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The Big East is standing still, getting killed

Posted on: October 6, 2011 12:04 pm
Edited on: October 6, 2011 12:05 pm
By Gary Parrish

The next move in the ongoing game of conference realignment has been made.

And the Big 12 made it.

Which is why the Big 12 seems poised to survive in this eat-or-be-eaten world of college athletics while the Big East continues to get picked apart by anybody and everybody. Pittsburgh and Syracuse announced last month that they're leaving for the ACC; that took the Big East down to seven football-playing schools. Now TCU, according to my colleague Brett McMurphy, is headed to the Big 12 and leaving the Big East with just six football-playing schools ... at least one of which (Connecticut) has made it clear it would like to find a new home, too. Meantime, the Big East has done nothing of note. The league is just sitting there taking punches to the face, one after another, and, consequently, sooner or later, it'll be down for the count and in no position to adequately recover.

The possible additions of Army and Navy won't fix the Big East's problems.

At this point, I can't imagine anything really will.

What the Big East should've done is tried to take advantage of the Big 12's turmoil last month and offered invitations to any Midwest school willing to leave the Texas-Oklahoma fight behind. It might not have worked, obviously. But if we've learned anything over the past few years it's that one way to strengthen yourself is to damage the competition, and that's something the ACC highlighted when it targeted Pittsburgh and Syracuse. The Big 12, under new leadership, also understands this approach. But the Big East never has and apparently never will. So it can add Army and Navy if it wants, and perhaps East Carolina, Temple, UCF and SMU, too. But the decision to be reactive rather than proactive has put the Big East in a nearly impossible situation, and, truth be told, the storied league has only itself to blame.

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:43 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

They say that out loud, but know that they were the first to go to 12 teams back in 1992 and if it means that they can A) set the bar and be the first Major Conference (90's WAC aside) to get to the magic 16 number and B) weaken their biggest rival by taking two huge programs (not to mention getting into North Florida/Jacksonville and expanding into Virginia (they always like to have new teams come from other states (like A&M and Missouri)), it would be a major coup and they will eat it up.

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:43 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

As I think more about this situation with the Big East.. I think the Big East needs to do the following:
1. Tell Notre Dame to make a choice, they are all in (all sports, including football) or hit the door, completely.

2. Expand... invite UMass, Army, Navy, UCF, Memphis, ECU, and Marshall.

3.  Invite (for basketball reasons) Butler, VCU, George Mason, and Xavier.

What do you guys think?

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:39 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

Good point, but I also remember the SEC saying something about not going more than 14 teams total.  They're at 13 right now. So I don't think FSU and VT will leave the ACC. 

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:37 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

I don't think that would stop them because of the strength and value of being in the conference hands down would make them tens of millions more per year than ACC(AKA Big East ripoffs).

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:32 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

SEC adds Texas A&M and Missouri to Western Division and adds Virginia Tech and Florida State to Eastern Division and becomes 16 teams
Won't happen. VT and FSU won't pay $20 milliion to exit the ACC. 

I agree that the Big East will get killed though. 

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:30 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

Syracuse, Pitt, UConn and WVU are the only real BCS conference like schools anyways from the Big East. Two of them are gone, and the other two should make moves too before it's too late. 

The Big East management is dumb. I've been saying this since 2006. 

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:26 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

Okay, so there was basically two ways to look at College Football going forward:  One is where the Big East and Big 12 get eaten alive, and the other is when just the Big East gets eaten alive.  Based on the actions of the last 24 hours, it seems as if we are going for Plan B, seeing as the Big 12, after losing Colorado, Nebraska and in the process of losing Texas A & M and Missouri(eventually will happen, they need to flip two presidents to go from 7 to 9 votes to make it happen), made a move in intercepting Texas Christian as they were on their way across the country to join the Big East for 2012.  So here is how the Hammer sees it unfolding:

Plan B:  Big East gets dissolved

SEC adds Texas A&M and Missouri to Western Division and adds Virginia Tech and Florida State to Eastern Division and becomes 16 teams

ACC loses Virginia Tech and Florida State to SEC, but gains Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Rutgers and Cincinnati from the Big East and adds Notre Dame for all sports (because with the elimination of half of the Big East's programs, Notre Dame's other sports would never be taken seriously again...Thanks Title IX) and the ACC blossoms to 16 teams.  Connecticut, Syracuse & Rutgers join Atlantic Division while Notre Dame, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh join the Coastal Division.

