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Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

Posted on: April 15, 2011 2:52 pm
Edited on: April 15, 2011 4:36 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

For Tommy Tuberville and Texas Tech, an impressive Signing Day haul has turning into an impressive Signing Spring haul as prospects around in the country have turned towards Lubbock after electing to leave their original destinations.

Per Red Raider Sports, Lakeland (Fla.) wide receiver Javares McRoy has asked for his release from Florida (one the Gators have granted) with the intent of transferring to Tech. A consensus four-star prospect who Maxpreps' Tom Lemming ranked the No. 24 wide receiver in the class of 2011 , McRoy is the second major catch for the Red Raiders in two days; just yesterday, Pennsylvania top-10 defensive tackle Delvon Simmons (who asked for a release from North Carolina after his defensive line coach left the Tar Heels) announced he would also be attending Texas Tech.

As for McRoy, he originally committed to Tech back in early 2010, following in the footsteps of his brother Ben McRoy, a sophomore running back for the Red Raiders. But he later switched his commitment to the Gators, stuck with it even after the hire of Will Muschamp, and enrolled early in Gainesville to go through spring drills.

But apparently those spring workouts under Muschamp and Charlie Weis didn't go smoothly, and with his brother already there and his preexisting familiarity with the Red Raider coaching staff, Lubbock was a natural landing spot.

And so at week's end, what was already one of the best 2011 classes in the Big 12 has gotten much, much better. (And what was already a somewhat underwhelming first effort for Muschamp -- by Gator standards, anyway -- has gotten a little bit more underwhelming.)


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Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

Y'ALL Y' HEE HAA YOU FREAKING ALL didnt BEAT us by 7 the second time. that game STILL isnt over. the turd fans were sh!!!!!!!!!!!!ting in their pants after iowa recovered that onside kick. and YES WE DID RECOVER and every turd fan knows we did too.  there was no way in HELL you were going to win that game. the worst officiated bowl game ever and dont even pretend you "won" that game.  and WERE you there when your talking crap fans were so full of themselves before the game in 04 and GOT THEIR ASSES HANDED TO THEM. iowa could have won by 50 but KF is too nice. that final score wasnt even close to the actual butt kicking you endured. your chicken eaters players so full of themselves like they had the game won before they even played. for weeks we heard gaturd fans telling iowa fans who live in florida that we are going to pound us to the ground without trying. their SUC SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

EEEEEEEEEEEED. we cant handle their SUC SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED and when all the gaturd fans started running out of the stadium in the 3rd quarter...priceless. as priceless as the 60 to 40 ratio of hawk fans to gaturd fans. another shock. they had no clue the hawks actually follow their team as opposed to the gaturds fans who cant leave the state.  matt roth doing the gaturd chop!  THE PLAY OF THE GAME! yes lets reminish about the games you are talking about.   the real truth. the ass whoooooooooooooooooooooooooping and the ripoff.   

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Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

How often do I see gator fans spewing on Iowa boards?  Constantly.  Get real.  Sell your "Gator fans are innocent" crap some place else.  You have trouble reading, don't you.  Take a good look at the 06 game and you should be able to figure out that I obviously wasn't referring to that game.  Look again, you will see that your logic is completely faulty.  There is an obvious reason why I wasn't referring to the 06 bowl game when I said that Iowa kicked their a$$.  Why do you think I finally decided to start an account here?  I spent years reading about gator fans bashing Iowa and finally decided I wanted to respond.  And before you determine who is acting like an a$$, take a good look in the mirror.  I believe your high and mighty, self-righteous attitude claimed that honor from the beginning.  The fact that you are criticizing me for attacking Iowa fans and then you admit that you attack FSU and Auburn unsolicited makes you a giant hypocrite.  Perhaps you should try cow-tipping as a means of letting go of your anger.  After all, according to you, that is what Iowans do on a regular basis.

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Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

Yes, y'all beat us 37-17 back in '04, so you would obviously know the score to the '06 bowl game, in which y'all beat us by 7.  So try to phrase your sentences to try and make me look bad.  Typical Florida hater, leave out facts to get their point across, while trying their best to make Gator fans look bad.  With regards to YOUR comments.....obviously you have no desire to be taken seriously.
I'm not sure why any Gator fan you know would constantly give you shyte when Iowa loses, unless they were good friends of yours just giving you a hard time like friends tend to do.  But I have NO DOUBT, going purely on how bad you bash the Gators on here, that you dished out your fair share of shyte with every loss we had last season.  So you can try and sell that BS to someone else.
I never said you ONLY respond to Florida stories....again, comprehend what I write before spouting off.  I said you can't help yourself when you see a Gator story.  When you see Gators in the headlines, you automatically post some hatred spewing post based purely on your hatred for the Gators, not necessarily based in any facts.  I never said you can't make your obnoxious comments....hell, knock yourself out.  But how often do you see a Gator fan going on Iowa's board spewing the hatred on there that you do on here?  And again, I don't hate Iowa, don't even dislike them.  I'm actually impartial either way.  But if you come on the Gator boards popping off, of course I, or any true Gator fan, are gonna fire back.  I never attack any other team with unsolicited comments (accept FSU and Auburn, can't stand either team).
So I'm sorry you feel picked on by the media and Gator fans you live with, but that doesn't give you the right to automatically come on here acting like an ass to every Gator fan you encounter.  I'm sure Iowa has just as many ignorant fans as Gators do, just las every team does.

