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Awesome Kansas fan occupies Denver's rally

Posted on: October 17, 2011 6:56 pm
By Matt Norlander

If the Occupy Wall Street rallies are going to implore more college basketball fans to storm each and every city as means of next-level trash talking, then by all means, let's keep this thing going.

The video below is incredibly hilarious because the Kansas fan highlighted clearly isn't taking himself too seriously, nor is he really bothering anyone. At the start, an angry citizen is on the megaphone and just blasting the corporate fat cats who've continued to reap the benefits of a system slanted toward helping the richest of the rich. (Or something like that. It's not a political statement; I'm just telling you where this angry guy is coming from.)

But Kansas Fan? He steals the thunder.
"Kansas basketball! Number one!," he says without the help of a horn or microphone. "Bill Self for federal reserve chairman! Five national championships. Fifty-five conference championships -- maybe; I'm not sure on that one. ... Missourah has won NO CHAMPIONSHIPS OF ANY KIND!"

Love it. And this proves, yet again, that even if Bill Self is threatening to take away the Jayhawks-Tigers rivalry, it will not simmer in the hearts of those two fan bases.

H/T, Deadspin
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Posted on: October 17, 2011 11:07 pm

Awesome Kansas fan occupies Denver's rally

It is nice to see that someone has his priorities right. The 'Occupy' clones are all about anger and hate and divisiveness. Basketball is all about competing on a fair playing field and respecting your opponent (after you win by 40.) Denver is Colorado country but I remember reading a story that said KU-Colorado basketball games in Boulder were dominated by KU fans (~10,000 to 2,000) so that the Colorado folks stopped selling individual KU game tickets but required fans to buy multi-game packages to get the KU game.

It is funny to see people stopped and listening to the fan. I am glad they retain a sense of humor. If all political issues were settled on the basketball court perhaps the President might get more done!

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