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Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

Posted on: February 2, 2012 11:05 am
Edited on: February 2, 2012 12:09 pm

By Jeff Goodman

Maybe I'm nuts to think a college group could hang with an NBA team, but I'm not so sure. 

Check out the Toronto Raptors starting unit last night against the Boston Celtics -- and tell me you wouldn't take John Calipari's first five over the Raptors. 

Not just for the future, but maybe even right now. 

The Raptors backcourt was Spanish point guard Jose Calderon and athletic freak DeMar DeRozan. The frontcourt: James Johnson, Ed Davis and Aaron Gray. 


I understand Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are just freshmen, but it's not like Davis and DeRozan are grown men, either. Both are just 22 years old. Johnson is 24 and Gray is 26. 

I'd take Davis over Gray in a heartbeat. Yes, today. I'd also go with Gilchrist over Davis -- today, tomorrow and every day thereafter. 

Calderon blows away Marquis Teague at this juncture and we'll give a slight nod to Johnson over Terrence "Mr. Enigma" Jones, but not if Jones' head is actually into the game. 

Then there's the matter of DeRozan vs. Doron Lamb. DeRozan is a terrific athlete and virtually a non-shooter. Lamb is a big-time shooter. Completely different players, but I'll go with DeRozan. 

So maybe Calipari's current edition down in Lexington wouldn't come out on top against the Raptors, but they'd certainly give them a run for their money. 


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Posted on: February 3, 2012 10:11 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

Maybe Cal & the Wildcats should win a NCAA first before we think they can win a game against an NBA team. The have yet to prove they are even the best college team.

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Posted on: February 3, 2012 5:13 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

This may be the most STUPID thing I have ever seen a national writer ever publish.  How can you try to objectify something like this.  This isn't the bleacher report Bro. 

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Posted on: February 3, 2012 4:04 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

Ha! most ignorant comment of the year.  This article had nothing to do with UL, but you UK fans just can't help yourself.  Why not counter with how "good" your team is, instead of the ridiculous non sense that you tried to write.  I do see that the truth hurts though, that's why you spew the crap you do.  I don't play for UL, I am just a all that stuff you wrote doesn't hurt my feelings, it only shows how ignorant you really are.  Stick to cleaning your trailer park, and stop trolling on message boards with ignorant non relevant statements!!!

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Posted on: February 3, 2012 3:57 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

Wow MaxBPS you really don't watch much college basketball outside your Wildcats do you?  Laettner and Hurley were amazing in college and could flat out ball. Which is also confirmed in the Fab Five ESPN film with the players confirming their skills. How can you talk about UNC this year lilke they are a bust? They are a top 10 team that lost to your Wildcats due to a last second blocked shot. Your team almost lost that game and actually got outplayed in the first half. Sure UNC lost but UK didn't look that much better. (All UNC losses are to Top 25 teams) UNC this year is a great team but isn't challenging themselves to play at their potential which is stupid. The only game where they gave it their all this year was the UK game and they came up short in the final seconds. Which is fine it was a great game that could have swung our way easilly but Henson took the shot like a fool instead of Barnes or Hairston.

1996 Wildcats without a doubt a top 5 best NCAA team in college history. But saying this years young UK team is better then proven National Title teams that I'm sorry have wwwaaaaaayyyy more depth then this young squad is dumb and an uneducated statement. The UK Cousins and JWall team I think is better then this years team definitely talent wise. 

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Posted on: February 3, 2012 3:55 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

Who, Marquis Teague, you can have him.  He was predicted to be a 1st NBA draft pick, he wouldn't even be picked in the 1st round of the NBDL!!!  Why is it when the truth is spoken you Cats fans can only bash UL (which I never mentioned, or is relevant to this article) instead of trying to counter with how "good" your team is.  13 years and counting, but to listen to you it sounds like UK wins the championship every year.  UK may not beat the Raptors....or they may lose to IU!!  Stick to cleaning up your trailer park, instead of trolling on message boards and letting everyone know just how ignorant you are!!!!

