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Anthony Grant suspends 3 more Alabama starters

Posted on: February 11, 2012 4:55 pm
Grant carries a heavy hammer. (AP)
By Matt Norlander

Something pretty terrible must be happening inside the Alabama program. Days after starter Tony Mitchell was indefinitely suspended from the team, head coach Anthony Grant has now suspended JaMychal Green, Andrew Steele and Trevor Releford, the school announced Saturday afternoon. All three are starters.

What's more, the players were sent home from the team's road trip in Louisiana. Alabama plays against LSU at 7 p.m. ET Saturday night.

The news of the players suspended was first broken by Cecil Hurt of Tuscaloosa News, then confirmed soon thereafter by a school press release.

“We are extremely disappointed in the choices and decisions made by these young men that has led to this suspension,” Grant said in a release. “Talent is a gift, but character is a choice. The consequences of their choices have negatively impacted them as individuals and the people that love and support them. Our hope is that they will be mature enough to accept responsibility for their actions and place a higher value on their character.”

Grant's actions are perhaps unprecedented. Alabama is a 16-7 (5-4 SEC) team that's not assured of an NCAA tournament berth. It now goes without its four best players. Can you remember a college basketball coach in contention for the NCAAs that had to suspended this many starters? If it's something this drastic, the players involved had to know what was coming. Mitchell was the first signal, and now five days later it's this.

The Tide is a mess, and unless Grant's message is received and obeyed, Alabama could be chancing missing the NCAA tournament despite clearly having talent worthy of playing games that matter in March.

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Posted on: February 12, 2012 2:21 pm

Anthony Grant suspends 3 more Alabama starters

Crimson77, appearenty  your more concerned about winning at any costs typical bama fan.

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Posted on: February 12, 2012 9:57 am

Anthony Grant suspends 3 more Alabama starters

I reserve judgement as to whether or not he did the right thing until the truth about what happened is known The players are getting blasted for having zero character but this could just be a huge overreaction by a coach on the hot seat. Grant hasn't done anything in his 3 yr with Bama that would make me automatically give him the benefit of the doubt. To save his job he needs to explain himself.

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Posted on: February 12, 2012 9:51 am

Anthony Grant suspends 3 more Alabama starters

Calipari has had no disicpline problems since he arrived in Lexington.  Dodson was off the team already when he had his problems with the law.   Quit crying about other teams until you get your house in order.

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Posted on: February 12, 2012 7:17 am

Anthony Grant suspends 3 more Alabama starters

true dat! every year i have high hopes for bama hoops, and it seems like every year something like this happens. gotta give credit to grant for not putting up with the bs gottfried did. sometimes having a back bone and doing the right thing may not get you where you want, but i'd damn sure rather play for that guy then anyone else. is the season over?, probably, but it just goes to show that grant was a GOOD fit for the bama job.

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 9:59 pm

Gotta' get Saban involved...

He gets away with murder. (not literally, at least that we know of)

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 9:54 pm

Anthony Grant suspends 3 more Alabama starters

Whining Tides fans please button it. Throwing the seaon away? You guys blow every year in the tourney anyway.
Besides the coach is setting an example and wants to lead the program. Not be a warden! 

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 9:54 pm

Anthony Grant suspends 3 more Alabama starters

Perhaps because there are more important things than winning.  Giving up your standards for a win leads to a rotten program.  Be classy like your coach.

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 9:53 pm

Why would these four push this coach?

Mark Gottfried got sneers and jeers from his players often butting heads and it was Davis back in 2005 that threw a towel in his face for being yanked in the second half.  That was understandable with a jellyfish-spined coach with an uninspired demeanor but Grant is a put up or shut up kind of guy and has always been that way.  How stupid do you have to be to get sent home like school children at summer camp acting up.  Here is what it comes down to - mostly players from the 'hood accept for Dudley, Ronald Steele, Mo Williams and Richard Hendrix the last six or seven years.  Andrew Steele being suspended was kind of stunning for that reason (Ronald's brother).

 No discipline no guts and little sense and no one more brainless than Tony Mitchell he shouldn't play anymore anyway.  Levi Randolph was a great athlete and person back in Madison, AL and as the only starter not suspended it says a lot for his character and how he may have to lead this team if this as serious as it could be.  In this state, a 2004 run to the Elite Eight was overshadowed by who was going to start at quarterback in the fall.  Not a whole lot of people are all that bent out of shape since this team wasn't going to the Final Four (that's a joke) anyway.  Kentucky has the best players Calipari can buy (every Rose had its thorn in Memphis as did Cousins who he bought from this state and got a way with just because it was Lucky Tucky.  Ky wins everything anyway who with a brain gives a bleep?  A Day is approaching and gymnastics is just gettin' started. 

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 9:35 pm

Anthony Grant suspends 3 more Alabama starters

If they broke NCAA rules then suspend them but apparently that is not the case. At least thats what they said during tonight's game. This was coach Grants decision it was not madated by the school or ncaa He better have have a good reason for throwing this season away.

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Posted on: February 11, 2012 9:18 pm

Anthony Grant suspends 3 more Alabama starters

Grant is a great coach and is trying to send a message to his players.  I'm sure he is aware he is putting his job on the line with this, but lets give the man some credit for trying to put morals & values ahead of W's. 

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