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Wakeup Call: Must-win for WVU vs. Marquette?

Posted on: February 24, 2012 8:05 am
We've just received confirmation that, indeed, these Buffaloes fans are the reason Colorado lost at home to Stanford by 24 points last night. (US PRESSWIRE)

By Matt Norlander

I don't want to believe this is real. // Good news in that crime at public school is down nationwide. // OK WAT. // How the U.S. hid an airplane factory in World War II. Incredible. // Yyyyyuuuuppp! ...

★ It's Friday morning, which means if you still haven't read Luke Winn's Power Ratings, you're weekend's off to a bad start.

★ West Virginia faces something fairly close to a must-win against Marquette tonight.

★ Missed this from over the weekend, but apparently Jeff Bzdelik verbally went after a fan. He's since apologized.

★ How loud will Gampel get Saturday for the Syracuse game? What are the loudest games in the 22-year history of the arena?

★ The 10 biggest 3-point shots in Indiana basketball history. That's the state of Indiana, not the university. Christian Watford's shot does make the list, though.

★ In defense of Karl Hess.

★ This is some eye-opening and a bit confusing stuff from Dan Hanner about coaches and recruiting and what they do with talent. There's a list. John Calipari is at the top of it. You're going to need to read it twice.

★ And here's a reaction/response to that link above.

★ Sizing up the Atlantic 10.

★ Jason McIntyre is deperately hoping the Big Ten falls on its face in March.

★ Good way to make the weekend get here sooner. Watch the five best moments of college basketball in MSG history.

★ Dan Wetzel offers his take on Cincinnati and why the brawl didn't send this team into the spiral Xavier found itself in.

★ Trusting you scan every link I supply each day. If that's the case, the best read is saved for last. Make sure you get this into your schedule over the weekend.

► "We got a bunch of followers." Pat Knight's presser teeters on the edge of must-watch, but still, it's a good venting session.

The Fratellis are primarily known for this song. The one below, "Whistle for the Choir," is pretty much the opposite -- and better. Fun, disposable Brit pop. Nothing wrong with that.

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