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Podcast: Examining new info with the Fine story

Posted on: November 28, 2011 9:00 am
Edited on: November 28, 2011 9:08 am
By Matt Norlander

Associate basketball head coach Bernie Fine was fired by Syracuse Sunday after a third victim came forward and alleged he'd been sexually molested by Fine.

Now plenty want Jim Boeheim gone too, after his initial statements dismissed any allegations, calling the alleged victims "liars" out for a payday. USA Today reporter Nicole Auerbach -- who covered the Penn State story recently -- comes on the podcast to discuss the latest with what's happening at Syracuse.

It's Nicole's first appearance, and we don't spend the whole time talking Syracuse. You want to hear about hoops on the court? We cover that, too. Carolina, UConn lost, and that's addressed, plus the big week ahead, driven by the huge UNC-UK game Saturday and the Big Ten-ACC Challenge Tuesday and Wednesday.

The rundown:
  • From the beginning: We get to the Syracuse stuff right away, and it takes up the first 40 percent of the podcast. Nicole and I discuss how it is similar and different (from a news perspective and how we react and cover) to the Penn State story, which Nicole was in the middle of earlier this month.
  • 13:50: Per usual with first-time guests, I let Nicole tell us how she got to where she is, and what she does. She's a fast-riser on Twitter, primarily because she has the info before anyone else on the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll.
  • 17:36: That UNC loss to UNLV, the story that would be the huge college basketball story today if not for the Fine saga.
  • 21:42: What happens if UNC is a three-loss team by Saturday night? Could happen.
  • 22:23: Nicole's biggest takeaways from the first three weeks of the season.
  • 26:02: Duke talk. All you need to know.
  • 27:19: It's at this point I throw Borzello under the bus. The rest of it is wrap-up talk and some niceties, which you know is uncommon on the podcast. But when girls come around, we tend to clean the place up.

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