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Kansas State now has its own network

Posted on: August 15, 2011 12:24 pm
Edited on: August 15, 2011 3:31 pm
By Matt Norlander

Hello, again. I'm back. If you hadn't noticed I'd left, there's no surprise or blame on my end toward you.

I actually took a vacation. Felt weird; hadn't had one in nearly three years. Vacations can be fun because you can unplug yourself from the outside world. And that's what I did. Then I came back to discover the Big 12 is more disorganized than that roommate you had freshman year -- who was the worst.

Texas A&M is now as flirtatious as the hot girlfriend you had for two weeks -- also during freshman year -- and you just know that's going to end up a mess, a bigger one than it already is.

And now we come to find Kansas State has its own network? Believe it, for it is so, albeit only an online network. (Full disclosure: Kansas State's network is affiliated with the CBS College Network.) This is nothing compared to the Longhorn Network, which I'm fairly certain is destined to be looked back at by historians as the reason college athletics changed forever, in addition to why California broke off into the Pacific and the determining factor behind why the nation's economic crisis was stalled in second gear for so long.

But back to K-State. Monday, it announced that K-StateHD.TV will go live to all subscribers come Aug. 30. Yes, that soon. Its first broadcast? A women's volleyball game against Creighton. Whoo! The football team's opener against Eastern Kentucky will be broadcast live on Sept. 3.

What this means, basically, is that any Kansas State sporting event that's not already tabbed by a major television network will be broadcast on the Internet via K-StateHD.TV. There's also going to be exclusive access to game replays, press conferences and other "original programming."

It's a smaller step, but eventually we're going to see most BCS-level schools get to this level. Put everything they can online, rake in the money and spread the brand as far as possible. Kansas State's just one of the first to do so -- and kudos to them for the catalyst mindset amid the complete chaos happening within its conference at the moment. This is something I won't say is critical, but I think it's valuable given the relative turbulence that's bouldering through the Big 12 at the moment.

To watch games live, the network will charge $9.95 per month, or $79.95 for a year. Will Wildcats fans pony up for this? It's likely. College fans have acted more famished while simultaneously having content shoved down their eyes, ears and throats in recent years. It's a phenomenon that doesn't seem likely to curb in the coming decade.

K-State athletic director John Currie said, via a statement: "We want to ensure that K-Staters anywhere in the world can watch the Wildcats, and the fact that all of our new programming will be produced in high definition will also put us in a strategic position as we continue to explore future avenues for distribution."

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Posted on: August 17, 2011 12:15 pm

Kansas State now has its own network

If it is about moneymaking try looking up the Athletic deparment revenue's for both KSU and KU. You will find that it isn't even remotely close. KU rakes in around $80 million a year in sports revenue and Kansas State around $50 million.

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Posted on: August 17, 2011 10:45 am

Kansas State now has its own network

Wow! HD? This is the same school that only just recently began using electricity and indoor plumbing.
This "network" makes about as much sense as a high school team having their own HD network.

So is A&M going to bolt because of this network too?

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Posted on: August 16, 2011 3:48 pm

Kansas State now has its own network

KU's as well.. wake up... most people nation wide watch a couple of hoops games in March..dont overstate basketball as a moneymaker. KU football is lightyears away from KSU as far as prestige. But you already know that. 

Need I remind you that Kansas leads the all-time series with Kansas State 65-38-5. KSU a more prominent football program than KU? Puh-leez. Do your history homework before making such ignorant and baseless comments. Just remember, K-State is nothing without Bill Snyder. As soon as he dies or retires again, K-State will go back to being what it was before Snyder came. Ron Prince's three-year stint with the Wildcats is but a taste of what things will be like after Snyder is gone.

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Posted on: August 16, 2011 12:46 pm

Kansas State now has its own network

KU's as well.. wake up... most people nation wide watch a couple of hoops games in March..dont overstate basketball as a moneymaker. KU football is lightyears away from KSU as far as prestige. But you already know that.

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Posted on: August 16, 2011 1:13 am

Kansas State now has its own network

I've been saying for a long time that KU needs its own network, and now I find out K-State is a step ahead of us?? Damn it, Dr. Zenger, get off your ass and do something before we get lumped with the have-nots in the college sports scene!

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Posted on: August 15, 2011 9:56 pm

Kansas State now has its own network

A+ for the Wildcats! I like it. Nice to have access no matter where as long as you have broadband. The price isn't bad at all when you consider what it has cost in the past to just get one game(can you say NU at $30 a pop!) Kudos to KSt for ground breaking tech. Keep up the good work and good luck it pays off.

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Posted on: August 15, 2011 8:50 pm
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Posted on: August 15, 2011 6:01 pm

Kansas State now has its own network

Sounds like a good idea to me!  Wouldn't mind to see KU affiliate with but that's for the future.  I would like to see if any school can make a deal with and broadcast all their events...would be groundbreaking potentially!

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Posted on: August 15, 2011 5:27 pm

Kansas State now has its own network

Good for K-State. The hunger for revenues has cranked up athletic departments across the country. This method may allow the lesser-known schools to be seen and heard. I use the 'lesser-known' in jest for K-State which has a thriving athletic program. But the national networks somehow fail to cover much unless they are playing a big name such as KU, Texas, etc. This is a basketball blog so I simply point out that KU and Texas already are broadcast for nearly all of their games. I looked into this last year and as an example KU played 38 games and 35 were nationally broadcast with an additional game on the Big XII network (which screws fans outside of the region.) The big players do not need to broadcast their games on the internet although I wish they all would. ESPN offers the college package which does broadcast many more over cable television for a package fee.

Since college basketball only exists November through February (the tournaments are all broadcast now) it would only cost $39.80 to see all of K-State's games (unless you cannot get cable TV.) I would assume a significant number of K-State fans would want to subscribe so long as the team is competitive. The cost of production including HD equipment is rather high and there needs to be several thousand watching to break even (I don't have the exact number but NBA teams have often not wanted to provide HD broadcasts for away games for the cost.)

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Posted on: August 15, 2011 4:54 pm

Kansas State now has its own network

This kind of deal makes a lot more sense for most schools, and it is something that most schools should have thought of a long, long time ago.  Who isn't hooking up their laptops to the TV's these days and watching and endless aray of entertainment and sports for a fraction of the price of Cable/Satellite or for free?

I wish Texas Tech would have done this back whenever I used to be a fan of them.

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