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Wakeup Call: Welcome to March

Posted on: March 1, 2012 9:01 am
Oh, Syracuse. Have you learned nothing?
By Matt Norlander

What if you could pick your seat on an airplane based off a compatibility test? // I'd like to hug the person or people behind this. // Rage with the machines. // . // I AM THE CHICKEN HEATING MASTER!!!!!!! ...

★ If you completely dodged last night, Goodman and Parrish had a pretty important story.
★ It was a great night for Robbie Hummel.

★ Your title-winner odds in Vegas as of today.

★ Kendall Marshall, Marquis Teague, Jordan Taylor and Tyshawn Taylor. How do they compare when it comes to turning the ball over in specific situations?

★ There is now a site that shows you how every team played against/measured up to every other team.

★ The latest ripple in the Bernie Fine story that you didn't realize was happening because that story doesn't much matter anymore -- or right now.

★ I respect this take by Deadspin, responding to the Sports Illustrated UCLA story.

★ Bill Plaschke took time to address Howland's job status.

★ Dan Guerrero, AD at UCLA, did not say Ben Howland will definitely return to UCLA next year. (But he will.)

★ As suspected, Kyle Anderson isn't waffling on his commitment to UCLA.

★ More on New Orleans prep for the Final Four.

★ Tyler Zeller's a great kid who's done a fabulous job in four years. Crazy to think he was a freshman on that '09 title team.

★ Washington State already resigning itself to the CBI. It's so sad, like seeing the guy settle for the last chick in the bar at 2 a.m.

★ Not helpful to Drexel, but I wonder if the committee really takes it to heart: Derrick Thomas, a junior who averages eight points per game, is not eligible for the CAA tournament. The reason why is alarming.

★ March, you are so beautiful. Here's a list of every team that's never made it to the best stage in sports.

★ Must-read interview links with the commissioner of the MAAC.

► Goodman threatened my job if I didn't put this video up. It's the ultimate tribute to Hummel.

♬ R.I.P, Davy Jones. My favorite Monkees tune, and one that fits well for teams staving off bubble chasers.

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 9:29 am

Wakeup Call: Welcome to March

Yikes, Matty, that read about why Derrick Thomas can't play in the CAA tournament was SO ALARMING that I'm going to go hide in my room and listen to the Monkees until I feel less ALARMED! One quick question before I heed this ALARMING news - have you ordered the latest Robbie Hummel Hummel figurine? If not, you better hurry before they all sell out!


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