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Posted on: February 3, 2012 3:51 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call


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Posted on: February 3, 2012 2:53 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

As a HUGE KentuckY fan, i have to objectively say the Raptors would win a surprisingly close game.  The X-factor not mentioned anywhere yet is KentuckY's 6th man - Darius Miller.  Like TJones, if DMill comes to play the Kats would give them a serious run for their money.  

As for some of the other homers trying to make this article-discussion about their teams, it's not.  If you want to get into a discussion about UK's 2011-12 (current team, for the mathmatically challenged among us) VS ANY Heel-team or dewkie-team, this team would win.  Or, at the very least, take it down to the wire.  This team would beat the early 90's dewkies hands down.  Laetner'd be lucky to get a shot off and MTeague would eat Hurley's lunch.  (Gotta throw out BIG props to Laetner, tho, for coming to the belly of the beast - Lexington's RUPP ARENA, and playing up his 'We still hate Laetner' role to a T!)  Maybe if the Heels lived up to even 1/5th of their potential this year they'd be a part of this discussion.  But they haven't so they're not; which is a real shame b/c i was REALLY looking forward to the most amazing Final Four EVER but the heels and uCON have fallen hard.  And now Calhoun is pulling a Shu-chef-ski and taking a medical leave of absence so he doesn't have to take the loses uCon is about to accrue on his record.

The only team that rises above all these in this conversation is the '96 WildKats with Ron Mercer, Antoine Walker, Mark Pope, Nazr Mohammed, Jeff Sheppard, Tony Delk,  Anthony Epps, Allen Edwards, Derek Anderson, Jared Prickett, Cameron Mills.  That team was STACKED top to bottom.  Even the role players were incredible.  Now they, much like this 2011-12 UK team, could give a bottom-side nba team a battle.

Enjoy the Madness!
Onward, onward to #8 we go!


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Posted on: February 3, 2012 2:18 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

Kentucky looks good, very good for a college team, but when you go against the pros that is what they are is pros. Now the poll ask us to vote on which is the better starting five and then the conversation goes for who would win a real game. Most young people that come on this site probably will not remember way on back when the college All Stars would play a pro NFL team. I cannot remenber if the pro team was a champ or they just picked one. I am sure someone can refresh me. Anyway the college team never did win so they stopped having the game. This is certainly not comparing apples to apples. First if you could not play a entire game with only five. If you did it could go either way since Kentucky is younger and if you played a real game the pro bench would probably win out. Also we look at Kentucky which is the best going up against other college teams and then we are comparing Toronto which is injury depleted going night after night against fully stocked pro teams. No way could the entire Kentucky team win out in a full game against a the complete roster of Toronto. The line up listed for us to vote on in no way represents what Toronto was when the season started.  If we really wanted to vote on the subject let us lets say the entire Kentucky team up against the Miami team. That would be fair since Kentucky would be at full strength and so is Miami. Miami by 40 at least maybe 50 just depending on how many Lebron wants to score. What would really be fun if we could get the very best from the college teams to go up against the USA team. That would be fun. Good Luck!

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Posted on: February 3, 2012 2:05 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

Kentucky has a great college basketball team and I agree the Raptors had a pitiful group for the NBA... but anyone that really thinks any college team could play with a pro squad should lose their right to call themselves a sports journalist.  The weakest of NBA squads would rip up any group of college kids and show that it takes a lot of polishing even for the top players to be a pro.  This is a very easy call and the Raptors would destroy Kentucky... that is not to take anything away from Kentucky... just want people to understand the reality that the difference between a premier college group and pros is not a small margin... it is huge.

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Posted on: February 3, 2012 1:36 pm

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

Basketball is the one sport where I think it's feasible for a college team to potentially take down a pro team (one individual guy makes more difference in basketball than in any other sport; if the college team has a pro-ready stud hanging around that's better than anyone on the pro team, they may have a shot in a one-off even if they're not as deep).  This isn't like football where the learning curve tends to be a bit bigger, and you're relying on far more players to be up to par.

I haven't followed college basketball much thus far this year (waiting for the NFL to finish up this week, then I'll dive in and try to catch up), and I never follow the NBA that closely, so I can't say for sure in this case...but I wouldn't dismiss it entirely.

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