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OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

Posted on: February 18, 2012 11:19 pm
Edited on: February 18, 2012 11:41 pm
Trey Burke takes it to the rim against Aaron Craft, something he did often Saturday night. (US PRESSWIRE)
By Matt Norlander

The good news for Ohio State is, the NCAA tournament isn't played on the road. The bad: they're not likely to be a one seed when they enter the Big Bracket.

OSU fell to 22-5 Saturday night -- all five of those scratches coming in road games -- when Columbus-bred superstar Michigan freshman Trey Burke cataylzed a 56-51 Buckeyes knock-off in Ann Arbor thanks to a couple of ridiculously tough floating layups in the final minute. Michigan's ascendance and Burke's superb year is another story for another time, perhaps even a post for tomorrow. What a nice home win for them tonight, one that should cement Michigan, at worst, as a five seed.

Ohio State's stumble is the bigger story, though. There's plenty of flux around college basketball's soft bubble right now. Teams like Southern Miss, Illinois, Connecticut, Mississippi State and North Carolina State are giving away games like flowers at a funeral. It's bad over there, but uncertainty abounds elsewhere, too.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Ohio State's gotten wobbly on the one line. It's behind Michigan State now, clearly, and Kansas, UNC and Duke (in that order) are starting to cluster with the Buckeyes. Where they fall in the S-curve is a discussion we're better off waiting for until the end of Sunday's games, but in no way does OSU look like or deserve a one seed as of tonight. Additionally, OSU's 10-4 record and head-to-head loss against the Spartans (rematch coming on March 4 season finale -- in East Lansing) means Tom Izzo's team can take command of the conference if it can win at 17-9 Purdue on Sunday.

Ohio State never had the lead against Michigan, so it goes without saying -- yet here I am, saying it -- that the Buckeyes lacked a dominant look Saturday night. It's something that's been evident with this team ever since I wrote this. Many writers are quick to link back to work that makes them look good. Me? I'm an idiot, as many a commenter on this site has attested to. That link there is the latest example, as a reminder. Though I will follow that up by saying I hedged my bet in the post by stating OSU had to have wins over MSU and Michigan to remain in UK's class. Obviously, the test was failed and Kentucky looks leaps better than Thad Matta's team as of now.

The Buckeyes are still an extremely good team (still the best statistical defense against a decent schedule), but recent results and patterns of play suggest they aren't a great one. It's going to take a table run in the regular season and, minimally, a Big Ten title game appearance against someone who isn't Michigan State in order for OSU to earn the right to the one seed back.

It's clear this team lacks the depth, weapons and foul discipline it had a year ago. Only now is it catching up to them nationally.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 1:59 pm

OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

Hello tdmeister!  Bro; you got me on that one. If you must know, I'm a huge Sun Belt fan and you'd better not sleep on the Denver University Pioneers. In addition, I also keep close tabs on the WAC and Mountain West. Speaking of the MWC, UNLV's blowout of illinois in December is looking less and less impressive with every mounting defeat of Weber's boys. It has been a bit of a disappointing year in Big 10 play though. I could always count on half a dozen or so of those 38-35 barnburners that the nation has come to expect from these teams in the Big 10, but can only recall 1 such epic tilt this season. The good news is that the season isn't over yet and we still have the annual snorefest that is the league tourney so a game that totals 80 points is still a good possibility; especially if Penn State, Wisconsin or Illinois are somehow involved.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 11:20 am

OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

panhed56...dk13 said the 'no sniff' thing and in his next sentence says 'outside of Sparty and Brutus, noone...will see the 2nd weekend'
The games on the second weekend are the reional finals.

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Posted on: February 21, 2012 10:58 am

OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

@jaanbr:  In East Lansing

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OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

@wollam11 - You realize that Michigan State has already beat Indiana by 15..... 

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OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

 dk13beso you seem to be making a career out of bashing Ohio State on every thread or article you read .Who exactly is your favorite team ?

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 10:14 pm

OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

@matt norlander. " All five of those scratches coming in road games "?? !!! They lost 4 days ago in Columbus ! Columbus isn't exactly on the road ! Do some basic research please!

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 8:42 pm

OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss


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OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

Nice dissing a conference when you dont even list your fav's in your profile.  Let me guess, ur a MAC fan or something-aren't you?  Although the dufuss and I do not see eye to eye on his GREAT Buckeye invasion...I will say that the BIG is one of the most balanced conferences top to bottom in the nation.  With the exception of maybe 2 teams, any one of the other 10 can beat each other on any given night-given enough luck (right dufuss?).  Name another conference that can say the same.  Also the Spartans have beaten the most ranked teams in the country to this point-where did most of their wins come from?  The BIG.  BIG/ACC challenge winner this year-the BIG.  What conference regularly beats up on the Big Least in the tourney-BIG-mostly MSU, but still...

MSU lost to Duke and NC early in the season, I would love to see a rematch of MSU and one of those teams in the tourney.  The BIG knows how to play D, the SEC knows how to score a lot of points.  You know what they say about D...As far as getting a "Whiff" of the final 4, funny how BIG teams seem to get to the E8 and f4 on a pretty regular basis.  The BIG is not as Glamorous as some conferences, but they sure seem to win a lot when it comes tourney time...

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 5:38 pm

OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

Certainly living up to your name.  OSU is not the best team in the conference.  If you are the best team in the conference, you do not let ANYBODY beat you at home.  You also need to win tough games consistently on the road.  I think the BIG is very balanced this year.  I will be honest, i did not see my Sparties having this record and having a good chance at the BIG title at the beginning of the season.  I also did not believe that OSU would "run away with the title" as many predicted.  But the reality of the BIG is this, there are two teams with unbroken win streaks at home this season and OSU has lost to both teams once and has to play the other at home the last game of the season.  Guess what, both of those teams are in Michigan...go figure.

The Wiscy game was not "luck" for Sparty.  Both teams played hard, the clock ran out on Wiscy.  Plain and simple, no luck involved.  I might add that Wiscy has lost twice to Sparty this year.  Maybe Sparty got lucky in Columbus by double digits not so long ago too, eh?  In most close games, there is some luck involved.  I don't consider double digit wins as "Getting Lucky."  MSU is hot right now, hope they can keep it up until they meet OSU at the Breslin Center.  Hopefully the "luck" for Sparty keeps up...Guess its better when ur green:)

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 5:18 pm

OSU probably cost itself a one seed with loss

I missed seeing where anyone said anything about 2 teams in the E8 & not sniffing the Final 4.

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