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Trolls and Stalkers

Posted on: December 23, 2011 12:37 pm
Edited on: February 7, 2012 8:33 am

This entry is not directly focused on sports but more on posters that choose to disrupt threads on

There are many adjectives that could be applied to these folks the nicer ones being trolls or stalkers. They have many methods to gain some kind of perverse pleasure in angering or drawing others into losing their tempers or getting warned. There are some threads that are dedicated to slamming one another which is okay - you get what you ask for. Unfortunately, these trolls do not limit their bile to these threads instead they stalk people on sports threads or off topic threads where people just want to have good natured banter.

Some trolls have banded together and gang up on individual posters. Some posters try to combat them using their own methods but usually this is a futile effort since they have not invested the time to study the terms of service so closely they know how to use them to their advantage.

The trolls also communicate to the message board administrators so that they can have warnings removed or to lobby to get other posters who respond to their taunts and baiting in trouble through warnings.

These trolls rely on the bully mentality of ganging up on a poster. I’m sure many of you have witnessed this type of infantile behavior. The trolls rarely can stand up on their own in a tit for tat but rely on numbers to hound their prey. The trolls also use multiple ID’s which is permissible under the terms of service but provides them two advantages. One is that they can have multiple reports issued against an otherwise innocuous message and secondly it spreads out the warnings they do receive over a number of ID’s so that they can avoid being banned.

The most insidious trolls are those that befriend regulars on a thread in order to strike at others. Once a victim responds, the trolls will then cry foul and enlist the aid of their new found friends. However, one their hypocritical behavior is discovered they turn on their new friends that had just been defending them.

Gutless behavior by persons who have low self-esteem that want to drag people down to their level.

Known Trolls and Stalkers need not respond to this entry - your messages will be removed if deemed offensive.



Managing Troll infestations
1. Ignore trolls whenever possible.
2. When ignoring does not work, report persistent trolls to the admins.
3. If warnings/bannings do not work; engagement may be necessary. (see 4-7)
4. Honesty is the best policy; do not lie or exaggerate - stick to the facts.
5. Acknowledge inadvertent compliments with a thank you - take the high road and be objective.
6. Admit if you make a mistake or commit an error - the facts are your friend when engaging a troll.
7. Be alert that the trolls will lie or use omission and will attempt to paint you as a troll - persevere and be patient history and the facts are on your side.
8. Go back to ignore mode. Make sure the trolls are not on your favorites list - leave the stalking to them.
9. Always remain patient. Trolls are pathetic creatures that merit pity not anger.

Hope this helps those of you with a troll infestation.

Veritas vos Liberabit


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Posted on: January 25, 2012 2:21 am

Trolls and Stalkers

This is an interesting question posed by an erudite poster with a slight edit:

How retarded do you have to be to call someone a stalker yet point out every move he makes?

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Posted on: January 25, 2012 2:18 am
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Posted on: January 23, 2012 9:22 am

Trolls and Stalkers

Here is a sampling of trolls taking personal pleasure in the death of Joe Paterno. Anyone taking such satisfaction in tormenting people that are grieving are bereft of decency. If their parents were decent people, rest assured that those Fathers and Mothers would be embarrassed to be associated with their progeny – in fact they would be disgusted with them.

Note how each of these low-lifes altered the title bar of the thread they were posting on.  These represent the worst kind of trolls that revel in the death of a man and the grief that some feel toward him. They don't even try to disguise their warped personalities by saying a word about the victims that they are supposedly indignant about. They have no shame and no compassion; they are amoral ghouls.


Die JoePa Bar & Grill

January 22, 2012 11:37 am

 Good morning to all in the B&G... Should be a good day of football. We ate some good smoke meat yeasterday. Today we smoking a few chickens and cornish hens.

Morning all....morning Ron.

Getting everything prepared for the smoking festivities myself.

Wood is soaking.....birds have been brined overnight......getting ready to season em.

If all goes well that should be ready by halftime.

Joe Paterno is finally declared opinion. With big smug look on my face......big deal.

The guy disgusts me.......all the knowledge he had of Sandusky and he just said....GO TEAM.

I'm sure at this point he is still in negotiations with his maker as to entry into his home.

