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Is Eli Manning starting to slip in mediocrity?

Posted on: December 27, 2010 11:35 pm
As a Packers fan I had a front row seat of a terrible game by Eli Manning yesterday afternoon. Manning went 17 for 33 and threw four interceptions to add to his league leading interception rate this year (24). As I watched him and then watched Rogers, I was thinking man, it's hard to believe that this guy (Manning) has won a Super Bowl, because the other one (Rogers) looks like he is miles ahead of Eli. What has happened to Eli? I know there has been some injuries on his side of the ball, but my goodness Rogers has lost more, along with many quarterbacks in the league this year. I know alot of Giants fans are sick of Eli and have made wish lists of QBs for the future (Luck, Newton, etc. etc.) I would like to know what you guys think. Would you want Eli on your team? Do you think he is still a good QB?

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Posted on: January 1, 2011 11:36 am

Is Eli Manning starting to slip in mediocrity?

Eli's slip into mediocrity is as silly as the Peyton being overrated talk this year.  Both have had big injury issues with their wide receivers and Eli has had a schuffling offensive line inf front of him as well, not to mention fumbling fool RBs.  Steve Smith remember was a pro-bowl WR last year and Hakim Nicks was a top 5 receiver in my fantasy FF league even with his injuries this season.  That two stud receivers were out for significant time means a lot.  I don't hink Rodgers had to go at all without Jennings and Driver (no rip at Rogers either as he has carried me to back-to-back titles in my 10 man FF league) but I'll stick with Eli on this one.  BTW, I have 2 Giant fan brothers & Dad plus a slew of other Giant fan friends and I've yet to meet ONE even who's talking about replacing Eli.  A large majority of Giant fans know what we have in Eli (we're blessed and remember the Dave Brown days), the only place I've heard this silly talk was from sport anouncers/ESPN dopes.

The leash is longer when you're a Superbowl MVP.

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Posted on: January 1, 2011 10:44 am

Is Eli Manning starting to slip in mediocrity?

Oh - and Eli is the QB.  No question.  We don't need anybody else.  Philip Rivers would NOT have been as good handling the NY media as Eli is.  Very few QBs would be.  I don't think we need anyone else running the show at the new Meadowlands...

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Posted on: January 1, 2011 10:42 am

Is Eli Manning starting to slip in mediocrity?

NYGIANTS11 - I agree with everything you wrote except for one point about the D.  The two defenses you mention - Pittsburgh and Baltimore - both have pretty darn good offenses as well.  Big Ben and Joe Flacco are outstanding young QBs (and yes, Ben is better than Flacco), they have excellent ground games and both offenses can score when they need to. My point is that the D can take chances and do things like blitz and they're probably still better rested because the offenses don't turn the ball over and can control the clock and score.  It's always easier to play D when you're ahead then when you're behind.  I agree 100% about the INTs - many of them this year have NOT been Eli's fault.  Through the first six games it seemed like every time you turned around a pass was going through Hakeem Nicks' hands or bouncing off Mario Manningham straight to a defender.  And Ahmad Bradshaw needs Tiki Barber to come back and show him how to hold a football.  The turnovers are maddening, but many of them have not been Eli's fault.  The thing that's frustrating the most though is that we look like a team that doesn't WANT to make the playoffs.  Blowing that lead against Philadelphia was completely inexcusable, but the poor performance against Green Bay was staggering - it smacked of showing no heart.  Aaron Rodgers may be the best QB under 30 in the league, and he's great at hot reads and finding the open guy, but the defense just looked like it was confused out there.  In four and a half quarters, the D gave up 73 points.  Perry Fewell has done a pretty good job this year until recently, but that is NOT a team that looks playoff ready.  The worst part is that they're going to cost Tom Coughlin his job.  I admit that I've waffled on this guy as the head coach, but I like how he takes the heat when things don't go well (unlike Steve Spurrier who's never lost a game in his life due to his poor planning and when his team wins it's that he devised a superior game plan) and the fact that he's a no nonsense coach that knows how to win in the NFC East.  The only bright spot would be if Bill Cowher got the job if he's let go.  Cowher would be an awesome guy to head the reins in East Rutherford.  But the turnovers have to stop.  I was watching the Sunday night game a few weeks back with another Giants fan, and he said out loud what I always say under my breath when we have a kick return - "Hold on to the ball!" You shouldn't have to think that when a guy is returning kicks or about to get tackled after a 36 yard gain.  Even with all the injuries they're 9-6 and have a shot to make the playoffs. Imagine what the season would have been without so many turnovers.  12-3 so far?  11-4? And the NFC East locked up?  Maybe a shot at the number 2 or even number 1 seed in the playoffs?  It makes you sick when you think about it, ESPECIALLY with that Eagles loss...

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Posted on: December 28, 2010 5:07 pm

Is Eli Manning starting to slip in mediocrity?

I am willing to give Eli a break this season although the turnovers are frustrating.  I'm sure they are even more frustrating for him.  Several INTs were tipped passes that receivers should have caught.  Sure, in the Green Bay game they were all his fault but come on, Green Bay has the number one pass defense!  The last two INTs were because of desparation to make something happen.  Remember that before those 2 INTs, Jacobs and Bradshaw had each lost a fumble, which worked into the hands of the Pack.  It was a total team breakdown and Eli was just as guilty for the loss as anyone else on the Giants squad, but to say he has hit the ceiling as a QB is wrong.  He threw 30 TD passes so far this season.  They could still end 10-6 and possibly make the playoffs.  Yes, if the Packers win, guess what, they will also be 10-6.  I don't see anyone jumping down Rodgers' throat because they didn't win the NFC North this year.  That's all NY media making a big deal about it.   
Another thing that irks me about this comment is that Eli had that Eagles game.  He did extremely well.  People forget that it was mostly a defensive and special teams breakdown that lost the game.  I'm sure many of the great QBs now and in history had seasons they would like to forget, but to dismiss a franchise QB over one season that saw vast changes in the Offensive line and the receiving core is crazy.  NY needs a player who plays to win, no matter what, and that person is Eli Manning.  Whatever happens this year, I guarantee the Giants will see the Super Bowl again with him around. 
Maybe a better question is what happened to the defense and running game in the last two weeks?  NY was better off running the ball with the three back combo when Derrick Ward was around.  Why don't they go back to that?  Keep Jacobs as the short yardage back and have Bradshaw and another back for the speed.  Also, the defense probably relies on the offense a little too much to take some burden.  A defense should play tough throughout the game as if there were no other units on the team like Baltimore's or Pittsburgh's.  Even if Eli squeaks the G-men into the play-offs this year, the Giants are doomed without running the ball and an intimidating defense.  Sometimes, players and coaches doom themselves and their team to mediocrity by playing just enough not to lose.  If the whole team played to win like Easy E, the Giants would be at the top of the NFC.  That's the unfortunate truth. 
I myself will stick with Eli.  He's not the biggest problem this season.

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