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Recruiting impact small for ACC's newest members

Posted on: September 18, 2011 9:51 am
Posted by Bryan Fischer

Well, that happened quickly.

The ACC officially added Pitt and Syracuse to the conference, it was announced Sunday morning. While the reverberations of the move are still being felt across the collegiate landscape, one area where things will likely be all quiet for both schools is on the recruiting front.

Though each school draws upon a decent talent base, this isn't as impactful a move as Texas A&M heading to the SEC. Will it allow a school like Maryland to grab a player or two from Pennsylvania? Sure. Does it allow Syracuse to reach into Virginia or Florida a little more than they used to? Sure. But we're talking about a handful of players - if that - every year across the conference. The shift to 14 teams does little in football recruiting outside of being able to pitch playing at new venues like Virginia Tech or Clemson.

Basketball recruiting may be a whole another matter. With increased access to New York City for schools such as Duke or Virginia, the move may be a boon to some coaches. As senior writer Gary Parrish details, the ACC is without a doubt the nation's premier basketball league.

It is not even close to that in football.

While it is true that adding the two schools gives the ACC access to the New York City and Pittsburgh media markets, recruits don't ask a lot about mass media exposure when deciding on what school they'll be committing to. Facilities, coaching staffs and, perhaps most importantly, winning are what counts to most out there. New uniforms also seem to be on the list.

This move opens some doors, closes some others but ultimately the impact itself just isn't that big going forward. Longterm and with some stability with the coaching staffs, the move could be a net gain for all 14 teams. For right now, it's just a whole lot of "meh."


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Posted on: September 26, 2011 10:25 am

Recruiting impact small for ACC's newest members

"This could be a problem for the Cuse in the long run."
I don't see it.  There are only two bball teams in the ACC with the consistency SU has.  UNC and Duke, add in UK and KU and you have the four biggest programs. 

Those four schools are known by everyone, with our without a tv, in the USA or across the ponds.  They are known.  A kid seeing them on TV already see's those four schools when ever they want.  Getting tv in NYC isn't changing them one bit.

In football, it's bound to help SU and Pitt out.  Studs....where do you want to play?  ACC or Big East?

We all know that answer. 

The author of the ariticle thinks the Big East draws recruits in football?  Please....WVU are the walk of the BE.  Studs!  Where do you want to play...WVU or FSU?  If your a thug stud....UM or UNC? 

Again...we all know the answer. 

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Posted on: September 24, 2011 12:28 am

Recruiting impact small for ACC's newest members

That to a dagree makes sense, but what killed the Big East is ND. I'm not jumping on the band wagon here. What really convinced me was when ND was a factor for turning downa a BILLION $$$ and some change deal for the Eig East. That is greed or bad business on their part. Seeing how they have their own TV DEAL. WVU is a great sports institute, but when it comes to Academics it lacks there of. The Big East was founded on Basket Ball anyways. It wasn't till; don't quote me "91" when it added the traditonal football teams ( Miami, VT, etc.). I am huge Cuse fan, but love my Big East just as much.
I really don't see how the recruiting will change in football again seeing how we recruit the east coast anyways. If there was a recruiting factor it will go to the ACC in BB. They get to pick the cream of the crop N.E states. This could be a problem for the Cuse in the long run. Then again playing Duke and UNC is also a treat for a kids and their parents.

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 8:33 pm

Recruiting impact small for ACC's newest members

Totally disagree with Pitt & its football recruiting. Moving to a better football conference can only enhance their recruiting. Every kid wants to play against the best possible teams.

Western PA always produces numerous D1 prospects, many leave the area to Penn St understandibly, Pitt's biggest rivals recruiting in-state. But many have left for Ohio St, Michigan, ND and southern schools. 

Lastly, opens up growing areas to the south for Pitt. Kids , say in NC, who want to stay locally & play in ACC, never thinking of going to Big East. Now  Pitt can tell kid hwe can play near his home several times a year, and play for Pitt. Most kids interviewed already Pitt recruits found the move a favorable 1. Florida St is becoming a power again. Miami has the right coach now, recruiting will get better. MD could get better w/coach. VT always strong.

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Posted on: September 20, 2011 12:34 pm

Recruiting impact small for ACC's newest members

It seems if though WVU fans feel it is a given that their Mountaineers should go to the ACC or SEC, when in reality they will not be in either of those conferences for many reasons. I'm not trying to pick on WVU by no means.  The best thing WVU needs to do is for their Officials to get a new football/Basketball All-Sports conference born out of a large group of great schools remaining and get the name (BIG EAST) out of of the new conference. Let the current BE Basketball schools keep the Big East name and their on their own. Since the BE Football league was formed there were constant problems with basketball only schools from the beginning.  Sure, when VT, BC, and Miami had the opportunity to go to the ACC, one cannot and should not blame those universities. VT was a natural for the ACC, and always told Big East officials up front that if the HOKIES were ever invited to the ACC they would ACCept.  Now, seven years after those three schools left the BE, nothing has been done by BIG EAST officials to put a geniune football/basketball All-Sports league together. Now who can blame Pittsburgh and Syracuse from leaving for greener pasture and a steady long time ACC. 

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 7:43 pm

Football recruiting:

It may not help the other 11 ACC schools as much but the ones it will help:


Pitt and Syracuse... A LOT.  Because now the perception of their conference affiliation is much better and it will help big time recruits stay home instead of jumping to the nearby Big 10 schools or the SEC and even ACC.  There are about a handful of major football players for each of those schools in the Northeast that sometimes snub Pitt and Syracuse because the media beat down the Big East, as a 5thwheel BCS conference... well, no more gentlemen.  Some of the program changing players will be staying closer to home with Pitt and Syracuse.


I also believe that it will help Boston College some too, because they'll have more games closer to home.  This will help them in recruiting.


Now there will be 4 MAJOR BCS conferences and I look for a 5th, minor one to develop with the remaineder of the Big East, Big XII, Mountain West, C-USA and WAC.  They will take the best 12-16 available and have an east/west division and garner a BCS bid every season.  Everyone wins.  This formula will actually include more schools than the current major 6 format... just my opnion though.

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