conference like the ACC teams, that have 16 or 18 teams in them. Now, I say 16 or 18 because you could [have] 64 or 72 (teams) and be fine. Because, in football, you'd have nine in each division. They have a playoff championship in their league, the four leagues. Those four winners would be semifinalists for the football championship, and then there'd be a national title game, and the others would play in the bowls. All that television, all that revenue goes back to the 64 or 72 teams -- only those teams. Then you have a basketball tournament with those teams. Those 64 or 72 are in the tournament. Everybody's team is in the tournament."

And that's where you lose me. An NCAA tournament that consists of only the teams from the super-conferences? And everyone automatically qualifies? No. A million, billion times: no. But, for clarity's sake, this isn't what Calipari explicitly wants. He's claiming that it's the only conceivable way he can think of to sufficiently and fairly pay student-athletes.

The football model seems judicious on a few levels, by the way. Interesting to hear one of college basketball's most prominent coaches dispense a plan about how college football can expand and improve its product, and to do it in a way that's pretty imaginable, even if far off. Plenty do believe the swells have already started, though, and that more and more universities are gaining more money and power in the hopes of one day splitting from the NCAA and governing themselves in a way that's unprecedented in American collegiate athletics.

On the topic of fairly paying players, though, if this is the answer, there is no answer.

If you'd like to hear the eight-plus minutes of Calipari's half-baked -- but well-articulated -- plan, have at it.

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Posted on: June 23, 2011 8:09 am

Calipari presents his solution for paying players

They can't sell licensed shirts with an NCAA players name on it.

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Posted on: June 23, 2011 2:45 am

Calipari presents his solution for paying players

Calipari's solution for paying his players: Presents!

No way... really? Johnny Squid's best thinking is to privatize all Big-6 college basketball programs, and then secede from the NCAA so that he will never again have to worry about losing to teams so inferior to his current program. Yep, sounds like Cal.

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Calipari presents his solution for paying players

tsd that doesnt even come close to compare what these schools are makin off these players each year.Schools like UNC,Duke,Kentucky etc are bringin in boatloads of money every year.From Jersey sales to ticket sales these Kids deserve atleast an allowance each month.ATLEAST.Same for football I mean most of the players are only playin because they cant go straight pro.While these schools are bringin in more green then they know what to do with.Im all for puttin some green in these kids pockets who more times then none come from crap homes

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Calipari presents his solution for paying players

I am confused by this whole issue...aren't full scholarship athletes provided room and board while they are in school, on top of a free education where the average tuition in D-1 is over 30K per year and food allowance on the road. .  Seems to me they are pretty well off. 

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Calipari presents his solution for paying players

like calipari doesn't already pay his players

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Calipari presents his solution for paying players

There you go big tiger fan.  Just trying to help.  But thanks for trying to keep up.Foot in mouth

big tiger fan
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big tiger fan
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Calipari presents his solution for paying players

Lets take advice on how something- should be- run, from a guy who put 2 programs on NCAA probes after he left (Umass, Memphis). Next, dating advice from perez hilton, marriage counciling by OJ simp  and professionalism courses taught by the kardashians.
You forgot intelligent, well-reasoned and fact-based posts as illustrated by debo7apo1.

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Calipari presents his solution for paying players

Yes! A tournament with only super conference teams.  What are we waiting for?
Football season.  Oh wait.  There is no tournament.  Just super conferences playing bowl games.  Well there is a 2 team tournament I guess.

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