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The Murray State song/vid you weren't waiting for

Posted on: January 29, 2012 7:06 pm
By Matt Norlander

Thanks to a rap video/anthem that is largely void of any sense of irony and goes on for three minutes longer than it should, it's safe to say Murray State has officially arrived.

Titled, "Murray State Anthem," the rap tune and video completely disembodies a lot of what Murray State basketball represents: slanted rhymes; half-interested players standing around on the gym floor; arrogant mascots; part-time frat boys/full-time white rappers; and Dick Vitale references.

Trubz 'N' Matlock, which is surely just nicknames for two dudes named Tristan and Matthew, have given the Murray State community a rallying cry. Let us all join in. Murray State Rrray-sirs!

If Murray State winds up losing its next game, our answer is already known.
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Posted on: January 29, 2012 10:07 pm

The Murray State song/vid you weren't waiting for

"Half interested players...arrogant mascots; part-time frat boys/full-time white rappers," ...I'm trying to decide whether you're trying to rip MSU, its basketball team or Trubz 'N' Matlock, who, by the way, are not Tristan and Matthew. What was the point of your post? This video was in no way derogatory towards anyone or any school. Before accusing the rappers of disembodying any part of the University, please make sure you understand what you're watching, or even the genre of music to which you're listening. You're obviously not apart of Racernation, and that's does take intelligence to get in, so we can understand why you may not have made the cut. I'm not sure how a mascot could ever be arrogant. Dancing around doing nothing vulgar and not speaking isn't quite the recipe for disrespect you've made it out to be. I lack the motivation to point out the multiple other mistakes your posts contains, so just ponder on the fact that whether or not you like this video, Murray State Basketball is still 21-0, undefeated, and this rap/video is an awesome pump-up song. Hope you're watching Thursday. Now you see us coming.

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Posted on: January 29, 2012 9:45 pm

are you serious?

As a student of Murray State I would just like to say that this song was meant to pump up the fans and get them excited that our team is working so hard and succeeding. It is a rap song that some students made to really help bring the community together. The university is respectable and the city of Murray KY is full of fans that love racer basketball. I don't see why you would bash a song that the students made to help get the fans excited. If you went to a school such as UK you would find students making the same exact types of music videos. We have united fan base which has made the video spread widely very rapidly. As far as arrogant mascots; since when have mascots not danced around to help crowds get excited? Part time frat boys? We have very respectable fraternities on our campus. As far as the name of the group is concerned, their names are not Tristan and Matthew. Before you post an article about a respectable university, do your research so that you don't sound like an idiot with false information.


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Posted on: January 29, 2012 9:03 pm

The Murray State song/vid you weren't waiting for

you obviously know nothing about murray state nor do you have any respect for the university,i can say i do i live in missouri and i have son that goes there and i can tell you from first hand that  murray state is very respectfull university and the song they have put on has full backing from everyone there and from people in missouri that i have talked to and it is all in fun and it shows the university having fun and in a very respectfull way,i dont like rap music either but i got to say the song is very awesome and very well put together,my son  loves murray state and couldnt be happier and i think you and cbs needs to spend a day down there in murray kentucky and i can guarantee you will leave with full respect for not just the team,university but also from the community of murray.

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