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Wakeup Call: 2011, it was good, but we'll see ya

Posted on: December 30, 2011 9:09 am
Edited on: December 30, 2011 9:16 am

By Matt Norlander

That is Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis at last night's Kansas game. She is beyond reproach in that cap. He looks like the lucky doofus he is. Let's get to the final Wakeup Call of the year.

Many are angry about Verizon's $2 fee to pay their bill, but if you set up autopay you're in the clear. // This thing, this horrifying more-than-animal, didn't get discovered until 2011. // Boston as America's drunkest city, since I guess we're celebrating such a thing. // Cringe-worthy after-date text-messaging. We all know someone like this. The question is, were/are YOU like this? ...

Nice move by former Rutgers guard Mike Rosario after last night's loss against his former team.

★ Insane story: Juco school with 13-3 record kicks all but two players off its team and forfeits the rest of its season.

★ Boston College is not good this year. Think how good it would be if all these players were still on the team.

★ George Blaney's multitude of looks will get your weekend off to the right start.

★ If you'd like to see the personal side of Seth Davis, you'd best read this start to finish.

★ And here's Seth's 10 predictions for hoops in 2012. His final one I'd love to see happen, of course, but we'll disagree.

★ Good hustle from Jeff Eisenberg to present the back story on the revival of the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry.

★ The cookie is great, but the Christmas card from DeMarcus Cousins is beyond words.

★ I'd absolutely put the A10 and Mountain West ahead of the Pac-12 right now, wouldn't you?
★ A Stanford pick to win the Pac-12. I can see it happening.

★ This was great: a thorough takedown of the primary reason Washington State is limited.

★ The work of an occupied headline writer with more important matters to attend to.

The case is made for Louisville-Kentucky being a better rivalry thank any other in college hoops.

► This ought to get you fired up for tomorrow at noon.

♬ We'll close up shop in 2011 by playing one of my favorite songs off one of my favorite 2011 albums. My Morning Jacket is the best live rock act going. "The Day Is Coming" is a good lookahead to twenty twelve.

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