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Podcast: We've come to the end of the road trip

Posted on: January 30, 2012 10:45 am
After talking road trip, the fellas from Ballin' is a Habit discuss the Ryan Boatright saga. (AP)

By Matt Norlander

The epic, groundbreaking Ballin' is a Habit road trip is over. With one day of sleep between them since coming home, I had to bring back Rob Dauster and Troy Machir to gab about the past 23 days and 13 games of their lives.

From Kentucky to Wisconsin to Ohio to Tennessee to Missouri to Kansas to freaking Utah and back, there are many things to share. After the road stories finish, the guys and I address the Ryan Boatwright situation at UConn, why he's so little of what's ailing the Huskies, and where the rest of the Big East is going this season. Plus -- other things that stood out from what turned out to be surprising weekend in college hoops.
  • From the beginning: The road trip is over. What was the roughest part?
  • 6:06: The best and worst arenas.
  • 8:46: Best and worst experiences in general of all the games attended.
  • 14:40: The #BIAHRoadTrip sign got held by someone at every game. How Rob got Gus Johnson to hold it, among other notable snapshots.
  • 19:25: The best/most memorable moments from the trip that had nothing to do with basketball.
  • 22:25: What it was like for these guys to go to tornado-destroyed Joplin, Mo., and help build a house.
  • 25:50: #BIAHRoadTripPart2?
  • 26:58: UConn and Ryan Boatright and all the Huskies' issues. Plus, bashing the NCAA, because they make it so damn easy.
  • 33:32: The highlights and what stood out from the weekend, which initially amounted to not all that much but turned into one with some surprises.
  • 39:18: Some bantering about Rob's new freelance gig with (hey,, don't be dumb: keep the guy around for a good while), receiving texts from the road after 2 a.m., and why I'm refusing to talk to Goodman until Wednesday.

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