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Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

Posted on: September 7, 2011 9:46 am
By Gary Parrish

Texas A&M's move from the Big 12 to the SEC is on hold until the SEC gets assurances that no Big 12 school will sue because, suddenly, at least one Big 12 school -- specifically Baylor -- is threatening to do exactly that. My question: Why would Baylor give such an assurance?

Baylor seems, at this moment, to have one foot in Conference USA and the other on something slippery as the college landscape shifts, and if that's the case isn't it only responsible for Baylor to try to scare the Big 12 into staying together by any means necessary? I have no idea if Baylor could win such a lawsuit against the SEC, commissioner Mike Slive and/or Texas A&M because I'm not a lawyer. But what I do know is that, in this country, you can threaten to sue pretty much anybody for pretty much anything, and if the SEC and A&M want that possibility off the table before moving forward then Baylor ought to make the SEC and A&M give something in return.

What something?

Could be anything, including straight-cash homey.

But it would be foolish to take the threat of a lawsuit off the table just because the SEC asks.

So good for Baylor for standing up.

Ultimately, the school's actions will probably only stall the inevitable.

But desperate shots are worth taking when you find yourself in desperate times.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 7:48 am

Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

Good Read... Nice work!  As an Iowa State fan I am sick to my stomach about possible landscape.  The 16 team league notion is BAD.  If anything we need more 12 team leagues.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 2:13 am

Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

Nice Manifesto there GoPokes......just slightly shorther than the Unibomber's.

A few thing I would like to point out......

As an OSU fan, you have some nerve to call out A&M for having "a rival they are always playing second fiddle to".  Seems like OU plays first fiddle in Oklahoma.  And as far the head to head record with OU, the Pokes have won a total of 16 games out of 105. 

You also made the bold prediction that "TA&M will NEVER beat the following teams:  Florida, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina (as long as Spurrier is there), and Tennessee." And told everyone to "Mark it in stone"  Maybe you missed it but Auburn needed 14 points & one of the luckiest onside kick in history to beat the Aggies of Utah State this past weekend. Since the Texas Aggies are currently ranked #8 and the Utah Aggies are not even in the same time zone ranking wise, I would take A&M over AU if they were to play this year.  As far as the Vols go....I guess you haven't been paying attention but they have stunk on ice for the better part of the last decade.  Florida - a few years with Muschamp as the HC and Gator fans will be dreaming of getting Ron Zook back.  Muschamp couldn't figure out how to stop UCLA & the "pistol" last year.  Even with all the talent he had on defense.  Lets just take a wait and see approach to how Mike Sherman and the Aggies will do in the SEC.

I will give you credit on the Fracnhoni era error.  He set the football program back a decade.  It is what it is.  Who knew that Ladainian Tomlinson could make any dumb a$$ look like a brilliant head coach.  RC was a great Aggie and was loved by the fans but he couldn't win the big one.  So we traded him in for a coach that couldn't win the little one.

Yes, Baylor needs a stadium upgrade but so did Boone Pickens before ole T. Boone wrote a $200 million dollar check to pay for it here recently.

I also don't hear other conferences jumping at the bit to get OSU.  I think OSU is the one that is going to force what ever conference OU lands in to take them also.  So who is the leech?

I think the LHN was just a symptyom of what was really wrong with the Big XII.  The longhorns could do whatever they wanted and was holding the rest of the conference hostage.  A&M like Nebraska & CU finally got enough and set out to find a more stable conference that wasn't controled by one school.  Don Beebe was even quoted as saying that the Big XII would survive if A&M left and Texas was the key to the conference survival.  That tells you right there what rear end he was kissing. 

Good luck to your Pokes....I all ways pull for them in atleast 2 games a year OU & t.u.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 12:11 am

Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

and texas hates you........

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 11:50 pm

Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

This entire mess is the fault of Dan Beebe - a very smart man who has tried to play the part of a diplomat when he needed to play the role of a dictator.  Last year when Nebraska and Colorado announced that they were leaving and there was speculation that the other member institutions were ready to leave as part of a mass exodus Beebe managed to calm things down - for the moment.  Unfortunately, in the case of Texas and the Longhorn Network Beebe failed BIG TIME - I mean this is a monumental f#ck up of epic proportions not because he allowed the network to exist, but because he allowed Texas to fast-track the network into existence.  It would have been one thing if UT was discussing the creation of the Longhorn network for a "proposed" addition in 2012 or 2013, but instead they pitched the idea and then did it with the knowledge that they are the biggest money maker and largest institution in the Big 12 so what the heck is everyone else going to do?  At this point, Beebe should have been more of a leader and should have told UT to hold off on the Longhorn network and held a conference meeting to discuss the matter - if he had we might be discussing the Big 12 network right now and not the Longhorn network (and General Custer SHOULD have retreated).  Instead, seeing their already weak recruiting prospects slipping out of their hands, Texas A&M immediately decided that instead of working with the existing leadership (or lack there of) and a rival they are always playing second fiddle to that they would just quit on the Big 12 - and honestly that is what Texas A&M did when they bolted for the SEC.  TA&M's decision to bolt for the SEC is MOST CERTAINLY not their best and most competitive option.  It took TA&M the better part of a decade to return to the upper portion of the Big 12 standings after making epic errors by firing Slocum and hiring Franchione who snuffed out A&M's football program like a cigarette.  It has taken Sherman almost 5 years to fix Fran's errors why playing second fiddle to Texas.  Sherman's efforts could have been rewarded in the next 1-2 years with a shot at winning the Big 12 while Texas is down and the only other consistently tough competition is OU and Oklahoma State with Baylor and Texas Tech possibly playing spoiler.  Of the 10 teams in the Big 12, Texas A&M could legitimately beat 6 or 7 of those teams this year and possibly next year (keep this in mind when I make my next point).