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Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

(Before I begin, check your 2004 bowl game results again...your math is faulty...37-17 isn't 7 points, its an a$$ kicking).  With regards to your comments...maybe I have no desire to be taken serious.  Maybe you shouldn't tell me which articles I can post on and which I can't.  You're very naive to think I only respond to Florida stories.  But since I do live in the gunshine state and everybody around me falls under the "obnoxious" Florida fan category, I will make my comments.  Whether you like it or not.  If you don't like my comments, don't read them.  But you choose to bash Iowa (which does mean you have a hatred toward Iowa whether you admit it or not).  And I will respond.  Even if I am a cow-tipping knob.  I'm sure there are good Florida fans, but unfortunately they aren't around me.  Just the obnoxious ones who try to rub every victory in my face AND call me if Iowa loses.  I don't call them when Florida lost games last year, but the Gator fans sure called me during Iowa losses.  And is it really your business why I live in Florida?  I came here to help a relative raise a severely handicapped daughter.  It seemed like the right thing to do despite the fact that crime happens around me constantly.  I miss my opportunity to tip cows too.  And I severely doubt that Florida dealt with everything Cam did when he was a student there.  Now that I know the Gainesville brolice are active in UF coverups, who knows what else has happened.  I do give you credit for admitting what you did about the arrests, however.  All I ever hear around here is that it was overblown by the media, it wasn't serious, blah blah blah.  And of course being 9-0 is no big deal to Florida fans...they don't have to worry about the media every saying they don't deserve to be ranked.  If they finished undefeated, they are automatically in the championship game.  Two years ago, had Northwestern not used a dirty hit to take out Iowa's qb and had they beaten Ohio State (which they lost to overtime with a first year QB), they may have ended the season undefeated...obviously it didn't happen...but if it did, I guarantee you that the media would have made sure Iowa was never considered for the championship game.  Dodd even admitted in one of his columns that emailed all his friends to vote Iowa down because they were a terrible 9-0 team.  If Florida had to deal with that disrespect on a regular basis, they would feel differently about the press.  Finally, Iowa beat Florida 37-17 in that bowl game.  It wasn't a 7 point win.  It was a whooping.  So what was it you said to me?  Read and comprehend before you start popping off?

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Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

And when have the Gators been accused or convicted of purchasing players?  Urban Meyer NEVER manipulated players with false scholarship offers or offered too many sholarships then retracting them.  And last I checked, Cam Newton purchasing a stolen laptop wasn't covered up.  As a matter of fact, that was part of the reason he was released from UF.
Yes, Urban Meyer made a lot of poor decisions in disciplining players, and let them get away with a ton of shyte that never should have happened.  Not denying that.  30 arrests is completely unacceptable for any program.  And I guarantee no Gator fan will deny that.  I along with thousands of other Gator fans were disgusted every time we had to read of yet another arrest.  It was old, embarrassing, and we're glad it's hopefully come to an end.
If you read my previous post and actually pay attention to what I wrote, I asked if Florida sucks so bad, why the hell do you LIVE here?  As in, if the state of Florida sucks so bad, and you have such a hatred for the state as a whole, why do you live here?  Or is it that you hate the Gators SO MUCH, that you can't get past it, and totally hate anything even remotely related to the Gators?  Read and actually comprehend what is written before popping off at the mouth.
For the record, I have nothing against Iowa.  I would never say a bad thing about them if it wasn't for knobs like you CONSTANTLY coming onto our boards and commenting on UF stories, just to spout your obvious hatred for the Gators.  Go check Iowa's board or any story about Iowa, I promise you, you won't find a single post by me.  Why would I?  But you can't help yourself.  You see Gators in the headline, you automatically post some usless dribble, taking a unsolicited shot at us.
You have this whole premeditated belief about us, when you have no idea what you're talking about.  In today's football, there are plenty of undefeated teams in the top ten.  Sometimes we're one of them, sometimes not.  Lately we haven't been.  Being 9-0 and not #1 is no big deal to us.  Matter of fact, most Gators I know would rather NOT be ranked #1. 
Wow, you beat us by 7 pts in Urban Meyer's first year coaching us, I'm impressed.  I wouldn't consider beating a team by one touchdown a ass kicking.  That's what we here in the South consider a good game.  But you take it how you want to try and glorify yourself.....whatever makes you feel good. 
There's a very direct meaning for my username, not that I need to nor am I willing to explain it to you, but again, if you want to show your adolescense by childish little name calling, if that's what makes you feel like a big tough guy, go right ahead.  Maybe you outta think about that next time you're sitting there wondering why no one takes you serious.