Note to GOD........send him packing.

Joe "piece of crap" Paterno finally dead

January 22, 2012 10:32 am

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Putting the whole Sandusky thing aside for a second - Joe Paterno was quite possibly the biggest scumbag in college football.  For years, Penn State football had more arrests than any other college - more than West Virginia, more than Florida State, more than The U

And that is despite dozens of incidents being swept under the rug


RIP JokePa

January 22, 2012 3:56 pm
"I never heard of, of, rape and a man" - Joe Paterno

A man in his eighties didn't know men could be raped by another man.  Yeah right.  Guess what JokePa?  Men wern't being raped in your football showers boys were. Just like you were told.  Old farts like you were taught to pretend it doesn't exist and it will go away if no one talks about it. 

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Posted on: January 22, 2012 8:41 am

Trolls and Stalkers


Caught you peeking!!!! Cool

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Posted on: January 19, 2012 5:57 am

Trolls and Stalkers

This blog is about trolls and stalkers. I have quoted numerous messages from posters including those of various trolls and stalkers to illustrate their tactics to provide some education to people frustrated by their disruptive tactics. One particular troll now claims that this blog is a personal attack on him and that the blog consists of reprinting all of his posts which constitutes stalking.

This is the same stalker troll that includes on his favorites list so that he can follow me from thread to thread - I do not reciprocate. He says that I attack him - he follows me onto threads that I post on. He complains about my blog to the administrators - yet he posts links to it in more than one thread.

I gave him a simple three point plan to that would eliminate my "stalking" of him:

1. Drop me from his favorities list.
2. Don't go to threads that I post on.
3. Don't read my blog entries.

Here is his response:

January 18, 2012 6:15 pm

 drop me from your favorites list,

But I like mean wea are not friends...

don't go to the threads I post on

You mean the Say What you Will Bar and remember the one that just today you came on and changed the header and didn't post anything......kinda like Larry did before the admins came down on him.

and don't read my blog.

I don't....I just re-read all my posts. That's all your blog posts.  

Obsessed much?

This person's own words demonstrate his desire to continue with the trollish behavior.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 9:23 am

Trolls and Stalkers

Some trolls ran out from under the bridge yesterday. They are so predictable and easy to spot. Here are a couple samples culled from the threads yesterday:

Sample A  demonstrates a common trait in two posts:

1. The troll becomes concerned that posters are exchanging personal messages (PMs). Trying to guess who is talking to who. Of course it is no business of this troll; the content of PMs is private.

January 17, 2012 5:52 pm

Careful Sticky.....the PMs are starting to fly......guess who?


2. Within 16 minutes, the same whelp troll is boldly claiming that he has gotten in the mind of other posters and "who cares". Poor little thing is whistling in the dark.

January 17, 2012 6:08 pm

Let em waste their time creating these names......It means you are on their mind.

Who cares!!!!!

The common trait demonstrated is paranoia. The abnormal concern about who is exchanging PMs and cautioning others about the PMs content could be harmful evinces a delusion of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, and exaggerated self-importance. These PMs could have been a discussion about the price of tea in China for all the pitiful troll knows.


Sample B An exchange between two trolls rationalizing their negative actions. Both know they are not welcome on a thread but insist on coming back and disrupting the flow of conversation. One troll invents a reason why he must stay - he claims that I am creating multiple SN's just to stalk him - first he is displaying dementia since I have never created multiple SN's (this troll openly admits to having multiple SN's). Secondly, the troll is showing a persecution complex since he assumes I am stalking him - when again this is a practice that he has been warned for by the administrators. The troll fails to understand that just because he uses multiple ID's to stalk people on a regular basis does not mean everyone else does.  The second troll does not feel good about himself and gives an ineffectual effort to pull others down with himself - a classic trait of someone with an inferiority complex. These are people that will never feel confident and good about themselves.

January 17, 2012 11:19 pm


Davido has already lost one trolling SN. He Made ToksicDwarf. Just to stalk me.  This is  why I cannot leave.

Davido is nothing Sticky. A tag along, a WARNING TROLL in training....and failing miserably.

