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Blog Entry

Podcast: Let's break out the Pom Poms for Ken Pom

Posted on: December 9, 2011 9:05 am
By Matt Norlander

Ken Pomeroy houses the stat sanctuary that is It's become a go-to place for fans and writers and coaches alike, yet plenty of folk still want to resist getting smarter/well-informed about the game we love. 

Pomeroy makes his second podcast appearance to discuss how much information and interpretation from the data can and should be gleaned after one month of the season has passed us by. There are trends to take note of, but where should the line be drawn? Among other topics: unabashedly bashing Jeff Goodman, who is not yet a big believer in KenPom stats, and looking at just how historically bad Utah is this year. For a major-conference team, they are off to a start we've seldom seen before.

If you'd like to know why the Big Ten is the best conference so far, that's included as well. Get smarter, get to understand the game better and see why tempo-free isn't that daunting. No calculators required.

The counting begins:
  • From the beginning: We needlessly explain the process to Goodman, who I know will take the time to listen to this.
  • 2:42: So, we're more than a month into the season. How much can we take from the stats we have right now? And there's a key component to remember when look at this year's stats, too -- previous years' trends.
  • 8:31: Do tempo-free stats and trends lend themselves well to predicting outcomes?
  • 12:16: What are the most "important" stats to be tracking in this new era? Some are more indicative than others.
  • 15:07: We move on to talking actual teams, actual action and on-court stuff. First to be address: Utah, which is having a miserable start to its season.
  • 20:33: Vanderbilt must be discussed again, this time because Pomeroy and I differ on how good this team ultimately is.
  • 24:56: Why the Big Ten is definitively the best league in college basketball.
  • 28:42: Why Henry Sims is playing amongst the best hoop in the nation right now. ALERT: GOODMAN LIKELY BREAKING HIS COMPUTER BY THIS POINT.
  • 30:23: Podcast ends with some answers from listeners' questions.

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