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Podcast: The story of UConn's incredible 2011

Posted on: December 23, 2011 10:45 am
By Matt Norlander

Fresh off winning the third national title in program history, Aaron Torres wasted no time writing the story of college basketball's most unlikely champion. Yeah, UConn's a national program with top-rated recruits coming in almost every year, but the 2010-11 team wasn't expected to make the NCAA tournament, let alone win the title, by some people.

Torres hops on to discuss his first book, "The Unlikeliest Champion," which chronicles all the details of the amazing run. Hear stories you've not yet been privy to, and see why last year's Huskies were so special beyond the obvious reasons. We also get into this year's team, which has more talent, but could very well fall short of doing what last season's squad accomplished.

Give Aaron a follow on Twitter, too. Consider it your stocking stuffer to him, and buying the book can be the Christmas gift.

What to hear where:
  • From the beginning: Holiday niceties and the story of how/why Torres wrote the book.
  • 9:00: The best and worst and non-existent interviews for this book.
  • 13:15: The process of writing a book so soon after an event like this. Most books about big seasons or teams come years after the fact. This is a different approach.
  • 18:58: Think about it: last year's Big East tournament could end up being the final great memory of the league's postseason bracket.
  • 21:00: The podcast talk shifts to UConn this year and comparing it to last year, plus what Calhoun's been frustrated with in the past six, seven years.
  • 27:01: Discussion of 2011-12 Huskies and the Big East race. Could be a great one! A lot of moving parts in the Big East right now, and UConn ... we're not sure what it's going to be, but it's starting to look very good, no matter if Calhoun is sour on his team's overall effort right now.

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