That's why he sits and directs everyone as to where to go to get us.

You saw how he ran here and pointed fingers after his dismal performance on the Make Something Up thread.

how he Whaaaaa Whaaaaa to the admins all the time.

and now all he has is a bottle and youtube.

What a life......

Sample C is the post of a whelp troll boasting to his other troll friends about "fighting a battle" with women. He then goes on to chortle about the bullying of a 14 year old boy by 70,000 booing fans at the Ravens game Sunday. This is a real "tough" guy trying to assert his superiority over women and children.

January 17, 2012 11:31 pm

That was pathetic........begging a woman to come fight their battles for em while 2 women stood in the back swinging their pom poms and pointing fingers.

What a pathetic group that was tonight.

That was easier than booing that little punk 14 year old Squeeler fan outta M & T Bank Stadium Sunday afternoon.

Trolls can often be identified by their whining about people that report them to the administrators. Two trolls baited some newcomers to a thread that I frequent by attacking some of the female posters with misogynist talk. The newcomers became indignant and were roped into a tit for tat battle resulting in the newcomer having several messages deleted for trying to be gallant. The whelp troll rats out his supposed friend for being a warning troll and then admits to the newcomers that he has reported them too. He then starts whistling in the dark about PM's. Like the posts in Sample A - pure paranoia. Heres a song for this poor person who has apparent low self esteem:  

January 17, 2012 11:50 pm

Obviously I wasn' answered.

First it was (name of troll removed) who reported your posts and now it's me.

Keep fishing.

He was in the back baking cookies.....that is not getting involved.

Now he's playing PM tag, telling everyone how much of a bad ass he was tonight.

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Posted on: January 16, 2012 1:51 pm

Trolls and Stalkers

This morning's blog entry apparently upset a troll again:

Again..that is a matter of perception. I call (name of troll removed) a friend jsut as you call Davido a friend...and lok at what he is doing to me.

Do you see any difference?.....except for the obsession and stalking that is.

So the troll is now trying to group me with his friends that are known stalkers and trolls. What he fails to understand is that other posters are not reacting to anything I say about him - they are reacting to his own hateful words. In fact, in this morning's entry one of the people that called out the troll took the time to quote the troll's own words. So it is not really me "doing" anything to the troll. He is "doing" himself". 

As for the difference; I do not say hateful things or add people to my favorites list to follow them around - as he does. I generally say positive things - in fact, I was even complimenting the football team that he roots for so fanatically - yet he is so classless, he does not even acknowledge the kudos extended to the team he roots for.

Just another nattering nabob of negativity AND a nincompoop.

So faithful readers, Stay Cool  and enjoy as the trolls will trip themselves up with their own words.

Since: Sep 13, 2007
Posted on: January 16, 2012 9:15 am

Trolls and Stalkers

It is truly pathetic how some trolls revel in demonstrating what low- class degenerates  they are in real life.

I attended the Ravens game yesterday - which by the way, congratulations to their fans, they hung on to win 20-13 against a tough Texans team.
On a thread I mentioned that during the punt, pass and kick competition at half time a 14 year old kid from Pittsburgh represented the . The Ravens fans started booing the moment they announced the kid was from the Burgh and he represented the Steelers. The kid tossed his pass while the fans booed as loud as they had all game and then just whipped out his terrible towel and twirled it at the crowd - pretty cool reaction by the kid while 70,000 fans were booing at him. Of course, most of the fans were booing the notion of the Steelers and not at the kid 14 year old.

Here was the reaction from a troll that will go unnamed to save him the embarrassment. All you have to know about him is that this is a 47 year old man that claims to be a former law enforcement officer - reading his comments below makes it understandable why some bad eggs give good cops a bad name and lead to disrespect of good law enforcement officers:

Little punk got what he deserved.........Booooooooooed right outta the place. Just like the did on September 11, 2011. Oh wait, they weren't booooooed out of the place.

They were sent packing because........

Instead of reveling in the Ravens vistory over the Texans just hours before; this classless man-troll is busy attacking a 14 year old kid because he wore a Steelers jersey and reveling in a game that took place in September - what a jag.

