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NCAA's ruling on Abromaitis violates common sense

Posted on: October 11, 2011 1:56 pm
Edited on: October 11, 2011 2:32 pm
By Gary Parrish

Students ought to be able to trust campus officials.

We can all agree on that, right?

Whether it's a counselor or a professor or even a men's basketball coach, a student should be able to take that person's word as gospel and know that whatever they're being told about a decision being made is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Which is why the NCAA's decision to suspend Tim Abromaitis from Notre Dame's first four games this season is disappointing, because the mistake that caused it was clearly a misunderstanding of a rule that could easily be misunderstood, and Irish coach Mike Brey -- not Abromaitis -- is the one who misunderstood it.

As my colleague Jeff Borzello pointed out earlier, Abromaitis played in two exhibition games as a sophomore, then sat out the rest of the season as a redshirt. That's the mistake. Because though the NCAA allows freshmen to play in exhibitions and still redshirt, it does not afford sophomores, juniors and seniors the same opportunity. The rule is written clearly in the book, but surely you can see how Brey might've got confused because, let's be honest, how often are sophomores, juniors and seniors redshirted at the high-major level? Brey probably didn't understand the difference in the situations because he never had to understand the difference in the situations. So Brey messed up. And he acknowledged it. And it was obviously an innocent mistake ... but the NCAA still opted to suspend Abromaitis for the first four games of this season, and that just isn't right.

Yes, I understand ignorance is no excuse.

I get that.

But I also believe common sense should always trump everything.

And Abromaitis having to pay for something that's so meaningless and not his fault seems to violate common sense.

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Posted on: November 7, 2011 9:42 pm

NCAA's ruling on Abromaitis violates common sense

Before the anti-Catholic, anti-Notre Dame yahoo chorus weighs in, perhaps they should first investigate the academic standing of Abromaitis (3.8 undergrad GPA) who graduated from a nationally recognized strenuous academic program in 3 years, earned an MBA in his fouth year, is a 2-time and current Big East basketball Scholar Athlete of the Year and is taking continuing studies in his 5th year.  He's gotta be the poster child for NCAA "Student Athletes".  He's no "One and Done" athlete.  He's there for an education.  Then they should check Mike Brey's record of compliance in almost 25 years of coaching at the NCAA level - where they'll find zero instances of issues with compliance and even might learn that Brey is the Chair of the NCAA B-ball Rule Committee.  How all of these facts are missed in a discussion of this penalty is absurd.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 11:20 am

Change in the weather

The NCAA has kissed ND's feet for so long that the institution and their fanbase developed a sense of entitlement.  It's like the NCAA has let Notre Dame off so easy for everything they have done the last 100 years that they are trying to make up for it with one stupid decision.  The coach made the decision, but the athlete is paying the price here.  The NCAA is wrong on this one.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 10:16 am
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Posted on: October 11, 2011 10:14 pm

NCAA's ruling on Abromaitis violates common sense

Common sense and NCAA rulings involving ND have NEVER made sense.

Ever since ND signed their initial TV deal with NBC the NCAA has always taken the heaviest possible hand regarding Notre Dame.

Whether it was suspending a football player for a game for having his Girlfirend's father help with a loan, whether it was a non-sanctioned bootser club member involved in a scandal, or whether it was over-ruling their OWN sub-committee's recommendation as to whether or not it was a violation if it involved "holier than thou" Notre Dame they ALWAYS go for the strike.

Of course this is the SAME sanctioning body that had Kelvim Sampson teach a MANADATORY ETHICS SEMINAR AFTER he was accused of violations at OU (and before the was at Indiana).

Hypocrisy thou IS the NCAA LOL.

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Posted on: October 11, 2011 4:26 pm

NCAA's ruling on Abromaitis violates common sense

This is a stupid ruling, but in the end it won't hurt ND as I doubt any of their first four games are going to dicate how successful their season is (or, more likely, how disappointing it is). As for Billy Edelin,  there was an blog post yesterday referenced on Twitter. He's a youth basketball coach who also tutors kids individually including, ironically enough, Jim Boeheim's kids. He's also working with top prospect Dajuan Coleman and some current SU players. So, he seems to have grown up and moved on with his life. He is looking to get into coaching at a higher level, so he is doing far better than Josh Wright, who is busy getting arrested for soliciting prostitutes and generally doing nothing but hanging out in Utica, NY, a well-known hub of excitement.

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Posted on: October 11, 2011 3:53 pm

NCAA's ruling on Abromaitis violates common sense

I tend to agree with isn't Big East Games so the four games is twice the number of games he played that ruled him ineligible.  But the author has a point in this just being without common sense...or at least this isn't a compassionate or understanding decision. 

You can see this isn't the end of the world for both Notre Dame, Abromiatis or the NCAA. 

And shows bball news is a little slow.  It was this write up or the conclusion to the Kentucky saga of "Did Cal and Ricky P work through who is and isn't significant?"  

But this is what we get one month plus till tip off.  Ya'll stay tuned...we'll be back in a jiffy for the answer to:

Does UNC have the best...yawn...

I have the answer to realignment.....yawn...

Here are my bball top 25....yawn....

The Big East is number....yawn....

The Big East sux.....yawn....

What ever happened to ?  Now by God that's news son!

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Posted on: October 11, 2011 2:07 pm

NCAA's ruling on Abromaitis violates common sense

4 patsies, no big deal. Not really.

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