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Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

Posted on: August 4, 2011 12:39 pm
Edited on: August 5, 2011 9:54 am
By Gary Parrish

The Maui Invitational matchups are set to be released later today.

But already has them for you.

According to a source, the matchups are:
  • Duke vs. Tennessee
  • Memphis vs. Michigan
  • Kansas vs. Georgetown
  • UCLA vs. Chaminade
The Duke-Tennessee winner will play the Memphis-Michigan winner in one semifinal while the Kansas-Georgetown winner plays the UCLA-Chaminade winner in the other semifinal. Five of the eight Maui participants are ranked in the latest version of the Top 25 (and one). The group is led by No. 6 Duke and followed by No. 8 Memphis, No. 11 Kansas, No. 20 Michigan and No. 25 UCLA. So the bracket appears a little unbalanced provided you believe in those rankings. Seeded roperly, the bracket should look more like this:
  • Duke-Chaminade
  • Michigan-UCLA
  • Kansas-Georgetown
  • Memphis-Tennessee
The problem with that more accurately seeded bracket is that Duke refuses to play non-Division I opponents (like Chaminade), and tournament officials, a source said, wanted Duke on the opposite side of Kansas and UCLA in order to give the event a chance at a Duke-UCLA or Duke-Kansas championship game. In other words, Kansas, UCLA and Chaminade had to be on the opposite side of Duke. The unbalanced bracket is the byproduct.

The losers in all this?

Memphis and Michigan.

One of those top-20 teams is starting 0-1 in Maui.

Official Maui bracket | Early season tournament guide

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Posted on: August 6, 2011 1:03 pm

Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

I was only three months old the last time KU and G'Town faced off, when the Hoyas won a 70-57 decision in the 1987 Sweet Sixteen. These two schools ought to have collided more often than just once in their history.

Since: Jan 5, 2007
Posted on: August 5, 2011 11:43 pm

Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

Excited about my Jayhawks playing Georgetown at least first round!  Always nice to see a Big 12/Big East game!

Since: Dec 23, 2006
Posted on: August 5, 2011 11:03 pm

Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

UConn will win this tourney and go on and win the national championship....

Since: Jun 1, 2009
Posted on: August 5, 2011 4:16 pm

Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

Memphis is going to win this tournament!  Suck it!

Since: Nov 29, 2007
Posted on: August 5, 2011 12:18 pm

Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

Tennessee is going to go out with our our top tier, 3 star prospects, and tear into Duke.  Then we will get revenge on Michigan from last year, and go on to the championship game to beat Kansas, which will then propel us to be ranked in the top 10. 

Not a likely scenario but heck, what else can i go with?!?!!  haha.  GO VOLS!!

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Posted on: August 5, 2011 8:45 am
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Posted on: August 5, 2011 3:25 am

Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

Kansas coach Bill Self recently said this is the toughest Maui Invitational field ever. Although the fans and the media get worked up over this tournament every year, it comes so early in the colander that the outcome may not be predictive. Any of the seven teams could take this tournament (never count out the Big East and Georgetown or the Big ten and Michigan) and the conditions it is played in (no air conditioning, excessive heat and humidity and slippery arena floor) also does not provide the best conditions to predict end-of-year performance.

That said, it would look like Duke - Kansas is the most likely outcome for the final. Duke has to replace Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler while Kansas must replace the Morris twins and Josh Selby (not a big loss with Selby). UCLA has been solid and will play well under coach Howland and Memphis is loaded with talent and coached well by Josh Pastner but integrating seven freshmen in the first month will be challenging. Actually Kansas also has six freshman to integrate so these teams will likely be a bit ragged in early going.

But the best part -  these teams have a week in paradise. What a great scene to play a prestigious tournament. Staying out of the surf to maintain energy for the basketball will certainly be a challenge.

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 7:11 pm

Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

Gosh you must have drank too much Kool Aid.

Memphis was put on 3 years of probation for major recruiting violations under John Calipari.

Caliparis was never cleared. UK hired him before the violations were announced. I doubt he would have gotten the job if they had been.

There was much more than just having somebody else take the SAT for Rose (and who do you think arranged this?) like Cal letting Reggie Rose fly free.

Check your facts.

And is just a matter of time before UK becomes the THIRD team screwed by Calipari.

Since: Mar 14, 2007
Posted on: August 4, 2011 5:55 pm

Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

Sorry, but Calipari did leave a mess at Memphis and it is only a metter of time before the same thing happens at Kentucky. I have a great respect for the University of Kentucky and was sorry to hear that they had hired Calipari. Yes, I know the whole Derrick Rose story and don't tell me he had zero knowledge of the voided SAT...but if that is the truth and the NCAA gave him a letter saying he had done nothing wrong why didn't Calipari stay at Memphis and deal with it? Because he knew he was at fault in some way and we will NEVER know the true facts about any of this. It was all swept under the rug after he left Memphis for Kentucky. As far as the whole Corey Magette issue is concerned and the only thing anyone can find to throw out there against Duke, which I think was in 1999...this came out after he went into the draft after his Freshman year at Duke and Duke did not have knowledge of this and that is why the NCAA did nothing.

You are just another perosn who loves to hate Duke, and nothing is going to change your mind. I just hope Calipari does not leave a mess at Kentucky like he did at Memphis and UMASS because I do respect Kentucky, but Calipari should go back to the NBA where he belongs.

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 5:39 pm

Source: Maui Invitational matchups set

you are an ass and know nothing.  Only a matter of time before UK goes down like a hooker.  Enjoy it. 

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