Of course other posters who are not Steelers fans but recognize a jerk had these responses to the troll:

January 15, 2012 9:41 pm

I think the trolls are getting both weaker and more desperate for attention

I have came to the realization if you just ignore them, they will eventually go away.  Do beware of Troll sleeper cells, they act like they are one of us, and then BAM! threads go into disarray!!

January 15, 2012 9:45 pm 

Little punk got what he deserved.........Booooooooooed right outta the place.

(name of troll removed) promote this.....It's hard to believe you were a Police Officer,but I guess it is a good thing for the State of Maryland you are retired.

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Posted on: January 15, 2012 7:18 am

Trolls and Stalkers

I have reprinted an open letter to one band of trolls that was written by another poster. After months of trying to be nice this poster who had tried to be nice; he finally had enough.

While we should try to forgive those that tresspass against us; there reaches a point when enough becomes enough.

January 14, 2012 8:26 am

Good morning B&G. I hope you all have a super great day.

I want to make a statement here for our good people of the B&G. As you all know there has been a lot of trolls banned lately. Trouble makers that that had only one goal. and that was to destroy the B&G and friendships. And their troll friends is totally ticked off. They are saying lots of nothing but total crap about some of the good people of the B&G. They are saying that several people here have been going to the admins crying about everything! They are to dumb to realize that the admins is tired of all the crap that goes on. Now to show you all how dumb these trolls are, now get this, they accuse us of going and crying to the admins! True! Yet if you go to the Feed back boards you will see that these dumb trolls are going there crying to the admins! The trolls think everyone should bow to them!

And what is the most stupid thing they have said is about the pm's! Now get this. We all pm our friends at times. And I know for a fact that the admins do a lot of pm'ing! To each other and to users that want to know why they were warned or something. Some times when we pm each other it will coinsde with a admins. And the dumb trolls think they have it all figured out! To be so smart, the trolls are so darn stupid! they think our pm's are pm's to the admins! As I said, to be so smart, they are really down right ignorant!

If you go to the bar across the street they are swearing revenge against anyone they think went crying to the admins! I mean really now! One dummy has done everything, been every where, can do anything better than anyone alive! And another wants us to beleive that he was a cop! okkk.. All I can say if he was, he was most likely fired for being a crooked pig! Yeah we have heard of crooked cops many times.

I ask you all to be careful. They are going to try their best to goad you into losing control. They will throw barbs at you about your family or friends. They will call you everything they can without getting banned. All this time, they are just waiting for you to do something that they can warn you for. Please watch yourself, think before you talk. There may be 2,3,4 or more trolls attcking at once. Please do not fall into their traps. For they will try everything possible to get you riled so they can warn you and get you banned!

Please, hold your tounge, Think before you talk. Do not let them goad you into losing your self control. Do not let them win! I very seldom warn trolls. But they blame us for every warning they get! They are to dumb to get it into their head that the admins are watching here more because of all the bickering! The admins are removing threads and warning the dummies. Not us!
One thing that will help. Do not go to their bar and start any crap! Do not give them a reason to come back here arguing and bickering saying you did this or that. Keep your cool. Think first, act second. Let them do all the arguing and raising cain. Let them get banned over it, not us! If you warn them, keep it to yourself! Sure they can accuse us of anything they like. And to me I think it is totally funny listening to them thinking they have it all figured out!

If you do pm an admin about the dumb trolls, keep it to yourself. If your pm to an admin gets a troll banned, keep it to yourself! Use your head. Talking about getting one banned only stirs the pot!

The best thing to do is ignore the jokers! Act like they are no where around! Fight that urge to trade barbs with them! Let them get theirselves banned! Take my word, they are not worth the trouble!

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Posted on: January 12, 2012 1:53 pm

Trolls and Stalkers

Davido, Be careful posting stuff like this. Sometimes I just go through a page or two and give every post a 5. I don't look at the persons screen name....don't jump to conclusions because someone rated a post.
Hello Bernie; good advice and please rest assured that I do not assume that someone is a friend if they have rated a post or added them to their favorites list.

As a matter of fact, I rated your post with a 5; and although we have posted on the same thread on occaison don't recall ever us communicating directly with one another.

Take care and stay  Cool

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