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Wakeup Call: The top 200 players in the country

Posted on: February 23, 2012 9:03 am
Harbaugh was team manager Wednesday night. (AP)
By Matt Norlander

The country's Interstate system mapped out like subways. // Funnier people seem to get further in business. // Getting a good night's sleep: unnatural? // The world was into cat videos before they were cool. No, seriously, boxing cats from 1894. // Australian outlaws from the 1920s ...

★ Value Add is a smart, reliable statistic to help quantify how good players are and what they mean to their teams. Here's Cracked Sidewalks' top 200 players in the country, according to Value Add.

★ Loved how Jim Harbaugh was chair man/team manager for brother-in-law Tom Crean at the Indiana game last night.

★ This week in stories I wish I'd discovered first, a girl was in a coma and eventually made her way back onto the basketball court.

★ Who are you going to see and hear from on the CBS side of the NCAA tournament?

★ I'd imagine a deep bone bruise is particularly aggravating. Rodney Hood is out for MSU for an undetermined amount of time due to his.

★ Fairly nasty crossover here.

★ Get a glimpse at how our sport is doing in the TV ratings as of late.

★ NCAA tournament chair Jeff Hathaway went on the Tim Brando show Wednesday. Hathaway will handle himself well once the bracket is released.

Five teams that can beat Kentucky, from Jason Lisk. Cal? Sorry, but that's a big no. The others I'm on board with.
★ A very simple way to understand and see how the Mountain West is slighted in the polls.

★ Good charts that depict just how difficult it is to advance in the tournament, and good God why you need to avoid the 8/9 game at all costs.

★ After George Mason's loss to Northeastern last night and Drexel's troubles with James Madison, I don't know, is this a multi-bid league?

Glockner waxes on Marquette. I'm starting to worry, because my heart's going with the Golden Eagles and I fear they'll break it. Team has Final Four potential and needs to be a Sweet 16 squad, minimum.

★ When I say Ohio State is really good on defense, I'm not BS'ing you. More indisputable proof.

Self-made alley-oop.

★ Credit to Dana O'Neil here for a good twist on the T-Rob story that we were all familiar with.

► OK. I've listened three times over the course of 12 hours. Can't decide if it's great or awful.

♬ This band is called Editors. How am I not to love a band like that?

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Posted on: February 23, 2012 11:18 am

Wakeup Call: The top 200 players in the country

It's both - great and awful. That's the subgenius of it. I actually like 95% of that clip. A lot.

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