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Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

I guess its time to purchase our players, manipulate athletes by keeping them around when there is no intention of offering them a scholarship, hiding incidents like players stealing laptops, allowing suspended players to return to the team after losing a couple games, and making sure the local brolice keep your athletes out of trouble...then we can be relevant in your eyes.  No thanks.  I have no intention of coming back with "I didn't say Florida sucks."  They do...because they keep their thugs on the team and bring them back even if they are suspended because they've lost two games in a row.  And because of the 30 arrests under Urban Meyer that completely got a pass by the sports world.  Anything happens at Iowa and its front page news for 3 weeks.  But if 30 things happen at Florida, if it even makes CBS it will be gone in 24 hours.  It wouldn't be quite as bad if fans like you weren't so arrogant and contstantly ripping Iowa...who started the season 9-0 two years ago but, thanks to the SEC loving media, were called "the worst 9-0 team ever."  If the Gators were 9-0 and not ranked number one, mass hysteria would take place.  Iowa had to fight to get into the top 10 after beating Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Penn State on consectutive weeks.  But arrogant morons like you don't even notice that because you have no clue about the world of sports outside of the south.  Finishing with 10 or 11 wins four times in the past decade makes a program relevant, regardless of your ignorance. Kicking your a$$ in a bowl game, along with wins over LSU and South Carolina, in that last invisible decade was nice too.  Finally, if you have a stupid sign in, you should expect that response because it is an invitation to adolescent name calling and a refreshing break from cow-tipping.  I guess in the future, I will participate in more Florida related activities like car-jacking.

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Posted on: April 18, 2011 10:21 am

Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

gatorlickit, of course Iowa was never an option.  You have to be able to read to get into Iowa as well as having a vocabulary that doesn't contain the word "brolice."
Or maybe, just maybe, he wanted to go someplace relevant to football, in a state with something more to do on a Friday night rather than drinking moonshine and going cow tipping.

gatorlickit huh?  Wow, I've never heard that one, you truly are an innovator in the field of adolescent name calling.  Is that the type of vocabulary taught in the great institution that is Iowa?  I can truly see why everyone is clamoring to get into Iowa as opposed to Florida.  That must be why you football program is so many intellectual icons on the team.  Oh, wait, Iowa hasn't been relevant in the world of football for most of this deca....wait, the last two deca....well, ever really.  When's the last time Iowa won a NC?  1958?  Wow, impressive.  When's the last time Iowa won the Big Ten championship, outright? 1985.  Two more shared BTC's last decade.  Man, y'all are on fire. 

Tell ya what there highspeed, when Iowa football is actually relevant in the landscape of powerhouse football, you can legitimately come on here and run smack.  Until then, quit trolling, spouting your adolescent little name calling, and displaying your mentally dwarfed football mentality.

And by the way, if Florida sucks so bad, why the hell do you live here?  Before you come back with "I didn't say anything about Florida sucking", you've said it many times before in previous threads.  Go back to Iowa, where life is SO much better.  Trust me, you won't be missed here.

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Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

UF is deep (yet young and inexperienced) at WR. My guess is he got limited reps this spring and is probably home sick so TT is where he needs to be. Being a four star at UF doesn't automatically get you on the field. There is alot of talent at WR and alot of competition. In my opinion if Brantly can be disciplined and be a game manager instead of a risk taker, WR will be a position of strength by season's end. I wish the kid luck. Go Gators.

This is probably about right.  It is hard to go from being "the man" in HS to being just one of the fellas in college.  We have a number of upperclassmen as well as blazing fast slot type guys all over the place.  I kind of wondered about this kid from the beginning, since he had already committed to TT.  No grudges.  Unlike some schools who oversign, then trap the kid into an unhappy situation, we have a track record of releasing kids to pursue their dreams and do what is in their best interests- in FB  and BB.  

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Posted on: April 17, 2011 6:40 am

Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

gatorlickit, of course Iowa was never an option.  You have to be able to read to get into Iowa as well as having a vocabulary that doesn't contain the word "brolice."

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Posted on: April 16, 2011 11:56 pm

Gator four-star signee McRoy transfers to Tx Tech

His brother plays for TT. He wants to play with his brother. Man you guys should do some homework before posting

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