Now, TA&M is headed to the toughest football conference in the country.  Even as a Big 12 fan I won't deny the power of the SEC - they put a team in the national championship game every year and they usually win the game.  Teams that go undefeated in the SEC deserve to be handed the BCS National Championship trophy - you might as well forego the game. The SEC currently has 12 teams and will have 13 with the addition of TA&M.  Of the 12 teams in the SEC, TA&M can legitimately beat 4-5 of these teams and are on equal par to an additional two teams (I consider them on par with Georgia and Ole Miss in terms of ability).  Assuming that in 2012 or 2013 when TA&M joins the SEC there is another new team added to keep the numbers even and with the assumption that a miracle occurs and TA&M beats 4 of the teams they can beat legitimately and they beat the other two teams that they are equal to in ability that adds up to six wins.  Add in a cupcake warm-up team at the beginning of the season for a non-conference bitch slap and you wind up with a possibility of winning 7 games. Seven games is as good as it will get for A&M while they are in the SEC.  Why will they not do better?  Because UT, no matter what conference they are in will always get the better players and so will the other schools in the SEC when they recruit within their states.  Mark this in stone as a prediction:  TA&M will NEVER beat the following teams:  Florida, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina (as long as Spurrier is there), and Tennessee.  Using simple math with the number of possible wins and I estimate that the best TA&M will fare in the SEC is a .600 winning percentage with a more likely winning percentage of .500.  Fortunately for TA&M, a .500 winning percentage is just good enough to mean that you can go to a bowl game but not one that is highly desired.  Good luck playing in the "Tampex Bowl", definitely not being played in Hawaii because during that bowl nobody's getting laid.  So - I see A&M dreamy eyes here because they are under the delusion that if they move to the SEC they will lure some of the big-time Texas recruits away from Texas because those players want to play in the SEC.  Sorry, that isn't the case because there are players that already do that and they are on the rosters of Arkansas, LSU, and the Mississippi schools. 
If TA&M wants even the slimmest of chances to compete in the SEC they need to invest a minimum of $500 million dollars into their football program in the form of renovations to Kyle Field including a TON of luxury boxes, improvements to practice facilities, improvements to academic counseling programs and lastly, improvements to the coaching staff.  Yup, that means that TA&M will have to fire Mike Sherman - a coach whose only prior "great accomplishment" was being the head coach of the Green Bay Packers during five years of mediocrity.  In order to compete with the other SEC schools TA&M is going to need to pull out all of the stops and lure a great coach away from another school or consider someone like Urban Meyer to return to coaching.  As you can see, the climb to "being in competition" in the SEC is a LONG and very expensive climb.  Oh, and I almost forgot - if it wasn't for the Big 12 money that A&M received as a member of the conference while their sports programs were mediocre at best (circa 2005-2006) TA&M's sports programs may not exist today because at one point the sports program was as much as $22 million in the hole; wasn't it great that a check arrived that year from the Big 12 for about $25 million dollars. 
So - that is why TA&M is making a HUGE error leaving the Big 12 and not trying to keep the conference together.

