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Posted on: December 21, 2010 10:26 am
The Washington Redskins trade for Donovan Mc Nabb before the draft in 2010. He is going to be their starter. The team struggles out of the gate. About the time Washington has to start looking toward 2011, the Skins give Mc Nabb a contract extension. A couple of weeks after the extension, Mc Nabb is benched, and the coach said he doesn't know if Mc Nabb is coming back to Washington next year. How does this happen? Yes, Mc Nabb is older, but the Skins can't block and Portis was hurt most of the year. I don't care if the team wants to go in another direction, that's their choice, but why would the GM or owner give a contract extension for a player the coach clearly doesn't want? Are the Skins broken beyond repair? Who is running the show? If Snyder won't get out of the way, the Skins issues will never be fixed.

Let us not forget Fat Albert and his issues, too. Maybe Shanahan regrets not waiting on another job.
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