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Posted on: January 2, 2011 2:08 pm
The Unbiased Report is actually an weekly article that I used to write (with a slightly different name). I decided to resurrect the idea, although I cannot give links to former articles due to them being written for a competing entertainment company.

The Unbiased report will cover teams with an unbiased view, giving fans of the game a different perspective on teams, and perhaps giving an indication as to how those teams may fare in future games.

The Unbiased Report will be supported by the Unbiased Team Evaluation Association, a group that I created for this specific exercise. I will write articles on the players/teams that are requested by group members of UTEA (Unbiased Team Evaluation Association). I'll answer questions from anyone, but full evals will be given only if a group-member of UTEA makes the request.

The group link is: http://the-unbiased-team-evaluation


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