Now - about Baylor.  Lowly Baylor.  I feel bad for Baylor because they have so much going against them from the start.  The county is dry where the school is located and so is the climate.  The school hasn't had a renovation since 1970.  The quite nice but very small football stadium is needing upgrades including important money-makers such as luxury suites.  Well anyways, Baylor is grasping at straws because they know that they are lucky to just even be here.  I swear that Baylor was asked to be a member of the Big 12 because TCU was in the bathroom when the other schools were throwing around the names of schools who could fill the last remaining spot in the Big 12 instead of the conference being the Big 11.  Historically, when college football was a fairly level playing field (pun intended) Baylor was actually relevant in college football.  Recently a great player has been playing QB for the school (RGIII) who has reminded people that there is a small, private Baptist college in Waco that has a football team.  Unfortunately even when another really good private school (TCU) showed up to play a hell of a match-up against Baylor, not enough people showed up and instead of allowing TCU fans to fill the vacant seats, Baylor did a dumb thing and alllowed the seats to remain empty.  I'm not saying that allowing the TCU fans to fill the vacant seats would have paid for the badly needed stadium upgrades - but it certainly wouldn't hurt the accounts receivable. 
Baylor knows that if the Big 12 collapses (which it appears to be headed towards) that they will be stuck going to a conference where they will be athletically competitive and possibly superior, but a conference that has far lower financial payouts.  I would not be the least surprised that if Baylor is left as one of the odd teams out when the Big 12 folds that they begin dropping many sports due to the lack of financial resources needed to keep the programs running.  I know that for a decade (somewhere around 1997 to 2007) Baylor never finished a football season with a record better than .500, in fact most of the time is was more like .333 or lower and I know that Baylor's share of the Big 12 purse money (a large sum of money because the marquee members of the conference went to bowl games - good bowl games including BCS games) paid to help sustain a struggling athletic program whose most competitive sport was baseball - not exactly a sport that brings in a ton of money.  So, with the loss of the Big 12 money Baylor only has a couple of options: A. Sue the hell out of all of the member schools and hope that you win and that the sums of money obtained are large enough to help keep your programs afloat. B. Leech onto another Big 12 member school and make them demand that "If you want us - you have to take Baylor too", or C. Know that the end is near and have a fire sale - sell off everything sport related and stick to academics only. 
When the Big 12 folds Baylor will not have the financial backing to be an independent so they will be relegated to a lower conference such as the WAC, Sun-Belt, Conference USA, or the MAC.  If they are really, really, really lucky they might be able to convince the Big East to take them since the Big East agreed to take TCU and TCU isn't exactly in the east. 

The Baylor lawsuit will help out Baylor a little since holding up the folding of the Big 12 will allow Baylor to remain a member of the conference for a little while longer and since the football team is no longer the league's doormat they might make a little noise and better their conference choices once the Big 12 dissolves.  Regardless of what way Baylor looks at things, the end is near.  The question is - is it going to be be next year or can they hold up the decision in the courts long enough to better their situation?  They might as well get any idea of saving the Big 12 out of their heads because it's not going to happen. 

So - Aggies - don't let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out - I'm sure that this decision to "show up" UT won't come back to bite you in the rear.  Baylor - it's been real folks, you're generally very nice people and I'm sure that you'll land on your feet in a conference that you will dominate (if you still have a sports program).  To the rest of the teams - I see Mizzou eithr going to the PAC conference or the Big 10.  I see Iowa State joining the Big 10 (if they will let them in); if the Big 10 does not let Iowa State join then I see them joining a conference like C-USA or (gulp) the MAC due to geography.  I see OU, OSU, Texas, and Texas Tech joining the PAC(insert # here).  I can see why Baylor is litigating because where the heck are they going to go?      

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 10:47 pm

Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

The BIG12 needs to send Texas packing! Texas is really the only school strong enough to go independent and still make it. The BIG 12 can then absorb some other teams and start shareing the toys like every other stable conference. Do people realize that Texas will crush any league they are a part of, and the proof is the fact that Texas has already crushed the Southwest Conference and they are on the verge of doing the same thing to the BIG 12!


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Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

How on earth can Nebraska fans be running smack about UT ? We beat you in every big game as did Oklahoma, so you ran to a conference with slow, lead footed players like you have. Now your running smack about your preseason ranking ??? 1996 37-27, 2009 13-12, 2010 20-13 and that was our worst season ever when you were "ranked" #5. Guess if you can't beat em, leave the conference then talk junk on message boards. You're a JOKE !!!

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 10:27 pm

Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

Baylor should be suing UT instead of TAMU. It figures they would choose the wrong school to sue. I know someone who went to Baylor and judging by their intelligence, it doesnt surprise me that Baylor is suing the wrong people. They will get their clock cleaned on and off the field with the defense they have.

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Posted on: September 7, 2011 9:48 pm

Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

The Big XII needs to sue Dan Beebe.  That jackwagon should have lost his job when he allowed Texas to stiff arm him last year and sell the other 9 schools a load of crap about having more revenue because CURRENT contracts would be honored with money divided among 10 teams instead of 12.  The Big XII should have replaced Nebraska and Colorado last year, and now it would appear they have 3 teams to add (providing OU stays)

16 teams super conference may be the future, but they are bad for FB and rivalries.  

The Facts
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Posted on: September 7, 2011 8:51 pm
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Baylor is desperate and right at the same time

Baylor's Complaint = WTF (Waste of Time and Funds)

Just as a marriage certificate doesn't keep a couple together if one wants a divorce, neither will Baylor's action stop the inevitable.  And that is, Texas has single handedly imploded the Big 12.

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