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Jim Boeheim's new tone and full apology

Posted on: December 2, 2011 10:04 pm
Edited on: December 2, 2011 10:05 pm

By Matt Norlander

An emotional — but not quite on the verge of tears — Jim Boeheim had his latest chance to react to the allegations against former Syracuse assistant Bernie Fine after undefeated Syracuse’s 72-68 win against Florida Friday night.

I’ve got a column coming on it, but here’s Boeheim’s somewhat scripted/still off-the-cuff statement/reaction quote in full. Boeheim said he was not advised on what to say, or whether to say anything at all. This was Boeheim's response after first giving a general reaction to the game.

“There are two topics I’m going to address tonight and I will talk professional bout the team and the game and what happened, and then I’m going to address something that’s personal to me. … I’m going to limit what I’m going to talk about, because of this ongoing investigation. But I want to make three comments. …

"I have talked to some people today and yesterday about what i was going to say, and these are my thoughts. I’m not good enough to put them down on paper. I just am not. No one said, ‘This is what you should say.’ No one indicated that I had to say something. This is what I feel, and I have to make three comments, and the first one is, I believe I misspoke very badly in my response to the allegations that have been made.

"I shouldn’t have questioned what the accusers expressed or their motives. I am really sorry that I did that and I regret any harm that I caused. It was insensitive to the individuals involved, and especially to the overall issue of child abuse. I spent yesterday afternoon at McMahon/Ryan House (a child advocacy center) talking to people, the director and some other people there, and although I have been involved with them, in terms of raising money, I think it’s important that we, and I, get involved more in terms of raising awareness. (Pause) What I said last week was out of loyalty. I reacted without thinking. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’m trying to learn from my mistake, and this has been a hard time. That’s all I can say. There’s an investigation going on that I fully support, because we all need to know, as much as we can, what happened.”



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Posted on: December 3, 2011 1:43 am

Jim Boeheim's new tone and full apology

This was nothing.....NOTHING...but Jimmy B feeling the heat for his jackass-ness, and realizing "you know what, I might actually be on the chopping block for this", and wanting to save his ass.  Which makes this load of bullshit all the more disingenius.  Notice how even as he is giving his "mea culpa", he is propping himself up as the shining example of compassion.  Sorry Boeheim, your words SHOULD be falling on deaf ears.  You SHOULD be gone.

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Posted on: December 3, 2011 12:14 am

Jim Boeheim's new tone and full apology

I have been a leading advocate of Jim Boeheim's firing for his abusive comments about the motives of the accusers. He has tainted the pool of potential accusers and has deliberately wounded those who have already come forward. Here is how that works: abusers nearly always say to their victims that they have no power. The authority figure will deny anything they say and they will be ridiculed and scorned if they say anything. That statement is consistent with experiece abuse healing groups publish. It is also consistent with my own experience of abuse with many abusers. So Boeheim's statements reinforced that abuser warning. That is why it is so terribly wrong. Boeheim has abused by making the statement.

So can he take back those words? Not in the least. The great damage has been done. But here is what he can do: become a vocal advocate for abuse victims. He can speak around the country and explain why his own ignorance needs to be addressed and taught everywhere. Sexual abuse, my friends, is a heinous crime that continues throughout the victim's life. It affects his or her openness to both sexes. It limits the range of safe experiences. Fewer than 10% of the men who have been abused as boys ever receive therapy to heal from this experience. So Jim Boeheim can refocus and it does sound like he intends to do so. This should be a teaching to all authority figures never to prematurely judge an accusation and know that rarely does the victim have evidence of the crime. In this case it was only the evidence that finally ESPN broadcast after sitting on it eight long years that has led to firing Fine and Boeheim's apology. The investigation is in the right hands (US Attorney) and his findings may lend light on this - especially who in the police department and the university covered it up for so long.

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