Big 12 loses Texas A & M and Missouri to SEC and adds Texas Christian from Mountain West (via Big East), Brigham Young (Major Independent/WCC for all other sports), Louisville and West Virginia from the Big East to get back to 12 teams.  Brigham Young, Louisville and West Virginia are added to the North division with Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State and Texas Christian joins the South Division with Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Conference USA adds South Florida from the Big East, Temple from MAC/A-10 for all other sports and Army & Navy for football only to become 16-team conference.  All four teams join Eastern Division with East Carolina, Central Florida, Alabama-Birmingham and Southern Mississippi, while Memphis & Marshall join the Western Division with Tulsa, Tulane, Houston, Rice, SMU & UTEP,

Mountain West loses Texas Christian to Big 12 but adds Hawaii, Fresno State, Nevada-Reno, San Jose State and Idaho from the WAC to become 12 teams strong.  Mountain Division would be comprised of Idaho, Boise State, Nevada-Reno, Wyoming, Colorado State and Air Force, while the Western Division would be New Mexico, Nevada-Las Vegas, San Diego State, San Jose State, Fresno State and Hawaii.

Remaining WAC schools (along with two schools form FCS that were scheduled to move up to the WAC in 2012) would merge with Sun Belt schools to form a new 14-team conference to be renamed the South-West conference (no copyright infringement on the former Southwestern Conference (SWC)).  The Western Division would be Utah State, New Mexico State, Texas State, Texas-San Antonio, North Texas, Arkansas State and Louisiana Tech while the Southern Division would be Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana-Monroe, Troy, Florida Atlantic and Florida International.

The MAC would lose Temple and revert back to the 12-team division it was after Marshall and Central Florida left for C-USA and before Temple got there after getting the boot from the Big East and being Major Independent after that.

Big Ten and Pac-12 would do nothing and remain status quo.  If they were to do anything, it would have already happened (Hello Missouri).

The Big East's automatic BCS bowl bid would be determined the week after the Mountain West and Conference USA champions are crowned in a game between the two winners of those respected conferences.

With the number of conferences being reduced from 11 to 9 (and eliminating all four major independents), the Cotton Bowl would be elevated to BCS status, that way each conference could have a game dedicated to its champion if not involved in BCS Championship game:

Pac 12 Champion vs. Big Ten Champion in Rose Bowl
Big 12 Champion in Fiesta Bowl
(Mountain West Champion vs. Conference USA Champion) winner in Cotton Bowl
SEC Champion in Sugar Bowl
ACC Champion in Orange Bowl

Top 2 in BCS opt out and play in BCS Championship game.  By elevating the Cotton Bowl, that means that there would be six at-large BCS berths to be given out to the nine conferences, but no more than two at-large berths to any one conference.

If you could concoct a playoff, then the bowl recommendations would be a moot point. 

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:25 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

This just in the Big East is now going to kick in to Kill mode. No more Mr Nice Guy. We have a plan just wait and see. Wait...... Wait.... hey WVU where you going? UCONN get off the phone we are getting ready to release the Kracking or what ever the beast that that comes out the sewer and eats shit.  Why is the Commishner sitting by??? or did he read the paper or sports center when the said he cpuld offer membership to any and everyone who looks them in the eyes or slide a note in a vacant mail box in there area. They have six member now the should offer eight schools membersship hell ten. Be the Bully for a day. The whole Conf-USA , Ivy league, and wait.... anyone making eye contact.  But UCF, SMU, Houston, Temple, ECU, Villanova, UMAS and RI(just to piss of UCONN when they leave), Buffalo(just to piss of Cuse) (Ricmond,JMU or G Mason for Virginia TV's). You never know where a new power program will pop up at.  Bosie and TCU sucked a couple years ago. So FLA was not even a program 10 years ago. Right young coach one stud with SWAG and the program is off the ground.  Oh Yea kick N.D ass out the BIG East even if the say yes to football. To the SEC Fan ROLL BIG EAST Bitches

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:23 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

I can see the ACC trying to add WVU or UCONN, but other than that the other schools might as well try to find a mid-major to join

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 2:04 pm

The Big East is standing still, getting killed

Stick a fork in the Big East already. Time to put it out of it's misery. It was always a crappy football conference and now it is a total disaster. Uconn has an outside chance to become an ACC school. Rutgers, Louisville WVU and the rest will become independents. The Big East will probably stay together as a basketball only conference.

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